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Takesaree Reviews (Jan) Is Takesaree Real Or A Scam?

Takesaree Reviews 2020
Takesaree Reviews (Jan) Is Takesaree Real Or A Scam? >> This post will help you in notifying regarding the authenticity of the store that sells silk sarees.

Do you also like silk saree and planning to shop with Takesaree? If yes, then please first read these Takesaree Reviews. 

In India, the silk saree trend is highly demanding as it is one of the most premium quality sarees. Women of any age can wear it as it looks classy and upgrades your fashion standard to the higher level. Silk sarees are the expensive piece of clothing and have its royal features. For this reason, the Takesaree store is founded. It is the online store that only deals with silk sarees. You will find a variety of designs, color versions, and premium quality fabric on it.

Similarly, the Takesaree store faces some conflicts over the internet, which we will reveal here in this review session. We will tell you each specific detail about the store, its products, offers, and its reliability. So please don’t go anywhere and keep on reading. 

What is Takesaree? 

Takesaree is the traditional Indian clothing store founded in June 2020 with a motive to promote Indian traditions and culture throughout the world. You will find lots of unique and designer silk sarees in the store. Each saree has its beauty and grace that grabs your attention. Besides this, one of the best things about the silk saree is its royal look that allows you to wear it on any occasion, whether it’s a wedding function, festival, or something special. 

As we all know, how expensive silk sarees are, and not everyone can afford to buy it. Now, every woman can flaunt her favorite silk saree as the Takesaree store offers it at very reasonable prices. You have to spend Rupees 499 to own your desired saree. 

Takesaree store includes entire trendy collection like south-Indian silk design, golden thread work design, printed pattern saree, etc.

But we have many things to reveal about the store in these Takesaree Reviews. Kindly stay tuned and keep reading.

Specifications of Takesaree 

  • Website URL –
  • Location – India 
  • Product – Silk Saree 
  • Email address –
  • Company address – Not specified 
  • Contact number- +91 8238547973
  • Shipping time –within 5-7 days 
  • Shipping charges – Not specified 
  • Return & exchange – within ten days after delivery
  • Refund policy – the time is not specified 
  • Order tracker – Yes, available 
  • Order history – Not available 
  • Order cancellation – Not available 
  • Discount offers – Yes, available
  • Newsletter- Yes, available
  • Warranty – Not available 
  • Payment method- American Express, MasterCard, Rupee, VISA, etc.

What are the pros of ordering from Takesaree?

  • The site contains a wide variety of original silk sarees.
  • The site is selling expensive sarees at reasonable prices. 
  • The site is having ten days return policy if the product is found unsatisfactory.
  • The store is mentioned email address and contact number for any query.

What are the cons of ordering from Takesaree?

  • The Takesaree store’s domain is created on 1st June 2020, which is only four months, eighteen days old.  
  • The site has revealed limited information on it. 
  • There is no customer review page available on the site. 
  • The site does not have any social media presence. 
  • We have recorded negative Takesaree Reviews from the internet. 
  • The site is selling expensive products at low prices.  
  • The site is having a complicated return and refund policy.

Is Takesaree Legit?

Takesaree store is the popular silk saree store that was established recently. The store has a low pricing policy. Due for this reason you can get an original silk saree at just 499 Rupees. Besides this, you will find classy and designer sarees in the store. 

Furthermore, while talking about the website’s legitimacy, we don’t find it reliable as we have discovered pessimistic buyers’ feedback from the internet where people said it sells cheap quality goods and has low after sale services.  

Thus, as per the customer reviews, the store is not legit and sell cheap quality goods.

What are the customer feedback regarding Takesaree?

Regrettably, the site doesn’t have any ratings and Takesaree Reviews pages available, nor does it have any social media existence. In contrast, we have found some reviews from the online sources where people have said they have received the wrong product and the site’s customer care is not supportive. While others said they had received cheap quality products, and the site has low services.

Bottom Line

We don’t recommend shopping from the Takesaree store as we don’t find it reliable. 

Kindly share your feedback in the comments section below, and don’t forget to share these Takesaree Reviews with others. 


  1. I ordered 2 sarees and paid the amount but I didn’t get my order till now. The delivery date which given by them was 4th of November but till now they I didn’t get the order. I lost my money

  2. Unreliable , pls don’t order from this site … Total mismatch in design and quality… It’s not silk they are normal Poonam sarees … Kindly take back your product and return the money … Don’t cheat people

  3. Booked and paid for a saree today 18.10.20. Didn’t receive any acknowledgement nor updates. Given phone number is fake since all the incoming calls are barred on it., Email not replied to. Wil lodge cyber fraud complain.

  4. Hence I had ordered 2 Sare I made complaint @ cuber security if they won’t return my money the action will be taken towards them

  5. I have ordered 2 saree . one saree in yellow colour & another saree in orange colour . But they have delivered wrong product. I am totally not satisfied. they are cheating us. They have given 2 phone numbers. Both the numbers are not working .

  6. Do not go with the looks of Takesaree website. I ordered for a silk saree and paid the amount, but I received from them very poor quality surat synthetic saree which may not cost more than Rs.100/- and nobody would order for that kind of saree. Their customer care number is always switched off. This is a company which is cheating people every day. I sincerely suggest you not to fall into the trap of this company.

    1. Never purchase from this fraudsters. They’ve sent me a cheap saree and now there is no response for my complaint mail.
      So many ways are there to earn money, why they’re cheating on others money

  7. Never purchase from this fraudsters. They’ve sent me a cheap saree and now there is no response for my complaint mail.
    So many ways are there to earn money, why they’re cheating on others money

  8. Plz don’t go through website and don’t purchase any products.They are not delivering exact product what we are ordered.

  9. Purchased item from this site. Delivered wrong item. Sent mail . Didn’t get any response.
    Now if we try to chat , they are closing the chat window.
    Phone number is not working.
    They are cheaters.

  10. The Saree which I ordered is totally different Saree please don’t order in this site .Not responding to email .

    Helpline number also fraud .

    Not responding to chat also

    Totally fraud

  11. Purchased item from this site. Delivered wrong item. Sent mail . Didn’t get any response.
    Now if we try to chat ,
    Phone number is not working.
    They are fucking cheaters cheaters.


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