Remark Green Mask Reviews {June} Is It Legit or Scam?

Remark Green Mask Reviews {June} Is It Legit or Scam?

Remark Green Mask Reviews {June} Is It Legit or Scam? -> This article will talk about the website in detail that will let you select from an inclusive variety of masks.

Remark green is a popular website where any individual can purchase the remark green mask that further benefits to stop any infection and pollutions. This green mask is a fresh and trendy attitude as compare to your unvarying cover. These are obtainable on the website in many colors and designs. When you visit the Remark Green Mask home page, you will see various products at a very reasonable cost. Most of the products sold here are all personalized. If you are looking for a few stylish masks of the hour, then we recommend that the Remark green website is the best place to visit in.

According to the existing records, the website is getting massive acceptance in the United States, and consumers are admiring about the trendy products sold on this website. 

Over the internet, Remark Green Mask Reviews indicates that the site is fresh, trendy, fashionable, and useful for the shoppers.

In this article, we will answer all your questions related to- Is Remarkgreen Legit? And we will also share extra necessary details of the e-store with our viewers. 

What is Remark Green Mask?

A remark green mask is a cover that is designed out with the help of premium quality material. It is an outstanding face mask that networks the air or dust you inhale every day. The mask covers three layers of channels in it. The mask covers your nose and mouth so that you do not breathe contaminated air. As per the Remark Green Mask Reviews, this mask is an excellent face mask where you can inhale fresh air. It is possibly the least challenging method to keep you and your family safe without spending a lot of money.

How does Remark Green Mask work?

Remark Green Mask work is nothing like your unvarying masks. These work for most of the allergens that can give diseases and other breathing problems. The interior percolation layers are designed with 100% pure ratified carbon channels that preserve the microorganisms, pathogens, dust, and contaminations. The mask can be easily folded and place it in your pocket or backpack when you are not using it.

Benefits of Remark Green Mask

  • The fabricate of this mask accompanies polyurethane and carbon fiber materials that assure strength.
  • The mask can be washed with regular water.
  • It is easy to use and is simple to clean.
  • regardless of age, this item is best for everyone. 
  • Simple customizations and so it fits the budget. 
  • It comes with various trendy and fashionable printed masks, which are admired, everybody
  • It comes with a DMCA report. 
  • It fits any size and compliments the outfit properly.

Product Specification:

  • Volume: Anti-haze, inimical to PM 2.5, against poison, inimical to tidy, against road harshness.
  • Polyurethane filtration: Two-layer, the first layer stops the incoming of larger particles and dusts. The second layer works for unfiltered and microorganisms dust.
  • Mask style: It covers the nose and mouth.
  • breathing valve: Yes
  • Material: microfiber
  • Guarantee level: N95
  • Size: 28×14 cm
  • Air channel: 2.5 PM sans dust air channel

What are customers saying about Remark green mask?

The Remark green mask reviews are available on its official website in detail. Many customers have mentioned that they got the mask that they had ordered, and they are the same, which is shown on the site. They say that as it is the best quality mask and a conventional product, a few replicas are available also. To certify you get a free item, you will do well to buy the cover from an authorized site. Some customers have found it difficult to clean, while some find it an eco-accommodating question, water-safe, and reusable. 

The fundamental error that each customer does is that without knowing the realism, they buy the product if it is obtainable at less cost. And this is a time where the deceitful take advantage and trap the ignorant customers. However, it is advisable that if you follow the orders and advance yourself with a few awareness, then it will assist you in getting into the deception.

Final words

Is Remarkgreen Com Scam? Without a doubt, this is a real item and not a scam. The truths and evidence that is collected is wholly dependent on the research over the internet. Although the site can use significant variations, it is essential to notice that the remark green mask is somewhat worth considering.  

0 thoughts on “Remark Green Mask Reviews {June} Is It Legit or Scam?

    1. Ordered a five pack of masks on or about April 01, 2020 (I should have known). On April 11, I received a tracking number from USPS, saying “Label created, item not in system yet”. Since then, nothing! Have emailed them several times. About week ago got an email asking me to review the product that I received 2 weeks ago! How can I review a product I NEVER RECEIVED! Total scam, first time I’ve been ripped off on the internet, believe it or not!

      1. Surprisingly it is going to come. It took about 2 or 3 weeks to arrive. I ordered in April and all my masks did not ship at the same time. Poor turn around time. My mask was nice. I will not order again from this company.

  1. I have ordered two masks and I asked them when they will ship them out and got no response so I then asked for a refund and still got no response. I would never order from them again. Do business with someone else!

