Tidak Bisa Login My Telkomsel (Jan 2021) Fix It!

Tidak Bisa Login My Telkomsel (Jan 2021) Fix It!

Tidak Bisa Login My Telkomsel (Jan 2021) Fix It! >> If you too cannot Log in into your Telkomsel account, then read the article it might help.

Tidak Bisa Login My Telkomsel: Do you know about an login error people facing on a cellular network that believes in connecting people?

Telkomsel is a Telecommunication company that was started in Indonesia and currently has its head office in Jakarta.

It was established in the year 1995, it has been on the path of growth and success, and now has its tele users hundred million as of 2015, and with that, the company has come to the big league and competing with the world best.

As it has become so big that such a business needed to give its user some facilities, facilities like some easy way to user the services. 

Hence, My Telkomsel was born, through which the users can get excess to the services provided by the company. 

What is the Tidak Bisa Login My Telkomsel

My Telkomsel is an application available on Google play store and the apple’s app store, and also it can be used through its official website.

Here, the users of Telkomsel can perform various activities, such it provides a comfortable and new experience to the users and the services that are provided by the application are as follow:

The customers can top up their credit as, without the application that was a length and exhausting process, they can also use this application to pay their bills. They can also browse for some new plans that the service provider is offering.

Along with the packages offered, the users can also redeem points that they get by purchasing something or paying bills, or doing any such activities.

Recently, the users face some issues with the applications as they cannot log in into their accounts.

Specification of the Tidak Bisa Login My Telkomsel

  • Website: https://my.telkomsel.com/ 
  • Website age: 1996

How can you solve the problem? 

This kind of problem has occurred to many of the uses because they might have used the same number to log in with any other device, so they cannot log in into the second device.

To prevent from fraud activities, Telkomsel has stopped using OTP and has switched to a magic link, by clicking which the number could be authenticated.

To solve the problem, the user can check the application’s update as often, and the outdated application is one reason for such issues. 

If the number is used in any other devices, the user can log out from that device and then login into the new one.

What do customers say about Tidak Bisa Login My Telkomsel?

Many customers are facing this problem, and they want the solution as soon as possible. 

Final Verdict 

In conclusion, it can be said that these kinds of problems occur to many of the companies, as software sometimes have an unforeseen error that the developers need time to solve.

If the customer has used the steps as mentioned above to solve the problem and then also the problem is not solved, they can also contact the customer care service of Telkomsel, and they can guide them better.

Until then, the customers are advised to read Tidak Bisa Login My Telkomsel reviews to understand the issue better. 

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