BC Ferries Mask Sign (Nov 2020) Masks Are Mandatory!

BC Ferries Mask Sign (Nov 2020) Masks Are Mandatory!

BC Ferries Mask Sign (Nov 2020) Masks Are Mandatory! >> This article tells you about the new logo of the BC Ferries asking people to wear masks. Please go through the information now.

The BC Ferries Mask Sign is gaining a lot of popularity for many reasons. This logo can be found on the ferries and routes, terminals, and some other places. With a green background, the logo is quite simple and urges people to wear masks as they’re mandatory to step inside the ferry as per the government’s health regulations. 

Please don’t go anywhere and keep reading this article if you want to know more about this sign and other safety and health regulations. BC Ferries is among the most popular ferry services and works primarily in Canada

What is BCF?

BCF or the British Columbia Ferry Services is an independent company that offers ferry services, as evident from the name. It’s an independently managed company owned by the public. 

It is the second-largest ferry line in the world and is quite popular. It used to be a province of the Crown Corporation a long time ago. It offers passenger services in its ferries in Canada.

Safety Measures employed by the BCF

Following the government policies, the safety measures that the BCF is taking are given below:

  • Masks are mandatory to enter the ferry.
  • Booking is only available in advance.
  • A screening will be done at the terminal.
  • Social distancing must be followed in the ship, and the additional area has been provided on the ferry for the same.
  • Food services are available on selected routes.
  • One of these measures is the BC Ferries Mask Sign urging users to wear masks at all times in public. 

Customer Reviews

We looked at the reactions of many users to the new mask sign of BC Ferries. Although there’s nothing wrong with the logo or sign itself, it has generated some mixed responses.

Users have commented that this logo looked inappropriate and resembled something funny. It’s unclear what the users saw in the logo, but after seeing the logo up close, users usually burst into laughter. It’s best to look at the logo yourself if you want to find what it is about this logo that makes it appear so funny to other people.

Some users, however, failed to notice anything unusual about it. So, the reactions to the BC Ferries Mask Sign are all over the place.

Final Verdict

The Coronavirus took the world by a storm, and every country had to suffer some loss and damages because of it. After some relief in the spread and contamination of the virus, essential public resources like transport were reopened after weeks of lockdown. 

The government made some safety guidelines mandatory to take advantage of these services, including wearing a mask. The BC Ferries, which are extremely popular, also reopened. 

These safety and health regulations were also mandatory in it, and they created their own BC Ferries Mask Sign for the same. This logo has gone viral and sparked different reactions from many users. 

Let us know what you think of this logo in the comments box below.

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