Seed to Table Naples Owner {Feb} Let’s know about it

Seed to Table Naples Owner {Feb} Let’s know about it

Seed to Table Naples Owner {Feb} Let’s know about it -> Are you looking for the details of a sudden rise in the spread of COVID in Florida? Have a look at the article and know the details.

Seed to Table Naples Owner justifies that mask does not play any role in preventing an individual from Corona virus.

Are you aware of the recent incident occurred in one of the grocery store of Florida, United States? In today’s article, we will tell you about it in brief. 

Avoiding the spread of the virus is the responsibility of every individual, but the supermarket has shown its massive contribution in spreading it. Let’s see how the owner has justifies this whole situation to the media. Stay tuned with us.

What is Seed to Table Naples Owner?

On the morning of 4 February, a video was viral on NBC news, which was about a supermarket in Florida, where all the store employees were without a mask. Even the customers have not worn the mask. No social distancing was followed. This results in a massive spread of the virus. The 15 seconds snapshot has shown the reality of the store. People have different views about it that we will discuss in the article soon. Till the virus has been spread in Florida, it has led to the death of 413 people.

The Seed to Table Naples Owner was aware of it but did not share its views on Thursday. On 5 February 2021, he shares its comment on it. Let’s see what it was.

What were Alfie Oaks’ views?

The owner of the store states that masks do not work. According to him, Corona virus is not only the reason for the death of thousands of people in the United States. He called it “hogwash’.” Later, he questions why the whole world has not shut down because of heart attacks, why the cities are not locked due to other diseases.

But the center for disease control has justified that wearing the mask and following the social distancing are two ways to stop the virus’s spread. The Seed to Table Naples Owner has given its views that are opposite to it.

How do people react? 

As soon as Sam Brock shared his tweet by mentioning the Florida supermarket store, it has received 20,000 likes and received more than seven thousand comments. The people have mixed reactions some were defending the customers and employees of the supermarket whereas some were satisfied with the owner’s views. Around 16000 people re-tweet it. 


After this incident there is a massive rise in the death of people. As per the latest record, more than four lakh people have died, and the significant population is from Florida. Due to the negligence of people, the spread of the COVID has increased. By believing in the views of Seed to Table Naples Owner has resulted in the increase in the death rate. 

Guys, what do you think about this incident? Share your views in the comment section. We will love to know.

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