    1. I will be reporting this company as well. And filing a scam coplant with authorities. This is bull and facebook should also be helt accountabke

  2. Could some please get in contact with me cause. I’m looking to order a few mask from you all. My phone number is:(904)400-0869 Or you can reach me at my email address in which is: Thank you all very much! Looking to do business with you all.

    1. That is what I said, Facebook knows this is a fraudulent site and that masses of people are being scammed, they have not taken them down yet!

  3. Hi placed an order a week ago on 4/9/20 and got a confirmation #22009, but no date to expect shipment. Can you please give a date of shipment for my masks.

    thank you,

    1. Well, can’t say I’m satisfied with the service at all, but almost 3 months later I did finally get my order. I honestly had written it off in my mind as a loss when I emailed them and they just claimed they’d send it right out. I never did get a tracking number, it just randomly finally arrived, product itself is fine and as advertised… Sooo yeah… Not a scam, just woefully unprepeared for the level of business I expect they’ve been getting…

  4. I ordered a mask from them 14 days ago and I still haven’t received it. I’m not happy at all. I’m a nurse that’s I need of this

    1. I have written 4 letters get the same answer. The question you ask never gets answer just like a auto reply. I think this are a scam.

    2. Ordered 6 week ago and no thing!
      Got a response from costmer service order was shipped 3 weeks ago with a fake tracking number!

  5. I ordered a mask from them 14 days ago and I still haven’t received it. I’m not happy at all. I’m a nurse that’s in need of this

  6. I ordered 11 masks, received order numbers but did not receive shipping information and it’s been two weeks. I have sent emails and contacted the company on the website, received a message that someone will spend in 24-48 hours and have not received a response.

    1. I remember in their ad it was suppose to be in either NM or AZ, but further investigation it seems to be Asian.

  7. I ordered a mask April 8 2020 I received my order number but nothing about shipment of the mask. I am still waiting. When I reply to the email I get an automated response that more people were sent to the warehouse to get orders out. So where is my mask?

  8. Be ware !!! This company is not legit . I brought two mask from them . The next day the funds was withdrawn from my bank from a company called lush goods for the same amount that I was charged for the mask on their site. I received a confirmation after I made purchase but I never received an email regarding shipment, all I receive is recommendations to buy more products from their site . They have no phone number and no legit place of business so u do the math , right it’s a damn scam . It’s sad that people feel the need to take advantage of others in this tough time of need but it is what it is , the world is just full of grimey people.

    1. Total SCAM!! I Ordered my mask on 4/14/20, I received a confirmation # however I have Not received my order as of today 5/7/20

  9. Ordered mine and 1 minute after ordering they not only charged me for the mask,They charged my account 3 times for 3 different reasons.Had a response 3 days later telling me to take it up to my bank.No phone number.Buyers be aware,they don’t have a customer service phone number.Only email.This company is a total fake.

  10. I ordered from here on 4/4/20 and have not received the item. Receipt is from lushgood company. When trying to review the confirmation email it was gone!!! I’ve reported through PayPal and am waiting on a response.

    1. I just experienced the same thing. I disputed charge with my bank. They are refunding Me my money. So you may want to call your bank and let them know that you didn’t receive product.

      1. Disputed charges at PayPal. Next day I received a USPS tracking number. Tracking states “Label Created USPS has not received package yet” getting deeper into the scam? We’ll see. I will wait it out and post results. Ordered on 4/6!

        1. Hi Al.

          I did the same and got a tracking #. What does your tracking # end with and I bet it is the same as mine: ends with 8192173

          1. They are a scam! Period! Why doesn’t the internet pull the site! What are they getting a kickback from LUSHGOODS?

  11. I ordered 3 masks 15 days ago and I still have not received my masks. I am not Happy at all, I am also a Nurse and in need of my mask.

    1. When is somebody gonna seriously blow the whistle on this scam? I have the exact same story to tell… Now,what the fuck?

  12. This is a bullshit company. No phone number never a response via email. After you email them it says someone will respond within 24-48 hours. It’s been over two weeks and nothing. No info on my purchase. This is a huge red flag of fraud.

  13. This is a scam!!! I placed an order on 4/4/20 and still have not received my order. Received a confirmation # also. I’ve emailed them in reference to my order several times and nothing. Filed a complaint with PayPal and waiting on status.

  14. I really wish I had checked out the reveiws BEFORE placing my order. I ordered two (2) masks, received confirmation numbers but no estimated arrival date. I also reached out to the company and have not received a response from the email I sent. Thanks to the use of PayPal, they will not get any money until the items ship…. if they ship at all. What a SCAM!

