Bigg ps5 Sweeps com {Oct 2020} Win-Win Rewards, With Fun!

Bigg ps5 Sweeps com {Oct 2020} Win-Win Rewards, With Fun!

Bigg Ps5 Sweeps com {Oct 2020} Win-Win Rewards, With Fun! >> A Fun way to catch customer gets easier after giving such exciting rewards, read here for details.

Play station is a Japanese console introduced in the market in 1994 by Sony, a Japanese firm. Making a massive success in the gaming world made the next new consoles in the market and new gaming experience.

If you are a gaming giant, then you must be interested in Bigg ps5 Sweeps comTo know more, continue with the article.

As the succession begins, several models were launched and named as ps1, ps2, and the modified and youngest version is ps5. As soon as it was launched, the aim was completely specified to concur with the United States market.

Specification of ps5 version

Ps5 starts with a reasonable price of US$499.99, whereas the digital version is US$399.99. It will be released in South Korea, New Zealand, North America, Japan, and Australia on 12 November 2020, and for the other countries, it will be released on 19 November 2020. People may also win rewards from Bigg ps5 Sweeps com, who are above 18 can enters the portal and  participate in the contest, but he can buy the product.


  • Consist of 8 core VF.
  • Fully wireless controller.
  • Consist of ultra HD Blu ray.
  • Ultra-High virtual reality quality.
  • Internal storage is about 825 GB.

Having such a significant specification still many are to be announced. It has created such enthusiasm among the people so that it has given birth to the gaming contests.

What is Bigg ps5 Sweeps Com?

Bigg ps5 Sweeps com is an online portal that is rewarding people with the new console of Sony. Sony Entertainment does not sponsor it. It is unnecessary to purchase to win prices but entirely legal for the United States residents who shall be above 18.

The event is going to start from 15 November this year to 28 February 2021. It has about 5000 prizes, including sweepstakes as well as instant prizes. The range of the prizes varies from $20.00 to $499.99. 

The offer is given on the purchase of Big G cereals and the bars. After purchasing, you will get the code that you need to enter on the portal to grab the opportunity to get a play station console and other rewards of contest Bigg ps5 Sweeps com.

Products are available on the site-

  • Variety of Cereals.
  • Crunchy bars.
  • Variety of treat bars.

The packages are shipped from the site After getting the box, the code is in the box for printouts, and an online checkout email is requested from them.

Final Words

As they are entirely specified with their terms and conditions, there is a given age category from 0-8, 9-12, 13-17, 18-25,  and 26+.

This shows that before entering, you must be aware of the terms and the condition that is must be an adult and a resident of the United States. After that, you can enter the code else you need to return.

How Bigg ps5 Sweeps com is promoting the newly launched ps5 and the accessories is appreciable along with the rules and regulations. 

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