The Results of Having Facial Implants: Acquire Full Detail!

The Results of Having Facial Implants: Acquire Full Detail!

Have you ever had any kind of plastic surgery? What are some of the common effects did you experience? What do you know about facial implants? Do you know or have you ever seen someone who has undergone this medical procedure? Well, by the end of this article, you will have full information about cosmetic surgery. Stay tuned!

What is facial implant surgery?

This medical process involves the alteration of facial contours to balance face features. In most cases, implants exist from synthetic materials like silicone or human tissue. Remember, different people have varying reasons to undergo a facial implant procedure. A person may need cosmetic surgery to change his/her appearance for self-confidence. Also, a facial implant operation can occur to restore the shape of your face due to trauma. Jaw, chins, and cheeks are the common areas for implants.

An individual can choose to undergo cheek implants if he/she feels bad on the appearance of the cheeks. If the cheeks are sunken or look flat, a cheek implant surgery takes place to make them fuller. Besides, some people chose to have chin implants if they feel that their chin is small. Surgeons can also recommend this medical action for people with rhinoplasty.

If you think that you are not confident enough because of your looks, cosmetic surgery is ideal for you. This process will help you boost your self-esteem and the freedom to socialize. Before you decide to carry out facial implants, contact a medical specialist. You can begin by sharing your insecurities with a psychologist to be sure of your confidence. In case you need quality cosmetic surgery, expert surgeons can be found here at Thompson Facial Plastics.

What do you expect after having facial implants?

Remember, it is good to hope for great surgery results, but it is not always a guarantee in facial implants. Errors and mistakes can occur when the surgeon does not have the correct skills to do the operation. Also, the optimal results you want may need more than one surgical procedure. As a result, you may experience severe health issues that can be fatal. For facial implants, the results appear immediately after the surgery. Swelling of the altered area is the common sign that appears after surgery. The swelling signalize sharp pains that can take a few weeks to vanish.

In the healing process, dressings and bandages are necessary to cover the wound. Also, cowling the surgical area is prime because it prevents any kind of infection. Bandages come in handy by holding the implant in place hence avoiding any kind of tear or pain. After the operation, the surgeon will give you instructions to help in recovery. Some of the care actions include a medical diagnosis of oral and the application of drugs. Besides, you will have full healing techniques to care for the surgical site to speed up recovery. In case you experience a serious health concern, you are always free to consult your surgeon.

Be free with your plastic surgeon and ask questions about what you expect in the recovery period. Some of the questions may include when will the bandage and the stitches detach? When do I get a chance to resume normal activities? What days are the follow-up cares performed? The results of facial implants are permanent unless you want another surgery. Apart from swelling, you will face other symptoms like discomfort and numbness. Extra conditions after surgery also include restrictions on facial movements.

How long does it take to heal from facial implant surgery?

The complete healing process of facial implant surgery is reckon to be six weeks. During this time, you have to follow all surgeon’s instructions to aid the healing process. In the first week of recuperation, you should get more rest. Limiting your movement after surgery is salient to prevent the tear of stitches. Furthermore, you need to regularly ice the implant area to reduce discomfort. Women patients should avoid make up until the recovery process is complete. This action is significant to aid in healing and preventing further infection.

For you to qualify to undergo facial implant surgery, here are the requirements:

  • If you are not confident enough with your facial appearance or structure.
  • When you need a prominent jawline.
  • If you have a small chin and you want to remodel.
  • If you need to end the under-eye bags to enhance your facial appearance.

Key things to keep in mind before undergoing a facial implant surgery

Cosmetic surgery is not for everyone, but very specific individuals. Before going through with the operation, there are a few things you need to consider. First, research the implant material you want to use. Silicone implants among other materials can cause a different reaction in the body. A surgeon will help you gather accurate information on the safe material to use. Second, cosmetic surgery is one of the most expensive medical procedures worldwide. This operation only qualifies in private established health institutions. For more information on the price range, contact a medical practitioner.

Third, smokers have a higher chance to experience complications and health problems. It is the presence of nicotine in their blood vessels that causes vasoconstriction. The taper blood vessels prevent easy circulation of blood and slow down recovery. So, if you smoke and you need facial implant surgery, quit smoking to avoid complications.

Last, it is ideal for you to share your current and past medical status before the surgery. Information about your physical health is essential prior to the operation. The surgeon should know your past illnesses or surgeries to be sure of your physical status. Here, the medical expert will also notice and measure your blood pressure. Discern of the respiratory rate will ensure that there are no complications. The surgeon will again check if you have any medical allergies and drug reactions. When everything is in place, then you are safe to receive the facial implant.

Facial implants can give you the best or worse results than you thought. Get a second opinion from a professional before going through with the procedure. If you are sure about your decision, look for a certified surgeon.

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