Chicsoso Reviews UK Reviews [July] A Scam or Legit Site

Chicsoso Reviews UK Reviews [July] A Scam or Legit Site

Chicsoso Reviews UK Reviews [July] A Scam or Legit Site -> Know what considerations are made before shopping for clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. online in this article.

With the expansion of technology, we always crave to look for shopping websites to buy clothes, shoes, and accessories. Are you one of us? If yes, then come with us to explore more. 

While we are looking for the best deals and offers, we find Chicsoso Reviews UK. The company works in the United Kingdom, which makes us look for information in detail for you. It will help to decide before making an order.

We choose a website for items worth our money, as well as our payments and details, are secured. Chicsoso has covered a massive marketplace with its attractive deals and best clothing range. Here, we are giving you the necessary information that will help you in understanding the online site thoroughly. Let’s begin! 

What is Chicsoso? 

Chicsoso is an online fashion store that is newly launched in the United Kingdom market to provide you with designer clothes, accessories, and clothes. The products are versatile and fashionable that you can use them for exclusive and ordinary events. Also, the website gives attractive combo and discount offers that are not readily available on different sites. But how secure is our experience of online shopping? Is a scam? Or is it legit? 

We are going deep into the details to clear your doubts regarding the scam factor of the website.

Specifications of Chicsoso:

  • Website type: Clothing, shoes, and Accessories 
  • Shipping time: 3-6 Business Days
  • Delivery time: 7-15 Working Days
  • Return: Applicable
  • Order cancellation: Applicable
  • Company contact number: 85281915515
  • Email address:
  • Mode of payment: Bank Transfer, Debit Card, PayPal and Credit Card

Is Chicsoso Legit?

In 2020, Chicsoso started its online business for dresses, accessories, and shoes for women. The products have many options and designs for you to pick as per your fashion style. The site takes pride in its affordable product prices, high quality, and exceptional customer service. We cannot find any review on the products to inform you better if the picture and delivered product are the same. Let’s check the benefits and drawbacks of shopping from the site before concluding:

Pros of shopping from Canvasn:

  • Versatile product range
  • Exchange, refund, and return is applicable.
  • Different payment options
  • SSL Certified
  • Reasonable product prices

Cons of shopping from Canvasn:

  • Long shipment and delivery period
  • No reviews available on the products
  • Company and return address are not the same

What are existing buyers saying about

We always check for a stable background and intricate details of a website to claim it, either legit on the scam. For Chicsoso, we find that the site is established in 2010. Despite being over ten years old, it does not have any reviews on the products. It creates a dilemma in our minds as to whether we should trust it or not buy clothes and shoes for ourselves and our loved ones. 

When we checked its Facebook, we only find negative reviews as to how the site scammed the buyers like you in terms of payment, product delivery, customer service, and even personal information. Most of the reviews on Facebook and other review sites compliant about the poor customer service and delivered products being fake or worst. 

Final Verdict

We highly doubt the authenticity of as it states that the website is ten years old, but there are no reviews available on any of the products. The site is SSL certified, but still, your payments and personal details are never secure, as per the existing buyers. The products are marketed to you at higher prices, but we are sure you can always find better options from legit sites at similar rates. 

The ugliest part is that the site takes a few weeks to deliver a product, which is a terrible sign for an online business. Many users like you say that the company never responds to your queries made both on the contact number and email address. Also, they say that the payment gets deducted right away from the bank, but they never any payment receipt from the site. 

In our final words, we say that is a scammed online business from where you can never shop without being at risk. However, if you have any shopping experience with the site, please leave your comments to inform other buyers.

0 thoughts on “Chicsoso Reviews UK Reviews [July] A Scam or Legit Site

  1. Just received a dress from. Chicsoso Cheap and nasty I ordered a large Which was so small I could not put it over my shoulders Iwill never buy anything from chicoso ever again please don’t waste good money they are a scam

  2. Sorry to say I wished i had read the reviews, ordered 4 dresses 1 was nice but all the sizes were a lot smaller than expected ( ordered large sizes). I can not get hold of anyone or any number to sort out a return!!

