Temptlife Cashmere Leggings Reviews (Jan) Read Then Order

Temptlife Cashmere Leggings Reviews (Jan) Read Then Order

Temptlife Cashmere Leggings Reviews (Jan) Read Then Order >> This post will help you in learning about the legitimacy of the brand that offers leggings.

Do you want stylish leggings that also keep you warm? If yes, then why don’t you check out these Temptlife Reviews? This review session will introduce you to the most comforting leggings that look stylish and go with any attire. Let us get started. 

Temptlife Cashmere Leggings are made using high-quality material to provide you maximum comfort, and it also makes it wearable for longer hours. It is unlike the standard leggings found in the market as it is created while keeping in mind all your requirements. Besides this, denim may go out of trend, but the leggings are in forever, so you can build your collection as massive as you want.

Furthermore, the United States famous fashion designers have also suggested many looks to try on you with these Leggings.

Please read below in Temptlife Cashmere Leggings Reviews to learn more about the product.

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What is Temptlife Cashmere Leggings?

Temptlife Cashmere Leggings are the women’s leggings that are created using premium quality material. It keeps you warm as the material using in making it are hot and high content cashmere. It is soft, warm, fluffy, and thick to keep your lower body warm. Besides this, Temptlife Leggings also helps you enhance your body structure with its black sculpting technology that makes your body look perfect.

It makes your legs look more slender, buttocks more firm, and stomach flatter. Temptlife Cashmere Leggings are the wardrobe essential for all the ladies. 

Apart from that, the United States‘ most prominent designers always recommend leggings and have also tried various looks with the leggings. If you want to look stylish then all, it takes is good leggings. 

Several brand’s claims cannot fit under customers’ budgets, but now you don’t have to worry as these leggings are highly affordable and, at the same time, it is made using quality cashmere.  

You can wear it under your pants, with the skirt or worn as outer pants with any sweater or jacket. Moreover, it does not cause any skin irritation and damage to your skin. 

However, let’s read further in these Temptlife Cashmere Leggings Reviews and find out it is worth buying or not.

What are the specifications of Temptlife Cashmere Leggings?

  • It is a causal legging
  • The material used in making these leggings is real cashmere. 
  • The length of the leggings is ankle-length. 
  • It is highly suitable for the cold season (winters).
  • It is high-waist leggings. 
  • You can get it in two colors black/gray. 
  • Available in different sizes. 
  • The cost of Temptlife Cashmere Leggings is only $35.96. 

What are the advantages of buying Temptlife Cashmere Leggings?

  • These leggings are created using high-quality cashmere that keeps you warm even in the cold.
  • It helps you in enhancing your body curves with its latest sculpting technology. 
  • Temptlife is the perfect wardrobe requirement as it never goes out of fashion, and you can style it in various ways.  
  • These leggings are available in all sizes. 
  •  The product’s official website is giving away many additional benefits like free shipping, lucky draw and money-saving offers, etc.

What are the disadvantages of buying Temptlife Cashmere Leggings?

  • We haven’t found Temptlife Cashmere Leggings Reviews from any of the sources yet.  
  • The official website of Temptlife Cashmere is only four months and four days old. 
  • The product is also not popular on any of the social media platforms.

Is Temptlife Cashmere Leggings Legit?

Temptlife Cashmere Leggings is women’s leggings made using quality material to keep you warm. You don’t feel any discomfort, irritation, or skin damage after wearing these leggings as it is highly-comfortable and has a soft texture that does not harm your skin. Besides this, these leggings come with various other features.

Moreover, when it comes to judging the product’s reliability, we are not entirely satisfied with it as it does not have any authenticity evidence. 

What are the customer’s reviews?

No customer has posted anything about the product, and there is nothing published on the internet regarding Temptlife Cashmere Leggings Reviews. Neither the site holds any feedback page on it. 

Thus, we regret to commit that we couldn’t be able to collect buyer’s feedback. 

Final Verdict

We don’t think that the product is worth buying as we have not found any customer reviews regarding the Temptlife Cashmere Leggings till yet. Similarly, the official website of the product also does not contain any relevant evidence regarding its credibility.  But, if you still wish t purchase this product, we suggest thorough research on your own for the positive results.

Please share your thoughts with us and do share these Temptlife Cashmere Leggings Reviews with others.

29 thoughts on “Temptlife Cashmere Leggings Reviews (Jan) Read Then Order

  1. Tried to buy some but couldn’t without registering for a PayPal account. I don’t want a PayPal account so I couldn’t buy the leggings.

    I also have questions about the ‘cashmere’. Is it really cashmere? Or what percent % cashmere?

    1. Hi Kathrine – You don’t need a pay pal acc. – Just continue thru the ordering process and once you get to the part of paying, it will ask for your c.c. number….. use you cc. or debit….. no pay pal needed. Hope this helps – I’m ordering mine here soon.

