Sneaker Addicts UK Reviews (Dec) Is This Genuine Or Scam?

Sneaker Addicts UK Reviews (Dec) Is This Genuine Or Scam?

Sneaker Addicts UK Reviews (Dec) Is This Genuine Or Scam? >> Please check this post now if you want to buy the best pair of sneakers at an affordable price and get information about its legitimacy.

Can’t wait long to order your favorite pair of sneakers? Don’t even need to do so because this post presents brief Sneaker Addicts UK Reviews selling solid sneaker shoes in the United Kingdom and worldwide.

We always try hard to eliminate the gap between customers and retailers or manufacturers by reviewing the product or website. 

Launched on 21-11-2020, the store is new, so we can’t make an instant decision by only knowing the product. We know, being a sneaker lover, it is hard to wait! That’s why we request you to spend a few moments on this page where you will access relevant details of the website. And, it will tell you if the website is legit to purchase along with the valid proof.

Let us begin our reviews.

What is Sneaker Addicts?

It is a newly introduced online shopping store deals on a pair of sneakers. Based in the United Kingdom, it supplies attractive designer footwear. All the pairs are available in different colors, structure, and size at affordable rates. 

Sneaker Addicts UK Reviews states, log in to the official website, choose the color, click on the correct size and place the order. 

But, please first read the essential key specifications of the web store as it is new in the market, so we must know other factors.


  • URL-
  • Product type- Sneakers shoes.
  • Delivery area- worldwide.
  • Delivery charges- Free.
  • Contact-Contact form,
  • Delivery days-Not specified on the website. 
  • Payment mode- Visa, Debit card, MasterCard, American Express, Coupon Credit codes, Instore Gift cards, and PayPal.
  • Cancelation- Request acceptable only if made instantly. 
  • Returns and exchange- Allowed if requested within 30 days after receiving the product.
  • Refunds: Cash refunds are eligible if the produce invoice and product in the original condition, as per the Sneaker Addicts UK Reviews
  • Products return location- Building (A) 2nd floor, Dubai north business center, Dubai UAE.

Advantages for Buyers

  • Bulk discounts are available.
  • You can order the specific size or color of your choice but inform the store through email stating your request. 
  • The store ensures secure credit card dealings as it uses a safe online payment gateway.
  • It is not charging a delivery cost for ordering the product. 

Negatives of the Sneaker Addicts

Through the study of the Sneaker Addicts UK Reviews, our research has noticed too many negative points of the store, which are written here:

  • Non-refundable shipping cost: Customers are responsible for paying their shipping cost 
  • Low website and interface: The homepage, as well as other web pages of the website, doesn’t look realistic. From ‘Menu’ to the product listing, it is poorly optimized.  
  • Bad product graphics: The pictures of the sneakers don’t look real. It seems as it is copied from another website. 
  • Incomplete product descriptions: There is only necessary information mentioned as size, color, and payment gateway. The correct product details such as descriptions, videos, shipping details, are missing.
  • No ‘About us’ section: The website doesn’t display anything about its creator or team employees. 
  • There is no direct communication between customers and employees: The stores take inquiries or complaints through the contact form or email. No phone number is given to make verbal communication.
  • Missing on the internet research: The products of Sneaker Addicts are missing in the internet research. 

Sneaker Addicts UK Reviews from customers

Neither its website appears in the internet research nor are products able to get feedback from buyers. So, we are not able to gather the customer reviews for its products and the website.

Final Conclusion

To conclude, the review says the portal’s age appears live on the internet. Every new business, whether it is set up physically or online, needs some time to grow. So, it is very early if we call it a scam or legit. As a result, we should give it more time to grow.

If we point to negative things about the store, it seems a hundred percent suspicious. From low structure WebPages, bad graphics, incomplete content, and unhidden data about the company enforce us to declare it as invalid. 

Even, it is also not present on social media platforms. The social media industry is proliferating among business people or retailers to expand their business. So, it also symbolizes that the site is not liable to trust. 

Still, we advise you to please be very cautious before ordering from Sneaker Addicts or move on to reputable shopping engines. Let this company takes more time to make credibility. 

Kindly write your comments if you have anything to share with us regarding these Sneaker Addicts UK Reviews, the website and about its products.

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