Stay on Main Hotel Website {Feb} What Was The Mystery?

Stay on Main Hotel Website {Feb} What Was The Mystery?

Stay on Main Hotel Website {Feb} What Was The Mystery? >> Are you curious to know about the infamous hotel that is currently trending? Read article to know.

Have you checked the Stay on Main Hotel Website? Have you heard about the infamous hotel that is taking the internet by storm?

Generally, when people go on vacations, they book a cheap place to stay and spend more on other things. Travelling to another place or country is exciting. Simultaneously, it can be not very clear due to criteria like where to book a stay or how to go around.

Here we will be talking about a hotel situated in the United States and is currently trending for some wrong reasons.

So if you are also as curious as the rest, continue reading.

Let us get started!

What is Stay on Main Hotel Website?

Let us first know more about the two start hotels that have the world curious about the mysteries’ deaths.

Stay on main, formerly known as Cecil hotel, was established in 1927; it was then thriving and blooming. But now has a huge fall in their business, mostly after the great depression phase.

People from the United Kingdom and Canada got curious about the hotel since a famous streaming platform released a documentary on the hotel. The hotel was bought and sold many times to numerous people.

Let us know more about the hotel’s history.

Stay On Main hotel’s history:

Initially known as Cecil, the hotel has been in the picture since the 1920s. As per the Stay on Main Hotel Website, the hotel is a 19-floor building and is the cheapest place for rent in Los Angeles. The hotel is mostly booked by tourists and other travelers who want a cheap stay.

The hotel was sold in 2007, was later in 2011 named Stay on main; in 2017, the hotel was bought by a famous hotelier.

The hotel is currently closed due to some new renovations like a pool, gym, and lounge. The hotel was supposed to reopen, but there will be more delays due to the current pandemic.

What is the mystery about the hotel?

Since its establishment, the hotel is known for murder mysteries or, as some say, continuous deaths in the hotel.

As per the Stay on Main Hotel Website, the deaths started in the late 1930s, where either people went missing, were killed, or committed suicide. The once famous and blooming hotel started to fade due to the continuous deaths. 

The recent documentary has got the hotel again in the limelight but due to some wrong reasons.

The hotel is a cheap place to stay and it is currently under construction. The re-inauguration date has not been mentioned.

Have you heard any theory about this Hotel? Please do mention this in the box below.


We want to mention that we are not claiming or encouraging anything about the hotel and its mysteries.

Stay on Main Hotel Website we conclude that the hotel is currently trending and is not functioning due to construction reasons. Readers are requested to do more research if they are curious to know more about the hotel.

What are your views about the hotel? Mention your views in the comment section below.

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