    2. It’s a scam don’t buy from them. I used pay pal and that’s the only reason I’m getting my money back. Be smart find them somewhere else.

    3. I would rate these as 0 stars if I had the option… THEY ARE JUNK AND THIS STORE IS A SCAM!!! don’t waste your money on this peice of trash.

      They have been jerking me around for 3 weeks.

      They flood their pages with great reviews, and these things are ugly and feel awful.


    4. Fraudulent Company!
      Horrible company that will NOT stand behind the product they sell!
      30 day return policy that they do not honor because the item will not arrive for over 60 days of purchase! Refused to exchange dielectric to the product they sell runs in youth sizes that do not match the size chart they offer to order by! Horrible customer service! Waste of money! Will not recommend or order from again!

  2. I ordered a pair of leggings and paid an extra $10 for express shipping. I ordered on Nov 6th and today Nov 11th the status is still in “order received”. There is no customer service number to speak to anyone. Good luck getting anyone to answer your email either. I’d love to give a good review but so far I can’t say anything positive about the experience or the product seeing as I’m still waiting. Sometimes a good thing isn’t worth the trouble.

  3. Lucky you!

    Anything named after Temptlife is 100% SCAM. No such brand exists & many fake sites are selling them.
    PayPal is the only payment they accept even though they list other forms of MC/Visa payments accepted but when you select, you’re asked for personal information but no MC/Visa # to enter appears. Then you select “continue with shipping”. You’re only offered PayPal & can select to link to your account for fast payment.
    PayPal is lousy at helping & no consumer protections that are standard with MC/Visa/Amex/Discover. Hoax!!

    1. I have ordered on November 7th and today is November 21st, however around the 16th they sent me an email to track my order and some website with a 17 logo appeared when you click the link only for it to say that UPS has not made a label or something like that. Then I checked again to day with that same link and now it says the web page ain’t available. So I have been emailing them and I don’t get a good response, so today I’m gonna cancel this payment just because so many people I talked to have not received their leggings.

  4. SCAM BIG TIME SCAM. China company they will just take your money never ship your purchase. There’s been a big surge in this crap. I ordered the leggings for my wife just a scam.

  5. This company is a fraud guys, worst service ever, bad quality, they wont refund you ,you can buy this directly from aliexpress ,stay away from Temptlife!!!

  6. I did receive my leggings…ordered size L and it would fit my 10 y/o granddaugter….WAYYY off sizing, and now having trouble asking for a exchange….DO NOT BUY THESE LEGGINGS…unfortunately the leggings themselves are way warm and look well made, but really if you are a size L order a size 4XXX

  7. This is a scam!!! I saw the advertisement on Facebook, looked it up on google search and it looked legit! The leggings arrived a month after I ordered them!! They were thin not thick and the size run very small I couldn’t even get them on. I reached out asking for an exchange or refund and after many emails they said no!! DONT ORDER THEM!!!

  8. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!!! DON’T SPEND YOUR MONEY!!! They advertise hassel free returns, but the size chart is incorrect and they won’t return my money. I bought a 3x size thinking I would have lots of room, but the 3x size would only fit a child!!!! Can’t even pull then over my thighs. The fabric is cheap Nylon and barely stretchable. Their reply is that they sent the correct size, so they won’t offer a return or exchange.

  9. SCAM! I also had the same experience. The product you receive is not the one you ordered. It is thin and sized for children. I contacted the customer service and they won’t give me a return address either.

  10. Ordered a large in these because of the Asian product warning (I normally take a medium). I’m 5’4″, 135lbs, most of it muscle. When I pulled the product out of the package, I was dismayed that they appeared so tiny. Like something my 12 year old niece the gymnast could wear. But, given that they were advertised as “super stretchy” I bravely forged ahead to try them on.

    Well, let me say it wasn’t a complete shock when I couldn’t get them up past my thighs. Mind you, their own size chart says “Hip:82-108cm/32.28-42.52”, so I was hopeful. Needless to say, super stretchy is a lie. Additionally, even though they were not even up to my hips, they were already 2 inches short at the ankles. If I actually had gotten them up to my waist where they were supposed to sit, these would have been 5 inches too short.

    Okay, I reasoned with myself, I took a shot. I’ll just return them. This is when the REAL disappointment started. First I was asked to send photos of how the product wasn’t not working properly. Um….I refused. I was about to send photos of my trying to pull up these leggings over my bum. When I politely declined, I was asked to send photos of the sku tag. I did. I was then informed that they had sent me what I ordered so no return allowed. Seriously, you ask? Which is what I asked also. I sent them an email that acknowledged that they were correct in that I got what I ordered. What I reminded them, was that the items did not fit. So please let me return them. Again with the “So sorry, we sent you what you ordered. No returns. This is not our fault.” Again, I pointed out the whole it didn’t fit thing, and that any online clothing company would allow returns or exchanges if ordered clothes didn’t fit. Again, the So Sorry email. Not even an offer of an exchange.

