Beard Tarp Mask Reviews (Nov 2020) Full Beard Coverage!

Beard Tarp Mask Reviews (Nov 2020) Full Beard Coverage!

Beard Tarp Mask Reviews (Nov 2020) Full Beard Coverage! >> This post will make you understand a specially designed mask for bearded men and get info about its pros and cons and we will judge whether it is legit or not.

Beard Tarp Mask Reviews: When the Covid-19 spreads, young men and women worried about their looks as hair salons were closed. Further, this Covid-19 creates issues for beard men as government creates the laws for wearing masks as compulsory. Wearing simple masks with a beard make the beard messy. That’s why men started cutting their beards in small size to fit into simple small masks, or they put small surgical masks to cover the nose and mouth, but this would lead to hanging exposed hairs. 

Further, this problem of the bearded men creates an opportunity for mask designers in the United States and Canada. Beard experts from the mentioned countries created a long and fancy mask to prevent beard from dents and creases.

Do you have a long beard and want to prevent it from dents, creases, and messing up, then let us help you understand this mask by getting into its reviews.

What is Beard Tarp Mask?

Beard Tarp is a specially designed mask for the bearded person who is facing difficulty with the simple masks. Further, this mask is designed to provide beard protection from the dent and simple masks crease on it. Also, this mask is made from multilayer fabrics. It helps the men stay safe and sharp in look. 

Further, the price of the mask is reasonable as it takes care of your beard. Besides it, if you want to know mask specifications, let us go through the Beard Tarp Mask Reviews.

Specifications of Beard Tarp Mask

  • Fabrics:  This mask is made from 100 percent soft cotton fabrics. This cotton fabric provides the ultimate comfort for the beard. 
  • Fabrics Layers: Beard tarp mask has three protective layers of clothes. These layers are enough to prevent you from viruses and dust particles. Further, it has an additional filter layer of a hydro knit filter. 
  • Size: Beard tarp mask is available in two sizes that is Regular and Large. The size of the mask should be measured from Nose Bridge. 
  • Dimensions: Regular mask is 6.5 inches, while the large mask is 9 inches. These dimensions are from the nose bridge to the bottom of your beard. Let us get more information on this mask through Beard Tarp Mask Reviews.
  • Nose Bridge: It has a removable nose bridge made from aluminum alloy. This alloy is soft and easily adjustable for custom fits. Nose Bridge helps you in the prevention of fog on your eyeglasses and goggles.
  • Easy breathing: With the mask’s long length, its three-dimensional design allows users to breathe easily and allow better speech protection.
  • Color: This mask has four color options as Solid black, Dark Camo, Solid Navy, and Green Camo.
  • Manufactured: ABL in Canada manufactures this mask and it is highly famous in other countries also such as the United States.
  • Price: The price of this beard tarp mask is $30.
  • Easy to use: This mask is easy to use as it hangs around the neck for easy and quick pull up and down according to situations. 

Let us know about the pros and cons of beard tarp mask through Beard Tarp Mask Reviews.

Positive Points of Beard Tarp Mask 

  • It covers the full beard without any bunching and lining on it.
  • You can purchase it according to your beard size as it is available in regular and large sizes.
  • It is made from 100 percent cotton fabric; it made it soft and breathable.
  • It has three layers of protection with a filter layer.
  • Beard tarp mask does not create fog on eyes-glasses and goggles.

Cons of Beard Tarp Mask 

  • These masks are non-medical masks.
  • These masks do not have an N-95 filter to prevent you from the Coronavirus, but yes comes with a hydroknit filter.

What did bearded men think about Beard Tarp Mask?

During its exposure through Beard Tarp Mask Reviews, we found many reviews on its website. But we don’t find any reviews on the internet. 

Further, in website reviews, all customers are satisfied with it. They say this mask is easy to use and fit for their beard. Further, some say it is comfortable, and they recommend this mask to others. 


We find positive reviews on its website during the exploration. Still, its negative points like it is not a medical mask also considerable for your safety. Further, this mask does not use an N-95 filter. But it has positive reviews from its users, so, after getting through Beard Tarp Mask Reviews, we suggest buyers explore and cross-check more about it by own.

For more information about it, please mention your comments or thoughts in the comments section below.

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