Sneaker Trees Legit {August} Curious to Know, Go Ahead!

Sneaker Trees Legit {August} Curious to Know, Go Ahead!

Sneaker Trees Legit {August} Curious to Know, Go Ahead! >> Read this article to find out if the sneaker tree’s shoe auction is legitimate or not.

We must do our best to give back to the community; it can only provide for the underprivileged. How do you do this? 

By reaching out to NGOs or help raise money for various causes. A campaign that should gain more popularity is the sneaker tree. Since there is no public announcement made exclusively about it, many inquire if Sneaker Trees Legit

This campaign is an initiative of Jean Michel Lemieux, the CTO of Shopify in the United States. The next drop of this campaign is on 27th August, and people are eagerly waiting for it. 

Is Sneaker Trees Legit?

The website of this organization has a nine-month-old creation date and provides an HTTPS connection. 

An HTTPS connection is required to ensure all the users have a safe and secure purchasing experience on the site. 

The organization has been mentioned on its creator’s Twitter handle and his follower’s comment about wanting to know the password eagerly. 

In conclusion, yes, Sneaker Trees Legit even though some users complained of payment errors. But some shared images of successfully buying shoes off the quick auction. 

What are Sneaker Trees? 

The Sneaker Trees is an online website set up by the CTO of Shopify Jean Lemieux. He is trying to generate money that will be handed out to NGO’s and organizations like the shoes that fit, the SNKR truck, and the kickback. 

All these charities have been responsible for helping people get back on their feet. Jean purchased his favorite sneakers from Stadium goods and selling them through the Sneaker tree website.

He will be coming out with the second drop on 27th August 2020 in the United States after successfully gathering $24,00 in the first drop on 14Th August. 

How do the Sneaker trees work? 

The process is confusing, and many have complained about not understanding how to go about Sneaker Trees Legit. A password is provided on the day of drop, which is supposed to give you access to the site. 

Then you slide around to the shoe you want in the white box you see on the screen and wait for it to be up for grabs. However, this information is not provided on the site. 

What is the people’s opinion of Sneaker Trees org? 

The selection of shoes on this site enticed many because all the proceeds went to charity. It is telling you the Sneaker Trees Legit.

However, some complaint of feeling dejected as they could not make any purchase, and their payments were not going through. 

Some others share images of purchase being made, and the whole process being incredibly smooth and eagerly waiting for the drop on 27th August. 


One look at all the expensive shoe line up made about 50,000 users rush to the site on the first drop. 

This could be one of the primary reasons people couldn’t make purchases, and you mustn’t be disheartened as all the proceeds are being given to charities.

We worked for Sneaker Trees Legit, and shred the review here.

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