  3. I have just tried to return some goods I purchased recently, received a Return Form from Chicsoso and a Return Label. The Hermes drop off shop would not accept it as the bar code created a message saying that the shop was not permitted to accept the item. If anyone from Chicsoso reads this, can they please contact me at my email address because it is possible to print out another Return Label.

  4. Really wish I had read these reviews before ordering , unfortunately I ordered over £60 s worth of clothing 2 more days & the 15days postage stated is up , not worried about it coming , as I will get the money back through my bank , it’s trusting a company without researching them which is what I normally do , must have had my guard down , I really think on the strength of the many bad reviews & experiences the UK have had this company needs to be banned from selling which on the outcome of my order is exactly what I will be trying to do , I have already gone on the website to check my order & the website does not recognise my e-mail address luckily I have a receipt so went through order number took me straight into page which says Processing well they have 2 days to get to me then the party begins , I will take action , just a challenge I aim to win , hope everyone keeps posting the bad reviews which I will be collecting .
    Elaine M Holland

    1. I ordered an item I didn’t make an account but I get it and wont a refund I made an account and says I ha e no delivered items how can I get my refund order number CC3660432752

  5. We have lost around £150 .00 buying absolute rubbish items. What looked like trendy articles turned out to be nylon crap! Do not buy from them! I have threatened legal action to get a refund, but don’t hold out much hope. I’m going to try trading standards. They probably have a long list of disgruntled customers!

  6. Basically this company is run by criminals and should be dealt with by the authorities. I don’t understand how, with so many complaints, that they aren’t banned from the internet and forced to stop trading. It’s outrageous!

  7. I want to return an item and would like a refund. Will you give me YOUR ADDRESS so I can return it? I bought the item and paid for it as it was too small. I look forward to the information I’ve requested. Thank you

  8. I would like to simply say a Huge Thank You, for writing this article and doing so much research!! I never purchase from a site until I have fully researched it and YOU have helped me enormously with this. Thank you as well to the people who have left comments about their experiences. I truly hope that you all receive compensation!

  9. Disgusting that chicsoso are getting away with daylight robbery, lve been waiting about 4 months for 1 item, l wouldn’t recommend them to anyone. They just keep telling me its this Covid 19 that’s causing the delay.

  10. I ordered £60 worth of clothing 6 weeks ago. After a month i posted a comment on trustpilot. Chicsoso promptly replied with they have my order number and customer service would be in touch! Two weeks on nothing. Ive tried on line and my order number is not recognised.
    Like everyone else im fumig and ive learnt a £60 lesson !

  11. Ordered 11 items for £102 36 days ago, still waiting, these are thieves and conmen, why has paypal not stopped transactions with these crooks, impossible to contact them, very little hope of any goods coming now, please please beware

  12. I ordered 4 items from this site. 6 weeks ago and heard nothing. Can’t contact them. It tells me to track package. All i get is delays due to covid. I am now suspecting that I have been scammed. Someone should take these adverts down. As I suspect more people are still buying

  13. Will get my money back. Ordered 6 September 2020, took money said receive a confirmation order. To date not received. Bank is on to it and will keep going will be reimbursed, suppose lucky in the profession to deal with these kind of companies.

  14. BEWARE CHICOSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Do not touch Chicoso!!!!
    Dress arrived, NOTHING ,NOTHING like the picture, very poor quality, and also a DIFFERENT COLOUR!
    When I printed off the return label I was notified postage would be £3.
    [although why I should pay anything to return a garment that was even the wrong colour!!!]
    Of my £20.47 original payment, I received back £12.57.
    So I have been charged £8 for a refund because I was really stupid to buy from this dodgy site.

  15. Ordered from this company. 3 items came weeks later but one was out of stock. Cannot find any address to contact them for refund. Items I got were ok but sizing small

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