  15. I placed my order on 4-4-20 for 3 perdonalized masks, 2 black masks, plus more filters. On 4-20-20 i received the 2 black masks and nothing else. I have e-mailed several times and only response is a computer generated e-mail, e-mail gives a web site to check order status. All web site says is that order was shipped. Took my money, but only partial order. I THINK I WAS SCAMMED!!!


    1. Hi,
      I’m curious to know did your bank do anything, did they credit back your account? My bank said they couldn’t help me with my claim.

      Please contact the Betters Business Bureau, they want everyone who was affected to speak to Fox 11 news.

  17. I wish i would of seen this before ordering. I have emailed them 2 times and requested a refund. I have not even received a tracking number. I had no luck in my refund yet. Poor customer service and nowhere to actually call to complain.

  18. I guess we all have the same complaints, they are scammers and doesn’t exist, customer representative have the same last name “Smith”… can’t believe paypal and other credit cards would do business with this Remarkgreen aka lushgood – doesn’t exist company. Scammers and thieves, they take advantage of people at this time of crisis, they say they will protect you from the virus, but guess what they will not protect you from getting your money. They exist to trick everyone of us here in America. Watch out. We should post it on social media.

  19. Do not order from this company. It is a fraudulent company and will take your $$$. I ordered 2 masks on April 6, 2020, paid for them and have communicated 5 separate emails with them due to no response or delivery of advertised product. I have reported them to FB and to the Federal Trade Commission.

    1. Likewise..I did receive a tracking number and daily emails on the progress. Then when it said it was supposedly shipped..I got an email saying that the process is delayed and my masks arent finished.. I’m upset because my friend ordered from overseas and received hers last week same time I ordered with them..I’m from las cruces so I thought usa product wont be a scam

      I ordered kn the april 13. Paid extra for 2 say shipping..super disappointed!! And also no response to my emails..dont order threw them!! Scam alert

  20. SCAM!!!
    I noticed the name difference on paypal when pending and went to cancel 2 hours after placing order, well within the 12 hours on their confirmation email. I received email that it cannot be cancelled because in production, which is BS because it was off shelf not customized. If transaction posts, I will dispute transaction. I will follow up with bank and take whatever actions I can.

  21. I ordered a mask on the 11th of April and received a confirmation # through email. It is now April 29th and I still have not gotten the mask. This website is a scam.

    1. I have ordered 2 masks 4/16/20… Still no telephone number given after being asked for 6 times… No product… No tracking… Has anyone gotten ahold of a person on this?

  22. Ordered a dozen masks on April 3rd, – have received the exact same “customer service” message to each query I have made – that the item has shipped. When I look up the shipping tracker with USPS they have no record of this.

    I have file a complaint with BBB and found there are multiple complaints already. IF you have ordered I recommend you dispute your transaction and attempt to get your money back.

  23. I also ordered 4 masks and extra filters on April 1st 2020. Where I live is a Hot Spot. We NEED a masks. We have make shift masks. Here it is May 2nd and NO MASKS and a BUNCH of money spent. Emails after Emails trying to get our masks and NOTHING.

  24. Scammers , taking advantage of us PATHETIC.
    Placed an order 4/3 for 5 mask and 20 filters
    Pay Pal Charged for 4/3 $133.00
    Received shipping notification 4/12
    Package received in mailbox 4/18
    5 mask received , no filters ( ~ $70.0)
    Numerous emails sent to support – they keep responding package is on way with the tracking # of the package I received the mask.
    Opened case at Pay Pal 4/21
    May 11th notified by Pay Pal need to file report with law enforcement
    SCAM- PAY PAL and Remarkgreen!!!!

  25. I too had ordered 2 masks and replacement filters. This was March 30th 2020. I still haven’t gotten my order. There is no phone number to reach them. I have sent multiple emails and got a tracking number which shows it was created but not shipped. I’m beyond aggravated.

  26. I bought 75.00$ worth of mask Almost 2 months ago and still haven’t received them and nobody will contact me back
    This is so messed up

    1. It’s all a SCAM people, no product will ever arrive. Everyone on this website needs to file a report with the Better Business Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission and the Attorney General’s office. As a matter a fact, I was contacted by the BBB and they are asking for people who are willing to share their story with Fox 11 news. I will be speaking to them, if we get the story out maybe these bastards will be brought to justice.

  27. I have had to contact the company for failing to complete my order after payment, waiting for a response!!! Its been weeks.

    1. Please reach out to me. I have not received my products either. Alot of money. Yes, I am calling my credit card company and will report to BBC if you reach out to me.

  28. I fell for it too!! Ordered a month ago and asked for a refund, i got no response!! Took my money, ill be more careful ! Douchebags!! I will report the page!

