Earn Long Shot Medal Cod Mobile {Mar} Grab Yours Here!

Earn Long Shot Medal Cod Mobile {Mar} Grab Yours Here!

Earn Long Shot Medal Cod Mobile {Mar} Grab Yours Here!>> How many COD long medals have you procured? If you have less, please read our today’s post to know more about the medals’ procurement!

Has the CALL OF DUTY (COD) game craze applied to you? Are you playing COD multiple times a day? Do you know what a long shot battlefield is? The questions are essential for you to answer in the comments since today’s topic can get you some COD medals. Kindly continue perusing our article to know how to Earn Long Shot Medal Cod Mobile. You will certainly get more details on the game, battlefield, and medals. 

According to the COD database, the United States players have maximum long and short shot medals than other country gamers. Can you state how many medals have you procured until now? If you do not possess any, you can get the COD medals after reading our post!

Know the background:

Since the official announcement in October 2019, CALL OF DUTY mobile has gotten perhaps the most-played Battle Royale online games on the internet. This game has more than 100 million downloads on Android Devices, underlining the monstrous popularity locally. 

You can accomplish a few awards in various game modes in the game (Earn Long Shot Medal Cod Mobile). There are 86 medal available; however, you can only get 42 in the multiplayer mode. The LONG SHORT COD Medal is available under the 42-medal category. You can play the game on your mobile phone and earn the medal!

The in-game depiction states you need to murder a foe with a significant distance shot. It is the fundamental theme of LONG SHOT MEDAL procurement. You need to acquire the medal to finish a mission in the progressing season SLITE MARKSMAN. Our Earn Long Shot Medal Cod Mobile article deciphers a detailed guide on the proficient method to acquire LONG SHOT MEDAL in call of duty mobile game. 

How can you earn the medal?

You can refer to the detailed steps listed below to acquire your long shot medal in the COD game: 

  • Open your COD game on your mobile phone and select the multiplayer mode given in the main menu.
  • Play a game in multiplayer mode. It is suggested that you pick a guide where the long-range battle is standard. 
  • You will get the LONG SHOT award after killing a rival from a significant distance. 

Know the Elite Marksman Event:

It is a seasonal event to Earn Long Shot Medal Cod MobileYou need to procure five medals to finish the mission in the event- ELITE MARKSMAN. After finishing it, you will get the “3000X XP Battle Pass” and ‘LK-24 Dark Top’. You have only 12 days to earn the medal before the event expires. Besides, you have to spend more time playing the COD game and completing the given tasks.

Our Final Thoughts:

The COD seems fun considering the on-going event and medals. Will you follow the above-listed steps? Kindly share your answers with us!

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