Swingrelax com Reviews [June] First Know its Legitimacy!

Swingrelax com Reviews [June] First Know its Legitimacy!

Swingrelax com Reviews [June] First Know its Legitimacy! -> In the above article, you read about a website dealing with exciting mood booster products.

Work from home has now become the new need of the country. Initially, for a month, it sounds relaxing, but slowly everyone’s tired of this schedule. This is why people are coming up with new ideas that can make you schedule fun and be a change from a healthy lifestyle.

In this article, you’ll be reading about Swingrelax com Reviews. Swingrelax is an online website that sells portable hammock swing, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The website is popular in the United States, and people are looking forward to their products.

These swings can easily be hung on any strong base, and you can enjoy your evening in it.

In this article dedicated to Swingrelax com reviews, we will introduce you to all the positive and negative aspects. This will help you get your point cleared about the authenticity of the website so that you can easily conclude: Is Swingrelax com Legit?

What is Swingrelax com?

Swingrelax deals with portable hammock swings, which are ideal for both outdoor as well as indoor use. You can relax with them and have a good time.

The website has mentioned that their only aim is to provide the best products at the most affordable prices. They also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their products, and if in case, the buyer is not satisfied with it, and then they can return the same and can get a full refund.

Specifications of Swingrelax com:

  • Website: Sells portable hammock swings.
  • Email: support@swingrelax.com
  • Address: Not mentioned on its webpage.
  • Contact Number: +1-925-310-7657
  • Shipping time: 5-6 Business days
  • Shipping Cost: Free shipping worldwide
  • Delivery: 1-6 weeks, depending on the location.
  • Returns/Exchange: Valid within 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • Refund: Initiated within a few days (exact time not mentioned)
  • Cancellation: Within 24 hours of order placement.
  • Mode of Payment: PayPal, Debit, and Credit Card

Benefits of purchasing form Swingrelax com:

  • Swings are ideal for both indoor as well as outdoor use.
  • Free shipping provided by the website worldwide.
  • The website offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on its products.
  • The best quality material is used for the products, as mentioned.

Drawbacks of Swingrelax com:

  • Cash on Delivery option not provided by the site.
  • The site cannot be spotted on other social media platforms.
  • Delivery of the products is a time-consuming task.
  • Shipping charges to be deducted while returning the order.

Is Swingrelax com legit or not?

As mentioned earlier, the authenticity of the website must be checked before placing any orders from them. We’ve mentioned some facts and statements below, which will help you, conclude whether the site is safe or scam.

We’ve studied the website, and it can be declared as a scam. 

The site is very young. Its domain was purchased a few days ago only. Due to this, any information about it is not available online. Thus, the lack of information might decrease the trust of its buyers, as they do not have enough reasons to shop from the same.

The webpage has also mentioned some contrary statements and points which can be questioned. They’ve written that the buyers can connect to them via social media as well. But when explored, the site cannot be found on any other platform. 

Customer Reviews on Swingrelax com:

They are a new venture in the online market. Not many reviews about it are available online. Reviews available are mostly not in favour of the site. Customers have faced problem in their policies, and also discovered some of its drawbacks. They’ve mentioned that the delivery process is prolonged, and they have received the products in 1 month or even longer.

 Also, the buyers have mentioned about its refund policy. When they requested the same, the amount initiated was less than even half of what they paid. The website deducted it on the name of taxes, shipping charges, and many other heads. 

The customers also mentioned that the site also claims to provide the products are the best reasonable prices. But they could not relate to it. They found the products overpriced and also written that the same can be grabbed from the other sites at lower prices.

Final Verdict:

After reviewing the website, it can be concluded that it is a scam. It is advised not to place any orders from the site unless you’re sure of it, as there might be possibilities that either you do not receive the product, or what you will receive will be different from what you ordered.

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