Tim Hortons Free Hamper (March) Is This Hamper Legit?

Tim Hortons Free Hamper (March) Is This Hamper Legit?

Tim Hortons Free Hamper (March) Is This Hamper Legit? >> Please read this article here in this news, we tell you about the cafe’s offers and how we can use them and details about legitimacy.

 Nowadays, cafes are becoming very popular among people. They used to go there for many reasons, like spending time with friends, meeting purposes, or simply having snacks. There are many cafe chains, but in this article, we will tell you about Tim Hortons cafe and its offers. Tim Hortons is very popular in Canada, and people like it very much because of its good quality product and heavy offer on eat and drink products.

So read this article to know exciting offers and interesting facts about Tim Hortons.

Let’s know about Tim Hortons

Tim Horton is a Canadian multinational, national food chain restaurant. It was founded on 17 May 1964. Its branches are in more than 14 countries, and Tim Hortons serves coffee, donuts, and many fast food items. 

Let’s see what is in the gift hamper and how we can grab it.

Tim Hortons sometimes provides offers on their many products like it gives on International coffee day and December. A hamper is that you can buy coffee, breakfast, or anything from Tim Hortons for your family, friends, and anyone which you like to send. This is done online. You have to download Tims’s mobile application and earn points to send Tim Hortons Free Hamper

How to send a gift hamper

Sending a gift is so simple; just follow these steps:

  • You can earn points by visiting Tim Hortons.
  • Scan with a mobile application or registered Tims rewards card
  • Then sign in to your account and select Tims It Forward.
  • Then select the gift of your choice and submit the email of that person you want to send. You can also write messages there.

 How to redeem your gift

  •  You have to open your Gmail and click on “Accept My Gift,” then the gift is added to your offers. Remember to activate your Tim Hortons Free Hamper before using it.
  • If you are not a registered member of Tims, then not to worry. You have to register on Tims’s mobile application or its website and then check your email to grab a gift. 

Here are some lists of Tims’s products and how many points are required to send them.

  • 50 Points for classic donuts, cookies, and holiday filled sugar cookies
  • 70 points for any types of coffee, tea and muffins and polar bear and chocolate donuts
  • 100 points for iced coffee, candy cone French vanilla, and white-hot chocolates
  • 140 points for 10 Packs of tim-bits, frozen and beverages


Nowadays many companies give such a type of discount and offer to customers to gain popularity and customers. If you also visit the cafe regularly and then grab the Tims Hortons Free Hamper. This type of profit attracts people, and they take advantage and enjoy it. 

If there is any question in your mind, then you can ask us in the comment section.

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