How To Earn Long Shot Medal In Codm (Mar) Know Here!

How To Earn Long Shot Medal In Codm 2021

How To Earn Long Shot Medal In Codm (Mar) Know Here! >> Are you curious to know about the Medal in Codm? Read this post to know how you can earn that.

This article will surely cool down your curiosity.

You all must be aware of the call of duty game. This game has crossed every milestone after its release. Recently, they are celebrating their one year of release by offering Long Shot Medal to game lovers from all around the Philippines, United Statesand India.

What is the Long shot medal, and how can it be earned? All these questions will be answered in the below review.

About Call of Duty Game

Call of duty is an online multiplayer game developed by the TIMI studio and unrestricted by Activision for all iOS devices.

Recently people from all around the globe have searched about How to Earn Long Shot Medal in Codm? Let’s answer this query in this short news piece.

This game has already set milestones after its release, and the makers made almost Dollar 480 million, and the downloads crossed the huge number of 270 million.

The safest part to survive in this game is killing your opponent with minimum weapons by remaining in the shrinking map’s area. If you manage to do so, then you or your team is a declared winner.

Now let’s check out some simplest methods to get Long Shot Medal in this fascinating call of mobile duty game.

Steps To Earn Long Shot Medal in Codm?

  • A long shot medal is nothing but an award to kill your opponent from a distance.
  • Follow these simple steps to get this reward.
  • In the load-out part, you can get a physical attack rifle.
  • After getting the assault rifle, please select the long shot by visiting modify-perks then swiping the list of options.
  • Now after opting for a long shot, do select any of the lengthy maps. In our recommendation, go for crossfire.
  • Now hold your position tightly till the end and kill your opponents from the longest distance. This will surely get you, Long Shot Medal.

How many awards are listed for the win?

Did you get your answer for How to Earn Long Shot Medal in Codm?

As far as our research says, there are approximately 86 medals that can be won in this game.

Out of those 86 medals, 42 are for multiplayer mode. You must be happy to know that this Long shot medal is exclusively available for multiplayer mode.

Final Verdict 

The long-shot medal is a seasonal reward as the CODm is celebrating its first year.

Although players can find it difficult to win, we have tried to state the simplest methods to win the Long Shot Medal in this CODm.

So, how many medals have you won till now, and how did you do it? Do let the readers know about your achievements in the comment section below in the article How to Earn Long Shot Medal in Codm.

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