Sony Dancing Speaker Review (Jan) Is It Safe To Buy?

Sony Dancing Speaker Review (Jan) Is It Safe To Buy?

Sony Dancing Speaker Review (Jan) Is It Safe To Buy? >> This review will assist you to check the legitimacy of the product that claims to provide best quality music with outstanding features.

Sony Dancing Speaker Review: Over the past year, there has been significant progress in terms of phone accessories. It relates to the ever-evolving Internet of Things (IOT) and everything else. Similarly, a lot of new products were launched in the market last year. Today’s portable electronics market rarely delights us with original, powerful designs. Listening to a song isn’t something that somebody does by themselves anymore.

Along with the growing popularity of electronic dance music and music shows, youths are getting more engrossed in sharing their musical participation in live settings. You can make a party setup with Sony speakers. Sony Dancing Speaker is now available for purchase in the United States.Are you looking for Sony Dancing Speaker Review? If yes, do read the article till the end.

What is a Sony dancing speaker?

For a complete picture of the device, imagine a cross between a wireless speaker, a “smart” alarm clock, and a dancing robot with voice control and interaction. 

This speaker has many smart functions that wireless speakers along with an alarm clock to boast. With voice command, you can set the alarm and make inquiries through the “OK, speaker” and get information verbally about the weather and other things. 

Nevertheless, one of this speaker’s critical features is its “dancing” capabilities, which illuminate the next evening spent for the monitor. 

Do you have a question that Is Sony Dancing Speaker LegitAfter opening its box, you will see a black monolithic shiny ball in it, almost without holes or marks. It is a real joke that wakes up as soon as the power behind the illusion is turned on. 

The leading panel has a diminutive non-communicative OLED display. When this dancing speaker is just turned on, it displays the time with all the four touch buttons. Overhead the display is the NFC area where phones and other portable devices need to be brought in to build a fast broadcast connection.

Let’s read the pros and cons of the Sony Dancing Speaker Review.


  • The speaker is packed with features ranging from storing your daily planner to the music you play to dance.
  • Introduces the Voice Control app, which allows you to set alarms about the weather and what is in your daily schedule and respond directly to it.
  • The actual battery life in music playback mode is up to 7 hours.
  • The speaker has a touch feature that allows you to touch your smartphone speaker.
  • The best ending audio system is entirely black and built-in.


  • It does not work with IOS devices.
  • It does not display the contact name, and it shows the number.
  • It wakes up without selecting the ringtone.
  • Lighting and dance effects drain the battery very quickly.
  • It is expensive to buy.

Is Sony Dancing Speaker Legit?

It’s a great tool and plays music wirelessly, clockwise, and advises you to listen to the current time and weather the next day. Using voice prompts, you can re-read incoming messages or emails received on the speaker and make calls through the hands-free calling feature.Therefore the product seems to be legit.

Customer review

This smart dancing speaker left only positive aspects. First of all, this is a handy speaker. In this, you get a high-quality playback, an intelligent alarm clock, and a wireless speaker with an interlocutor who will call you by your name. 

Second, it is an interactive gadget that lifts your spirits at the right time. The smart column symbolizes that it is compatible with Android 4.4 Kit-Kat based devices but not compatible with IOS devices. 

Well, at least you didn’t go down without explaining yourself first. But there is no question about voice functions. It is all about Sony Dancing Speaker Review by customers.

Final judgment

The speaker has a dance mode that, once activated, plays music that seems to dance to the beat. However, while this may seem like a small gimmick, the dance mode feature is only one part of the device. It’s a smart speaker, so it serves a lot of users. Its moving built-in, high-powered audio performance, RGB for the light show, and easy-to-use features are essential in the party speakers section. Besides, the combination of mike input and concert features makes the deal even better. This article has focused on Sony Dancing Speaker ReviewComment on your experience in the comment section below.

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