    At this point, I’m out $100 for a product that is not of quality material (plastic like on the outside, very thin cashmere(?) on the inside), is sized for a child’s figure, has almost zero elasticity, and would be 5 inches too short if I was ever able to get them on completely.

    DO NOT buy this product. Or if you are brave or foolish, buy 4 sizes larger than normal. That is what I figure it would take.

  11. This product is terrible! Can find better quality at a dollar store. Size small didnt even fit around my daughters butt and she wears a child’s 14. NOT CASHMERE as stated. I would put a picture of what I received but there is no option

  12. Definitely a scam. What I received I could have made myself when I had to take a home economics class in high school and, like the sweat pants I made at the time, they don’t fit. At the time you read these lines, I am probably dead because my spouse has killed me for buying her such a crappy Christmas present. Not by strangling me with said leggings, since the cheap fabric would have ripped, but by beating me repeatedly over the head with a “sensible shopping and avoiding scam” hardcover manual.

  13. Temptlife is not a company. They are a group of scammers who take your money and then disappear. They do not process any orders, they do not ship anything, and they do not respond to any communications. Once they have your money, they disappear. It’s a scam.

  14. Complete SCAM. I purchased a pair of these for my daughter, they sent me a pair of plain leggings, no fleece lining at all. I emailed them and told them they had sent the wrong product and they responded telling me what i had received was correct. I emailed them back saying that i was not satisfied and would like a refund and they basically said bad luck.
    Great way to loose your money.

  15. I ordered several pairs as Christmas presents before all of this came out. I received them all however, the quality is not good. It is not real cashmere as they claim and the sizes are children’s sizes. I tried to contact them just to exchange for bigger sizes. They will not exchange or refund my money, so I am stuck with these leggings that are children’s sizes. I am going to contact American Express as that is what I used to pay. I will also contact other authorities to report these people. While I received my order, they are not customer friendly. My advice is that no one should order from Temptlife.

  16. I ordered these leggings for my wife. After two weeks no tracking info or product. Emailed customer service and they sent me bogus tracking info. Started a case with Paypal which is STILL currently under review. The “seller” responded to the case with ANOTHER tracking number. I still have not received product or refund. Case still pending. I have revisited the links they sent to me trying to tie me over and everything comes back with “page not found”. Total scam.

  17. Horrible product and horrible company…
    Horrible product and horrible customer service. Do not order anything from this company or the parent company, Hibernal Co.,Ltd. They took a month to send the leggings and the sizes were totally wrong. I tried to get my month back, but they just keep saying they sent what I ordered. IT IS A SCAM.

  18. I’ve had no luck trying to exchange or return the product for a refund. They advertise 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back, but they don’t honor that guarantee. I had the same problem many of you have. The sizes are children’s sizes. Their size chart is wonky also. The leggings are not cashmere either, but a synthetic. I reported these people to American Express, the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission. I’m continuing to find agencies to file complaints on this company. Don’t order from this company.

  19. Size chart is not accurate. They send you leggings without any tags in them or any indication on them of what size they are. After I complained they actually asked me to send an image of the leggings not fitting on the woman! This should be illegal and this company should be reported. I actually asked them if this was for real and that this request is highly unusual. They just repeated that they wanted proof that they did not fit. Shame on them. Stay away from this company!!!

  20. Temptlife is a terrible company. Their ads are misleading, their products are garbage, and their customer service is awful. They don’t offer refunds or exchanges when you are dissatisfied. And they treat you in a condescending manner.

    I recently ordered a pair of leggings from the company for my wife. The leggings were advertised as slick on the outside and furry on the inside. They were neither. The material was the cheapest I’ve ever seen and the sizing was way off. My wife is typically a small but we ordered a medium to be safe. The leggings we received were so tiny that she couldn’t even fit them over her thighs.

    I contacted customer service but they refused to refund me or send me a bigger pair.

    Never order anything from Temptlife. You’ll get screwed

  21. COMPLETE SCAM COMPANY!! DO NOT ORDER!! I ordered leggings for my wife for Christmas. Not only were they WAY TOO SMALL, but they weren’t the “super thick” version that I paid for. Instead I got these cheap $5 leggings that fit nicely…for my 7-year old daughter! And they are definitely NOT “super stretchy” either. I’m so pissed. They will not honor their written guarantee either, and their email response is “We are so sorry for this case. But we did send the correct item you ordered, so it won’t be supported to return or exchange. Thanks for your understanding.” LIARS!!!! CHEATERS!!!

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