Mivacunasalud com mx {Feb 2021} Vaccine Appointment!

Mivacunasalud com mx {Feb 2021} Vaccine Appointment!

Mivacunasalud com mx {Feb 2021} Vaccine Appointment! >> Read the article to know how the online registration process for vaccination & find how to go ahead.

Mivacunasalud com mx is a website that the public will have to refer to register for the vaccine. The website can be accessed only by Mexico’s citizens as their federal government has started with the vaccination program.

With the vaccination process in major countries like the United States, now Mexico has decided to vaccinate people according to their age. 

Here we will be talking about the problems people are facing while accessing the website. Also, we will have a look at the age schedule for the vaccination, along with other details. 

So if you are curious to know more about it, continue reading!

What is Mivacunasalud com mx?

The website is a portal released by the federal government of Mexico. The portal is for registration for the COVID 19 vaccine. Many hospitals and other nursing facilities, mostly in the United States, have made a website to register for the vaccine.

Registration online is beneficial as it reduces paperwork and the appointments are scheduled correctly. With the help of this, time will be saved, and the record will be maintained accurately.

Over here, the government has decided to vaccinate according to age but in a descending manner. 

Let us know more about how the website works.

How does Mivacunasalud com mx work?

The federal government has decided to vaccinate the age group of 60 and above, the adults who all at the older age is given preference. The virus is more dangerous to the older age group; hence they are the first age group to be given the vaccine. The period given is from February to March 2021.

The next age group is 50 to 59 years of age and the period given to them is from April to May.

Adults 40 to 49 years old will be vaccinated by May to July 2021, and the remaining age groups of adults will be vaccinated between June to March 2021.

What is the problem faced by the users?

Users are finding it challenging to access Mivacunasalud com mx due to server problems. Due to lots of traffic being generated on the site, the server keeps on crashing. At times, the website cannot be accessed due to many people trying to open the website to register at one time. If the website is not accessed, it is advisable to wait for some time and then try loading the page again.

Registering is done online, and according to the vaccination is scheduled in the users nearest location. Once the registration is completed, a government servant will call the user and confirm.


Mivacunasalud com mx is a portal for all Mexicans to register themselves for the vaccine. The verification of age is taken very seriously here because the government is vaccinating according to the period.

Only adults are given the vaccine as tests are still going on whether the vaccine is to be given to the kids or not.

What do you think about the registration process? Mention your views in the comment section below.

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