Secret Sister Scam 2020 (Nov) Let Us Understand More!

Secret Sister Scam 2020 (Nov) Let Us Understand More!

Secret Sister Scam 2020 (Nov) Let Us Understand More! >> This article tells you about a fraudulent holiday season scheme that’s gaining some popularity.

Secret Sister Scam 2020 is a trending topic of many search engines. It’s gaining some popularity as users are trying to obtain information about a scam that has victimized many users. Such type of fraud comes around every year, specifically during the festival and holiday seasons. 

It is the reason users mention the year when searching about it. This scheme is mainly targeted at females and women. It gets its name from the popular Secret Santa game that’s played during Christmas and involves accomplices or friends secretly buying gifts for each other.

This scam has already made several users in the United States and the United Kingdom loses their money. If you want to know how this scam works and avoid falling prey to this scam or any other similar scams, kindly read this article till the end because we’ll mention this information that’ll prove handy. 

What is the Secret Sister Scam 2020?

This scam targets women, asking them to present something to a sister, and they’ll receive several gifts in return by being part of the equation. It’ll ask users to buy a present to gift someone. However, the gifts promised in return, never arrive. 

Details of Secret Sister Scam

  • It asks you to join a gifting chain and send one gift to someone else, and you’ll receive tens of gifts in return.
  • You’ll be asked to enter your personal information and buy a gift.
  • Please don’t click on the links as it is confirmed that Secret Sister Scam 2020 is a scam.
  • It is also suggested that not clicking on these links will lead to this scam’s downfall as it needs user interaction to survive, and without it, the fraud will perish.

How to stay clear of this scam?

If you accidentally stumble upon this scam or it pops up on your screen, take a look at the steps below to find out what to do next.

  • Please don’t click on any related link and ignore it.
  • Keep in mind that the claims made by such schemes are unrealistic, which can be used to determine if the project is legit.
  • Please don’t enter your personal information like email or phone number on any untrustworthy website as it can be misused.
  • If you see such messages posted on social media platforms by users, report this post to help others not fall prey to it.

This scheme is most popular in the United States and the United Kingdom. Now, let us conclude this post on Secret Sister Scam 2020.

Final Verdict

You must have surely heard of Secret Santa, Secret Sister, or you might’ve been a part of any such schemes. It involves people, usually; a group of friends who secretly buy gifts for each other without revealing which friend will give a present to whom.

It’s an exciting game to play with your friends or family, but taking part in it online by clicking on an ad will harm you. We have given all the additional information above. 

Let us know what you think of the Secret Sister Scam 2020 in the comments part below.

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