Serdady com Reviews > Is Buying From Here Good or Not!

Serdady com Reviews > Is Buying From Here Good or Not!

Serdady com Reviews > Is Buying From Here Good or Not! ->> It is an online portal that sells excellent quality products such as beautiful gifts, hair accessories, home gifts and so on.

Do you love to flaunt your glossy skin, silky hair and never seen before hair accessories? Of course, we all love to do that. All the women not in the United State but the world love to look beautiful and presentable; therefore, they all love to do online shopping. To stand out in a crowd, we need to do the best online shopping of fantastic home care products and hair accessories. That will accentuate our beauty to manifolds. has all such things that accompany all such items that will add charm and lustre to your vision. Here, we are sharing some of the experiences of people with by posting their Reviews. I hope this article will shoo away all the queries that you are having about this company.

What is is an online shopping portal that has a nice variety of beautiful gifts, hair accessories, home gifts and other petite items. 

Products such as a hairbrush, eye soother, hair mask, peel off mask, skin balm, hair curler, body exfoliant, hair pain set, hair clips, headband and many more things could be bought from here. 

You need to read about the company on this page, as it will help you to take your final move. 

Write about the characteristics of

The characteristics of are listed below:

  • Name of the Organisations:
  • On which number will you connect with them?: +12563695004
  • Their Mailing Address:
  • Billing Place: 1926 South 67th Street, Suite 250, Omaha, Nebraska 68106
  • Return Policy: The company gives you 30 days to return the product

What are the advantages of placing an order at 

The advantages of placing an order at are:

  • The website has a user-friendly interface, where even the first time buyer will not face any problem while placing the order.
  • The website has all the essential products that often a customer looks for.
  • The price has kept all the price reasonable.

What are the disadvantages of placing an order at

The disadvantages of placing an order at are mentioned below:

  • The website has not mentioned its owner name.
  • The website does not have an SSL certificate.

How to place the order at

You are just required to spend your few precious minutes on the, and your order will be placed in no time. All you have to do is to create your account. Then locate the item that you want to buy and then put them into the Add to Cart option. Once placing your order, do not forget to checkout from the page. After that, you will be asked to confirm your billing address and delivery package charges. Then, the entire process is completed, and you have to wait for its delivery. 

Is legal?

It is better to research about the company and its products before doing the online transaction. The website should be encrypted. Also, read all the privacy policies of the company as we do not want anything that would happen to you.  

Though online shopping has made our life easy, the customer needs to keep their eyes open to prevent loss of their hard-earned money. 

What customers have to say about

There are mixed reactions on among people, as many found this website fake. As this website is not SSL certified, hence there are chances that someone would spam you. Some of their orders were not delivered on time, and when they received, it was totally in the worst condition. The parcel was distorted. Many customers did not get the product for which they had placed their order. That somehow broke their trust. 

Now they said that they would never recommend this website to their friends and relatives as they do not want that whatever happened with them would also get the same experience.


Though the graphics of the seem to be very alluring and unusual it lacks necessary authenticity and genuineness. That a buyer often looks for before placing his order. The payment gateway is also limited to credit cards as it does not accept the payment from PayPal and cash on delivery. Even many customers did not receive the instant response on their customer support panel. Moreover, their refund and return policies are also not customer friendly as it involves a lot of hassle. 

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  1. FRAUD! I ordered a racing wheel accessory for my PS3 gaming system, purportedly from a “bethanie” in the UK selling through Serdady. Turned out to be one “Wu XinFeng” instead. Contacted Mr. Wu re tracking, etc, and the response (from yet another party) made me suspicious. I opened a dispute with PayPal–and they denied my case as soon as they got “confirmation” that I had received something. Yeah, what I got was a little plastic bag with a couple of face masks. For $50.95. Not the racing wheel I had ordered. I had sent PayPal screenshots proving what I had ordered, but they still denied my case. Wouldn’t even let me upload pics showing what I had received instead, and wouldn’t let me open an amended dispute. Bottom line: Serdady sponsors fraudulent vendors. And using PayPal will not protect you, as they sided with the fraudster in my case.

  2. No its a scam. I bout a nintendo Wii-U a month ago. I never got the item. Do not purchase anything from these people. Im in the process of filing a complaint agaisnt this shitbags

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