Lam-Elisa Tuberculosis Test {Feb} Was There Any Link?

Lam-Elisa Tuberculosis Test {Feb} Was There Any Link?

Lam-Elisa Tuberculosis Test {Feb} Was There Any Link? >> What is the TB disease theory of mysterious death of 21 year old girl? What is the link? Read here.

Netflix’s crime document series, Crime Scene- the Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel, has been the most buzzed internet searched in the United Kingdom and Canada. If you have no clue why we are talking about this, today’s titular topic and Netflix show have a direct connection.

Do you know about Elisa Lam? After Netflix’s latest crime series on Elisa Lam, people are buzzing about her death. 

What has happened to her? What is the relation between Elisa Lam and Tuberculosis?

Who is Elisa Lam?

Elisa Lam, also known as Lam Ho Yi, the Canadian student of British Columbia University in the United States, founded dead mysteriously at 21 years age at Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles. 

Lam-Elisa Tuberculosis Test’ reports say on 31st January 2013, she was reported disappeared. According to her parents, she used to speak with her parents daily; however, on 1st February, after checking out from Cecil Hotel and preparing to go to Santa Cruz, her parents could not connect with Elisa since then.

Her parents filed a report to LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) for their missing daughter, and the investigation reveals the last video where Elisa had been spotted at the elevator. On 19th February, her body was discovered from Cecil Hotel’s water tank, and her death reason is still mysterious.

What is the link between Elisa and Lam-Elisa Tuberculosis Test?

Several speculated death theory is on the Internet regarding Elisa mysterious death. We found so many theories and found one theory indicating that Elisa was the patient of a new Tuberculosis strain. According to some online detective, in 2013, a tuberculosis outbreak happened in Los Angeles, and Elisa was reported positive for that new strain. The new strain of TB has adverse side-effect.

One has presumed that Elisa may have been the ‘Biological Weapon’ sent in the US for disease spreading. Some have assumed that she may be killed because of knowing this new strain TB outbreak.

What is the result of Ms. Lam Lam-Elisa Tuberculosis Test?

Apart from the theory, her autopsy report tells a new viewpoint. Elisa’s autopsy report has revealed that she was not the patient of new Tuberculosis and her death occurred due to accidentally drowning in water.

Is there any Elisa Lam TB Test?

Interestingly, there is a Tuberculosis test that has an eerie similarity with Lam’s name. The test name is LAM-ELISA, which stands for ‘Lipoarabinomannan’ that is LAM and ‘Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay’ that is ELISA. It is the latest way of testing Tuberculosis. 


Elisa Lam and the tuberculosis test name weirdly match each other; however, Ms. Lam did not possess Tuberculosis bacteria; instead, her death was an accident. Further researching about Lam-Elisa Tuberculosis Test, we found many theories from online research that have been placed probably because of the TB disease outbreak in LA. Nevertheless, we could not find anything that reveals why those two names are matched.

Do you have a different theory of Ms. Lam’s death? Please convey your message in the comment section.

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