Klikkulka com Reviews (Jan) Is It Scam Or Trustworthy?

Klikkulka com Reviews (Jan) Is It Scam Or Trustworthy?

Klikkulka com Reviews (Jan) Is It Scam Or Trustworthy?  >> This honest review will help you check the new website’s necessary details that look suspicious and claims to provide best quality of grocery.

This article talks about Klikkulka com Reviews of the United States. The Internet world means we are so dependent on the online that even the basic daily needs become dependent on them. So many of us make purchases online groceries, clothes, shoes, food, household items, and anything and everything! 

For our aid, so many websites have been created. Some deliver good services while some don’t. So we need to be careful and look out for those websites which are suspicious or scam. Your money could be in danger if you are trusting in the wrong website. 

We will be discussing a single question today that Is Kilkkulka com Legit? So there are specific parameters that we analysts lookout for a while judging a website. So read along and get an idea. At the end of this review, you will know whether to shop from this website or not. 

What is Klikkulka com? 

Klikkulka.com is an online grocery store. You can order items like CBD oils, dried CBD, hemp pastes, Klik Kulka, and wholesale items.The site doesn’t accept any currency other than European or Polish. The evaluation shows that there are no customer reviews. It could be because the site is relatively new. The delivery to the limited area doesn’t make this site quite useful for most of the world. The language of the page is also in polish.

Check out Klikkulka com Reviews to collect the details of the policies of the website. The presence of social media handles is a good sign. They actively handle Facebook and social media accounts. Their contact numbers have also been mentioned. 

Klikkulka.com Specifications 

  1. Website:https://www.klikkulka.com/
  2. The Products: Groceries like CBD oils, dried CBD, hemp pastes, Klik-Kulka cosmetics, and wholesale items are available. 
  3. Processing duration – 10-35 business days
  4. Delivery- 10-35 business days
  5. Email- klikkulka@gmail.com
  6. Phone number- 571 876 862
  7. Address – GDPR masked. 
  8. Return – not mentioned. 
  9. Exchange – not mentioned. 
  10. Customer reviews – none. 
  11. Refund policy – not mentioned. 
  12. Payment method – not mentioned. 
  13. Domain creation date – 22nd November 2020

Klikkulka com Pros 

  • According to Klikkulka com Reviews, the website seems to be original without any copied content. 
  • The collection is considerable. The use of CBD products is done, which they claim is certifiable. They have also narrated the benefits and harm of using CBD products. 
  • The website is tagged under HTTPS, which is a good sign. 
  • Social media presence and its active usage show a good sign. 

Klikkulka com Cons 

  • The site is entirely in Polish, making it quite difficult for most of the world to understand. 
  • The prices seem to be relatively high, and there are no discounts.
  • There are no signs of any customer reviews on the Internet. There are No judgments on Is Klikkulka com Legit or not
  • The physical address of the site or the company is GDPR masked, which raises some suspicion.  
  • A legitimate company should not keep these necessary details masked. Blocking of data is not a good sign. 
  • The method of payment is not mentioned. Any personal detail is not mentioned at Klikkulka com. 
  • They claim to be a fast-growing company and have a chain of trustworthy stores that sell CBD products. Selling CBD products raises a lot of questions. CBD has been termed illegal in quite a lot of countries. The licensing of the website is not clear. The license to sell CBD is not transparent either. 
  • The absence of any customer reviews leaves us no choice to judge the quality of the CBD products Kilkkulka com sells. 

Is Klikkulka com Legit? 

Keeping in mind all the pros and the cons, we have concluded that Klikkulka com is suspicious. It raises a lot of doubts and questions which do not seem to be answered. You could say since Klikkulka com is a relatively new website, they don’t have any traffic, or they don’t get many purchase orders or reviews. But they fail to answer a lot of questions. 

It is always better to trust a reputable site than relying upon a new and suspicious website and ending up losing your money. 

Klikkulka com Reviews 

There doesn’t seem to be any customer reviews on the website. Also, there are no reviews available on Google as well. It not a good sign for the legitimacy of the website. 


Therefore, we suggest you make purchases from other websites that do not raise so many doubts and instead serve your purpose. If you have no intention of taking a risk, Klikkulka com is not a good site for you. Be informed, be safe. 

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