  29. I ordered 2 masks on April 11,2020. I got a confirmation number . I’ve email Remark Green 2 weeks after placing order . They responded masks on the way but no tracking number . They offered a 20% discount on next order. This is SCAM ! DO NOT ORDER . I wished I had researched before purchasing. May they ROT in HELL for SCAMMING PEOPLE during A PANDEMIC!!! .. Your day is COMING!!! Put A Mask on that . You THIEF ????

  30. All of the Products sold on Remark Green are manufactured and shipped from China. I am still waiting 3 weeks after my order. I will report to the Better Business Bureau, but I don’t think they can do anything other than put then on a warning List.

  31. Well they got me too, ordered $65.00 worth 2 masks on the 15th of April haven’t received nothing yet. order # 38712. I’m a mission essential personnel and need protection at all times. I reported and did everything I could. So Sad!

  32. Everyone on these comments I ordered 2 masks on 4-5-20 and received them 5-1-20. Good quality and exactly what I expected and included extra filters. Took almost a month but I figured EVERYONE is ordering masks so no big deal if it took 4 to 6 weeks!
    Now fast forward to this past Sunday I have 3 fraudulent charges on my credit card used for this purchase totaling almost $500. My credit card company said this purchase might be the culprit because LushGood not Remark Green is out of Hong Kong and all of my fraudulent charges were outside of the US.
    I would suggest checking your Credit Cards. I cancelled mine and charges are being reversed.
    No more FB purchases SMH

  33. Total scam! Great rouse of getting customer service response and seeing USPS labels created but never used. How horrible to take advantage of people at any time, but now with masks… despicable!


  35. I ordered my three masks 4 weeks ago. I got confirmation from them that my masks were completed on May 5th and ready to ship. It is May 20th and still no masks. They do not respond to any e-mails. I’m calling American Express to stop the payment. This company is a total scam.

  36. I ordered in April and my mask came last week. The company is legit. They ship from China. I ordered 4 masks but they all did not ship in one order. I have another tracking number so most likely it will take about 3 weeks.

  37. This is a fraudulent company. Do not order from them. If you have ordered don’t waste your time with waiting for them to deliver contact your bank, credit card company, or paypal etc… for a refund. FYI paypal is in cahootz allowing this scam company to use their services. if you request a refund or dispute through paypal DO NOT select items not received. Remark Green/Lush goods will send a tracking number and paypal will deny your dispute and not allow you to let them know you did not receive your actual order. Paypal will not let you reopen the dispute. I am sure Paypal is aware and has done nothing to stop merchants from using this tactic. Remark Green/Lush Goods are not shipping what you ordered. I received disposable masks. They are scammers and everyone should file complaints to various sources.

  38. These shitbags stole my money, and are giving me bullshit lip service garbage when I try to follow up with them. What authorities can we report them too that matter?

  39. This company is a scam!
    I never received the product i ordered, never was delivered and worst: they didn’t refund my payment
    they stole my money, bunch of thieves!
    Don’t buy a single nail from them

  40. I ordered these masks in April and I just received them two weeks ago. I ordered 3 masks and when they came they were none of the ones that I ordered. I have emailed them to let them know them and I have gotten all types of excuses. At first they asked me to send pictures of what I received I did that, then they sent an email stating that they would get with the warehouse to see what happened. I am the one that always have to follow up they never let you know what is going on. So the email I received yesterday stated that they can refund me half of my money if I agree. I told them I do not agree and to either send me what I ordered or give me a full refund. I even told them to send me a prepaid label and I will send these hideous masks back to them. They sent another email today and said they are unable to give me a full refund and asked that I respond in agreement., I will not back down on this company they are a SCAM and they just send you anything that they want. If you received what you ordered then good for you. My sister lives in another state and they did the same thing to her. I spent $100 with these scammers and I want a full refund. I will be contacting the BBB and any other company I can find to file a complaint. FYI.. the best time to email them is at night around 10:00 EST they will respond by the morning. Also, DO NOT USE PAYPAL use another credit card if you can so you can dispute the charges to get your money back quicker.

  41. I ordered a pack of 4, 3 months ago, and just received my order yesterday…with only one mask. Came straight from China.

  42. I purchased two mask and we love them ! I will definitely buy more and yes it took a few months to receive them due to Covid slowing down mailing procedures but it was well worth the wait !

  43. I would agree that based on the website these products APPEAR to be legit, but clearly this reviewer did not order products to see the quality of product that shipped and the quality of customer service offered for the products that DON’T ship. This company is a complete scam. Don’t waste your money!! I am now hassling with PayPal trying to get a refund for goods not shipped.

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