Georgetown Funding Reviews (Jan 2021) Is This Scamming?

Georgetown Funding Reviews (Jan 2021) Is This Scamming?

Georgetown Funding Reviews (Jan 2021) Is This Scamming? >> The post is to share comprehensive details about the new debt consolidation and credit card relief program.

Georgetown Funding Reviews: Georgetown Funding, the personal-finance, and debt consolidation firm, started flooding the market by sending credit card and debt consolidation relief mail to consumers across the United States. However, its debt consolidation and personal finance program seem to be long-running bait or a scam. 

After the lockdown, many residents have lost their jobs, and income has been reduced. So, Georgetown Funding claims to offer a low-interest rate loan to consumers @ 1.3% APR, but gradually switching the consumers to high rate debt relief programs.     

In the reviews, it has been found that the company operates with over 75 websites and flooding the market with credit card and debit consolidation relief programs. The only issue with the program is that the program’s terms & conditions seem confusing and possibly a scam for the consumers. 

What is Georgetown Funding?

Georgetown Funding or Georgetown is the new sensation of credit card relief and debt Consolidation Company for the United States residents. The company operates through its 75 web portals and is linked to several organizations. 

The company engages the consumers in America via direct mail, internet ads, and cold calling. The executives from the company market to the consumers with less than average credit score and provide them with low rate consolidate debt relief loans.      

According to Georgetown Funding Reviews online, the company is back again after lockdown to offer low rate loans to consumers for debt consolidation and credit card relief. However, consumers defer the scheme because of the program’s terms & conditions, which seems to be confusing and suspicious.

Who are the Affiliates of Georgetown Funding?

The review confirms that Georgetown Funding is affiliated with the following websites:

  • Dune Ventures
  • Plymouth Associates
  • Tate Advisors
  • Memphis Associates
  • Patriot Funding
  • Jackson Funding
  • Polo Funding
  • Coral Funding
  • Braidwood Capital
  • Tiffany Funding
  • Cobalt Advisors
  • Neon Funding
  • Nickel Advisors
  • Polk Partners
  • Pine Advisors
  • Clay Advisors
  • Pennon Partners
  • Alamo Associates
  • Great Lake Associates 
  • Corey Advisors 

Is Georgetown Funding Scam or Legit?

Many review websites have given a 1-star rating to Georgetown Funding. Below are a few crucial details extracted from Georgetown Funding Reviews that would help you make an informed decision on whether to business with Georgetown Funding or not. 

  • The company operates via two websites, Georgetown Funding and Georgetown
  • The company is affiliated with more than 50 websites
  • It is believed that Georgetown Funding operates via multiple websites to flee the negative complaints and blogs about the company
  • It is requested to do business with Georgetown Funding after thorough research and checking the reviews. 
  • The company operates under the sovereign protection of Arikara Nation, Hidatsa, and Mandan.

Final Thought 

Georgetown Funding is an organization that offers debt consolidation and credit card relief programs. The terms and conditions of the company seem to be suspicious, so residents must do their research before doing business with Georgetown Funding.

Please check the online Georgetown Funding Reviews to make a wise and informed decision. If there is something about Georgetown Funding, please write it down in the comments section below.

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