Does Google Support LGBT (Nov) Let Us Talk About It!

Does Google Support LGBT (Nov) Let Us Talk About It!

Does Google Support LGBT (Nov) Let Us Talk About It! >> The article includes information related to the LGBTQ community and the support of a tech giant company.

It is one of the issues raised for ages, and it is a severe issue of whether a company is favouring a community. Each company follows and runs by rules and regulations, and breaking any rules means avoiding the clause and may face some issues from the company. In this article, you will get to know about Does Google Support LGBT.

The topic is spread worldwide in the United States and raised a question on Google on its stand for the LGBTQ community. As most of them believe that there is something that is lagging to support the community because their feelings are different.

Does Google Support LGBT?

In 2006 Google used the term gaygler as a support to the LGBTQ community and supported the cause of those employees who belong to this community. The employers of Google are also known as Googlers, and they respect each community as per their belief.

The question of Does Google Support LGBT is not very sure because few of the employees raised the voice against racism. They enjoyed that at the one end, they are supporting the LGBTQ community and, on the other hand, facing discrimination, but Google never endorses this statement.

In 2016 when Google supported the LGBTQ parade day with the rainbow color, it depicted that they stand with their thoughts and keep them. The time to time survey reports of the United States that comes out randomly says that Google drops in the equality index, which shows the intentions of the company’s saying and doing.

The not-so-clear stand of the company shows that they support the cause but not sure to stick with that because they also have to support the officials. Several tech giants helped and revealed their intentions of equality, but few companies are still present that are not having policies showing support to the LGBTQ community.

What are the employees saying about it?

Those who are directly or indirectly related to Google say that they feel hesitant to express because of the sensors’ negligible behavior. As each company has its sides on any issue, it is also divided into the left-wing and the conservative wing. And the question remains the same as Does Google Support LGBT?

So, they have to follow the agenda on which the thinkers of any party believe. In that case, it becomes difficult to declare and follow it desperately.


As per our study, we found several related articles by which it is difficult to mention the company’s stand, although Google has supported the cause and the Gay Parade day. 

But implementing the rules of no discrimination against any community is a different aspect. There are two different thoughts. One is to believe in the community, and the other one hesitates to support.

So, what do you think about it? Does Google Support LGBT? Please tell us in the comments section below.

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