Lowly.space Reviews [June] Is it Legit or a Hoax Site?

Lowly.space Reviews [June] Is it Legit or a Hoax Site?

Lowly.space Reviews [June] Is it Legit or a Hoax Site? -> In this article, you get to know about an online store offering video games, gaming consoles, and outdoor gadgets.

Are you an enthusiastic lover of video games? Check out lowly.space.

The site offers a variety of video games and gaming consoles for today’s generation. But  because we couldn’t find any  Lowly.space Reviews anywhere, we thought of doing the task ourselves. Read on to know what we think about  this newly launched site for video game freaks. You will also find out  Is Lowly.space Legit or just created to deceive you. The site is currently operating from the United States.

Video games, and other high-tech outdoor gaming equipment have become quite trending these days. They offer a thrilling escape from the daily stress of our lives and thus provide an exciting outlet for recreation. The online world has seen a boom in the number and variety of video games and gaming consoles offered by several brands. The popularity of video games is increasing at an incredible space to satisfy the craving of us as adventure seekers.

What is lowly.space?

It is a webstore that offers a wide variety of Nintendo gaming consoles, video games, and related gaming accessories. The Nintendo video games cover themes like racing, hunting, and fighting through various backgrounds. The site also offers outdoor gaming gadgets like Osmo pocket, drones, smartphone stabilizers, etc. the site offers all the products at very reasonable prices. It also claims to provide fast shipping and returns on its products.


  • Website type: Online store offering video games, consoles, and gaming accessories. https://lowly.space/
  • Email: milepick@milepick.top
  • Processing time: 2-3 business days
  • Delivery time: 12-18 business days
  • Exchange:  Applicable 
  • Return: Applicable within 14 days of receiving the order.
  • Shipping charge: Applicable
  • Refund: Applicable within 14 days of receiving the returned item.
  • Cancelation of order: Not mentioned in the site
  • Contact number: 3232167777
  • Address: Los Angeles, California, 921 e, 52nd  St. United States 90011
  • Options for payment: Visa Card, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, PayPal

Pros of buying products from lowly.space

  • A wide variety of gaming consoles, outdoor gaming gadgets, and related accessories are available.
  • The gaming switches are available in many colours and consist of a very fast processor.
  • Several payment modes can be availed for the products.
  • The site guarantees quick shipping and returns on all its purchases.
  • Products are sold at attractive discounts.

Cons of buying products from lowly.space

  • The option of COD is not available.
  • The site has not yet gained any popularity among customers.
  • No customer reviews are present inside and outside the immediate site.
  • No social media presence of the site
  • There is presence of copied content on many pages of the website.

Is lowly.space legit or not

Lowly.space Reviews say, to gain proof at the site’s legitimacy, we went to great lengths by scrutinizing the site from all possible angles. We found some glaring red flags in it, which greatly makes us doubt its credibility. Firstly, the site has does not have a proper domain name. Domain names like .net and .com are generally considered indicators of a site’s legitimacy in most cases, but this site has a domain name of .space. It greatly makes us doubt its credibility.

Secondly, the content in various pages of this site is copied from other sites. It further lends weight to undermining this site’s legitimacy. Besides, a zero social media presence, combined with zero site traffic that includes customer reviews, makes this site highly suspicious. We advise you to avoid purchasing products from this site. This site is not legitimate, and it will be better to stay away from it.

What are people saying about lowly.space?

In spite of our attempts, we were unable to find any customer review of this site or its products either on it or elsewhere on the internet. There is no mention of the site or its products at any other online platform. People are not aware of it, so it has not been able to garner much customer attention until now. 

Final verdict

As our final verdict, we have concluded that this site is not one to be trusted. There are many other better sites out there offering similar products. You should go to those sites and purchase them. We have pointed out several red flags on this site, which deem it as a highly suspicious site like doubtful domain name, copied content, and zero site traffic. Hence the site is not legitimate, according to us.

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  1. I am one of the ones who was an idiot and didn’t read up on this and just seen a good deal to buy this for my wife for her birthday. So when you go to check out it say you have to go thru PayPal so I do and then once I paid it said thank you for purchasing from a name not the website. So I did some more learning and the next day got and email from PayPal saying I had a tracking number so I click on the tracking number and it took me to usps so I go look for it and it said it was delivered to me two days prior to me purchasing this item. Therefore I have been in contact with PayPal to get them to get my money back but said it could take up to July 5 for the person whole scammed me to respond then they would go from there! This website is a straight joke and scam! Please warn everyone!

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