Idepothome a Scam (Nov) Scroll Down for Reviews.

Idepothome a Scam (Nov) Scroll Down for Reviews.

Idepothome a Scam (Nov) Scroll Down for Reviews. >> This article gives information about an online store that claims to offer unbelievable Black Friday deals on electronics and home products.

How about an online store that claims to have some spectacular Black Friday deals?

No wonder, this United States-based webshop is alluring customers with its irresistible offers. 

But is the store genuine or a typical fly-by-night enterprise that tries to fool customers?

The following news article Is Idepothome a Scam will throw light on the legitimacy of this store.

 Read our Idepothome Review till the end to discover about whether Is Idepothome Legit? 

What is Idepothome?

Idepothome is an eStore that is offering incredible deals on merchandise such as TV sets, refrigerators, and other electronic items. 

Can you imagine the TV sets are available for $120, some gadgets for $10, and refrigerators just for $100? 

They also claim to sell high-end vacuum cleaners at $60, floating recliners at $15, and office desks at $70.

That sounds too good to be true!

Is Idepothome a Scam?

There is no denying the fact that the online mode of shopping is the new fad these days.

It does offer the most convenient and budget-friendly way to make purchases. But taking advantage of this fact, many untrustworthy websites have come up that sell counterfeit goods or steal your personal information.

What about Idepothome? What is the Idepothome Review by its customers?

This news article will seek an answer to the questions mentioned above.

Specifications of Idepothome:

  • Product- Electronic items and Home and Office products
  • Address- 1213 10th St, Sacramento, CA 95814, United States
  • Contact no- 916 879 5120

Customer reviews of Idepothome:

By finding what customers have to say about Idepothome, we will get an answer to Is Idepothome a Scam or not? Let’s see what their point of view is.

We are sorry to say that Idepothome Review by its customers is highly critical.

Customers claim that they made a purchase and did not receive an email or receipt for confirmation.

Final verdict:

The information available on the Internet about this store is far from promising and says that the store is a scam.

First of all, the store creation date is November 27, 2020, which means that it was created yesterday. 

Another piece of information available on the Internet says that the store changed its name from “HomeTaxMart” to “Idepothome”.

Why would any store have such an ambiguity?

Also, the contact information is the Apple number; this showcases the store in a suspicious light.

Because the domain names of this store are so recent, it is evident that the store has no Idepothome Review on any social media.

In the light of so many red flags, we conclude the article Is Idepothome a Scam by saying that the store is a scam and not a legit one.

Please leave your comments below if you know anything about the store. You are welcome to add anything to this article. Your comments will go a long way in saving customers from a well-laid fraud. 

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