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Are you an online shopper? Have you ever come across truant sites, which don’t mean business but only money, that’s your hard earned finances?

If you have then it becomes your prime responsibility, as a true citizen to educate others about spurious sites. 

Sharing experiences and defaming these miscreants discourages the latter from surging up and setting up traps through false e-commerce businesses.

 It’s not that you cannot trust the online shops at all. There are several online stores which are making great revenues through trust worthy dealings since years.

That’s the reason internet shopping is so prevalent and have never seen a down till now, because of the pandemic.

Remember, the guidelines set by W.H.O, which implies that one should be very careful while buying things now, as there’s much probability of getting duped due to the shrinking worldwide economy.

What is is one fashion store famous in the United State,

whose contact details are mentioned as follows:

+86 15892435447

Xie Xuanmei

No. 3858, Donghai Avenue, Bengbu City, Anhui Province, 233010 China

The store essentially deals in make-up items like lipsticks, shades, frosts and so on, but it also has a section of garments for kids. 

I am really confused about the last product line that the web store represents. Why at all kid’s clothing finds a space here?

 To get all these items under one roof is an elegance of it’s own. People can choose among the variety of products enlisted under each broad category. is one such online store which deals in these women centric deliverables and kid’s outfits, while aspiring to be an one stop solution for the artificial needs, that a lady desires.

How does it work?

You got to select your choicest items just by looking at the pictures and prices. The images are self explanatory and are marked with appropriate costs.

 Ordered products will reach you according to their shipping policy only after advance payment through PayPal. 

The website has a secure SSL certification, so your payment and data will remain safe. However whether the products will reach you or not? That’s something to ponder about.

Sometimes, fraudulent companies exhibit products which never reach the customers even after payment and even if they reach, the quality is not up to the mark. 

Who should buy from here?

The pictures shown here are meant for kids and women so anybody who wishes to purchase any of these items will be interested in dealing here.

However, merely looking at the pictures won’t depict the make and quality of the products. However, the website doesn’t hold too much description about each and every article, so it’s not boring.

Why is it famous? can be famous for two reasons. Firstly, the store displays beautiful, luscious pictures (which might be copied) but are eye-catchy. 

Secondly, the prices at offer are affordable and quite cheap. The address and contact details of the company are mentioned in the website for further communication.

This store has introduced a new concept of ‘installment techniques’, which means you, can pay your money in breaks. This option leaves the customer with the choice of reversing his or her decision regarding any product.

What are the negative remarks about it?

This website is a recent launch. It is situated in China, which means if you have to return any product, you got to send it to China, which is pretty expensive. lacks placing of external links and social media presence, which is important for a recently launched online store.

is shop lauer legit?

It’s difficult to state as a completely scam store. Though it has zero back links, which means there is no trace of the owner(s) or founder(s) of the store.

The company hails from China but has attracted major traffic from a different country that’s United States, so it can be considered legit to some extent.

But, since we are running short of real time customer experiences, we cannot form a permanent opinion about


A benefit of doubt must be given to such stores, which have not yet been six months old in the e-commerce world. 

Sparingly, very few online businesses have been able to build a reputation and are sustaining in great ways in the internet world.

As a layman, it’s always better not to trust any new entrant in the e-business. Learn to gather reviews and real customer experiences so that you can be confident about investing.

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  1. Recently made a purchase at shoplauer, nice women’s bike for $45.99 j shipping. Nice deal huh? I’ve written countless messages email and online no response begging them for confirmation of the order and a estimated delivery time. No response now I’m thinking I been scammed… It’s been four days of countless messages no response and when I look up my

      1. I also purchased a table saw fro. Them a few days ago and I have the same problem. Theu sent me a tracking number but it said it delivered in one day and it never was delivered. Plus it says the item shipped weighed 1.9lbs. Dont know a table saw with that weight. This is a huge scam!

        1. Thanks for the warning.i I was tempted to purchase a basketball system but I definitely won’t. Sorry for your experience

  2. I just ordered a razor bike for my nephew and the same here .. I been looking up and this is a scam I think I just lost out on $100 bucks.. and I’m having issues with my card funds..

    1. I ordered a Trampoline on April 15 2020 for 99.45 online…and it’s horrible how they continue to get away with this….I have filed a complaint with PayPal but they continue to say there is no case or evidence that I was scammed…??so I lost 100$ that was for my kids

  3. I ordered a Little Tikes play set on April 13th. I have only had a confirmation from Paypal. Even though I went through Shoplauer the confirmation shows a person, Norma Schiavone as the merchant! What? I have sent her multiple emails, just wanting to know if I am getting the item or not. As of 4/21/2020 I have had no reply.

  4. If you’ve made it here, you’ve been scammed, found other sites with complaints about this merchant. Basically they take your money through paypal, then they do ship a package, but the packages net weight is 0.20 lbs , if you Email this merchant they eventually give you a tracking number through UPS, then you’ll find it was shipped and signed for. Obviously not by you, so when you call UPS with a tracking number they will tell you, the recipient name, the company name and the final destination address is not for you,and that PAYPAL has to contact them specifically to verify its a hoax. So basically they keep your money, ship very small packages, alter the shipping info to the point you are powerless under UPS policy and then you are left with no product. So you have to make a claim dispute with Paypal (which takes some time due to corvid-19) and tell them you never got your package and that the merchant is a scam. As of right now Paypal Told me they froze their account and funds and are investigating. So you may not get a tracking number from the fake merchant since I tried to buy something around the same time (2nd week of april 2020)

    1. I experienced the same. I ordered a bike April 16 for $99. I had the exact same experiences as others. I filed a claim with PayPal. They weren’t much help after they provided a bogus tracking number. I contacted ups and the package belong to a different name and address. I ended up canceling the transaction with my bank. This site is a complete scam. Email, phone number is all fake. Don’t order anything from them. Save yourself the stress.

  5. No, I can’t believe .. I’m hearing PayPal will not be able to get money back from this site and shut it down, so unfair

  6. This is a bogus site, do not buy from them. Ordered a squat rack and bench for $95. Shipper sent me a tracking number for a package delivered two weeks ago. Package weight was 1.00 pounds. PayPal was absolutely useless.

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