Spade Ear Cleaner Reviews (Jan 2021) Read Before You Order!

Spade Ear Cleaner Reviews (Jan 2021) Read Before You Order!

Spade Ear Cleaner Reviews (Jan 2021) Read Before You Order! >> The write-up shares info about the smart 21st-century ear cleaning device to help buyers make the right choice.  

Spade Ear Cleaner Reviews: Do you want an innovative way to clean your ear wax? What if you can see the inside of your ear while cleaning? Yes, it is possible with the smart 21st-century ear cleaning device called Spade Ear Cleaner by Axel Glade. The Spade Ear Cleaner by Axel Glade is the smart way of cleaning your ears, and it is becoming the common choice of people across the Worldwide for many good reasons.  

See the interior of your ears while cleaning with Spade Ear Cleaner and avoid blindly poking your ears as it has a high risk of damaging the cochlea and semicircular canals.  

Now you don’t have to rely on cotton swabs for thorough cleaning of your ears. It has a higher risk of damaging the internal organs of your ears. See the wax build-up and clean it efficiently using the smart gadget, Spade Ear Cleaner. 

What is Spade Ear Cleaner?

Spade Ear Cleaner is the latest innovation and smart ear cleaning device by the Axel Glade team and has been gaining massive popularity Worldwide. The device allows users to see inside their ears while cleaning. It is because of the tiny, wireless otoscope located at the edge of the ear cleaning device

The product comes with a dedicated mobile application that users have to download to see what’s going on inside their ear on the mobile screen while cleaning with Spade Ear Cleaner.   

As per the Spade Ear Cleaner Reviews, the smart ear cleaning gadget is designed to ensure a painless and safe experience. It is designed with silica gel on the ear picks that prevents irritation while cleaning and makes the picks soft on touch. 

Spade Ear Cleaner is the most innovative and efficient method of cleaning your ears. Get a clear view of your ear and clean it efficiently. It is easy to use and needs no expert skills. 


  • Platform Supports – Supports both iOS and Android devices.
  • Usages – Ear cleaning and inspecting nose and back
  • Suitability – Good for cleaning adults and child’s ear 
  • Package – Storage and Dock base with 3-in-1 charger
  • Design – Six inner-mounted LEDs with soft picks
  • Diameter – 3.5mm inner diameter and 31.6mm lens length 
  • Ear Picks – 23 Earpicks with each product
  • Four different shapes to choose
  • Lens – 3MPX sensor for wireless streams and full view
  • Connectivity – Connects with Wi-Fi    

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Pros of Spade Ear Cleaner

  • Get a clear view of the ear when cleaning
  • Powerful 3MPX sensor for streaming wirelessly on the mobile screen
  • Connects with Wi-Fi smoothly
  • Irritation-free, soft hypoallergenic earpicks
  • Powerful six inner mounted LEDs for a clear view
  • Triple functioning magnetic base
  • 3-in-1 charger to charge the unit faster
  • Free Shipping across the United States
  • Suitable for adults and child’s ears for thorough cleaning  

Cons of Spade Ear Cleaner

  • No Spade Ear Cleaner Reviews found other than the brand’s website
  • Other than the website, we have not found any information about the product online
  • Other than the email support, no contact number shared 
  • Adult guidance is needed for cleaning the child’s ear 

Is Spade Ear Cleaner Legit or Scam?

We confirm any product’s legitimacy based on the product’s customer reviews, performance, quality, and age. Spade Ear Cleaner is from a brand that is only 145 days old. Plus, other than the website, we have not found any reviews from verified customers online. 

Based on the reviews from the seller’s website, the product seems legit. But we urge our customers to check further for more details and reviews to make the right buying decision.

The legitimacy is still questionable as we have not found any verified third party reviews of Spade Ear Cleaner. So, we suggest our readers do their research online and look for unbiased Spade Ear Cleaner Reviews to check its legitimacy and make the right decision.  

Customer Reviews

As mentioned, we have only found reviews on Spade Ear Cleaner online from its official website. There is no other information or reviews available from third party verified customers. We can’t only rely on the reviews on the brand’s website to confirm the product’s legitimacy. 

According to the reviews on the brand’s website, Spade Ear Cleaner seems legit. Many users have shared positive feedback about the performance, quality, and innovation it delivers in ear cleaning. 

Other than the reviews on the product’s official website, we have not found any responses from other verified customers online. So, we suggest our readers check for more information and unbiased Spade Ear Cleaner Reviews to make the right purchasing decision.    


Don’t just blindly poke your ear with traditional cotton swabs, as you have the smartest way to clean your ear now with Spade Ear Cleaner. It is the best solution for cleaning ear wax while viewing the inside of your ear to prevent damages. But yes research is recommended before purchasing this product as this is a newly launched product.

If there is anything to add about the product, please write it down in the comments section. 

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