Site Tse Justificar Voto (Nov) How To Justify Voting?

Site Tse Justificar Voto (Nov) How To Justify Voting?

Site Tse Justificar Voto (Nov) How To Justify Voting? >> The article includes information regarding those who can submit the justification if they are absent on the voting day.

Everyone should vote during Election Day because it decides not only the present but also the future. Sometimes, a condition appears when the voters cannot present at the Election Day, so what is the situation and Site Tse Justificar Voto; let us find out more about it.

In Brazil, the election is an exceptional occasion where the representatives do campaigns, rallies, and debates and why they should vote for them. And it is a necessary time where people can judge the candidates whether they are genuine to re-elect or elect another person. So, everyone should participate in the election and should not avoid it.

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What is Site Tse Justificar Voto?

It is the method by which you can know what a candidate must do if they became absent or out of the country on voting. The website gives you all the information regarding it. You can fill-up the form and it provides all the details.

The first phase of the election was held on Sunday, where lots of people missed to vote, to cast their vote, and the reason for their absence; the officials have created this website by which a voter has to justify why he was not able to vote or cast his vote. 

Those voters who are not in Brazil can submit their justification with a proper answer. They can submit it after completing 60 days of the election or 30 days after returning to the country.

How to fill-up the details?

The Site Tse Justificar Voto,which is the Super Electoral Court granted some options and suggestions that you have to follow like: Wearing a mask, use of sanitizers, and maintaining the social distance during voting. The officials have also declared the proposal not to come outside if you are a COVID patient or suffering any severe health issues. 

During the municipal election, people who are not voted by visiting the polling booth visit the TSE website to complete the procedure to right to vote. You can also download the application e-Titulo from Playstore/IOS if you are a mobile user.

However, suppose a voter cannot sign the internet or visit the TSE website for the justification. In that case, the voter can also send Electoral Justification Request or RJE via post with all the proper documents. But a voter must be attentive and must pursue all the procedures. A voter will get multiple chances to do so, but if he/she cannot submit the justification, then his/her electoral title can be cancelled.


The Site Tse Justificar Voto website provides information regarding the voter’s absence justification. It offers an alternate option and convenience to the voters to understand the importance of voting and elaborate with a proper rationale during their absence. 

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