My Telkomsel Something Went Wrong (Jan 2021) Any Fixes?

My Telkomsel Something Went Wrong (Jan 2021) Any Fixes?

My Telkomsel Something Went Wrong (Jan 2021) Any Fixes?>> Why the popular most application are getting user’s adverse reactions? Discover in this writing.  

Why is the public posted ‘My Telkomsel Something Went Wrong’? What has occurred to this application? Are the servers down?

MyTelkomsel is one of the popular applications among the netizens in Indonesia. It is well known due to its user-friendly interface and services. You can do top-up your phone, or check validity, or purchase data, etc.

People are currently uploading a few posts regarding this app, where they are complaining that the app cannot be accessed. What are people saying that? – Let’s discover-

What is MyTelkomsel Application?

Telkomsel is the operator company, which had launched an app-based service, known as- the MyTelkomsel application. This platform has been innovated for providing citizens easy access to client support in several ways. Following My Telkomsel Something Went Wrong, individuals can access this application on their smartphones, tablets and even browse by using secured browsing sites. 

Multiple other services can also be taken through this online platform.

  • You can check data quota or withdraw Telkomsel POIN.
  • Ensure the data validity, top-up credit, or purchase data pack with multiple payment modes for communication purposes.
  • Get the transaction history.
  • Get several promo codes and discount deals in Foods, Health, Travelling, and other entertainment categories.

Unfortunately, Mytelkomsel users have been buzzing that some problem arises in this application, and they could not access it.

About ‘My Telkomsel Something Went Wrong’:

MyTelkomsel is a popular application as consumers can easily avail its services through their smartphone. Its easy accessibility made this platform well accepted in Indonesia. Despite such benefits, people have been frustrated with this application. According to app users, they are unable to access the app due to some obscure error. 

There are no hints as, why the issue arises. In the next segment, we will be proposing some solving procedure.

What are the issues? Find some possible solutions here!

We are going to provide our readers few possible reasons and solving tips.

  • Further explaining My Telkomsel Something Went Wrong, the first thing, which may prevent users from accessing, is usually observed in this application that users have. There might be possibilities, users using the registered number on different mobile devices. So, the account might not be blocked due to the above reason the individual is unable to access it.
  • After few fraudulent activities with MyTelkomsel OTP, now the validation process has changed, as instead of OTP, they send Magic link. If the Magic link is not opened through the installed MyTelkomsel app, then the validation will be void, and users won’t be allowed to access the app.
  • Following My Telkomsel Something Went Wrong, another common reason is the app may need an update. So users need to check if the app requires an update or not.
  • User should check if the internet connection is strong or not.
  • Clearing cache might fix the problem.


MyTelkomsel app is one of the most common applications; however recent error makes users annoyed. In this article, we have provided possible reasons as well as the solving tips. 

If those above-given methods are not useful for you, you must contact MyTelkomsel customer support team. Follow our article daily for getting more updates about ‘My Telkomsel Something Went Wrong.’

Please share if the tips mentioned above are helpful for you or not.

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