Sccfreevax com (Jan) Say Bye To Corona

Sccfreevax com (Jan) Say Bye To Corona

Sccfreevax com (Jan) Say Bye To Corona -> No need to worry anymore, California has come up with the vaccine for corona.

Do we hear it right? Has California introduced the vaccine against corona? Yes, searching for Sccfreevax com will take you to the truth, whether it is correct or not.You are on the right page; the United States based country California has come up with the free vaccine for the people of its land. Now this pandemic has come to its end as we are ready with the armor.Today, in this article, we will tell you about all the steps, procedures, and criteria taken by the officials of California in vaccinating their natives.

What is Sccfreevax com?

This is a website which is initiated by the California to inform its citizens about the criteria of getting vaccinated. This website is specifically made for the counting of Santa Clara.This website provides all the information regarding the COVID-19 vaccine for the public. It also explains how the vaccine will be allocated among the people of Santa Clara as the vaccine is scarce, so officials have divided the population into two phases so that people who need it most should get it first. The person eligible for the vaccine would get the text message from the site. 

Who will get the vaccine first?

Searching for Sccfreevax com will give you detailed information about the different tiers in which the vaccine would be distributed. Initially, the vaccine is given to the people belonging to phase 1A, which includes all healthcare workers. Now along with the people of age 65 and above, will also be considered in the first round. The decision depends upon the total supply of vaccines and the number of patients they can vaccinate each day. Because of the scarcity of vaccines, the country is judiciously making a decision.

Warning by the Santa Clara government

A few days back, officials have made the statement that someone has got illegal access to the Sccfreevax com and is sending the fake invites for the vaccine. County officials have warned the public about the fake and scam calls they might receive on their behalf.

They mentioned that they end up getting crowded registrations of the people on the site who have been scheduled with a fake appointment for getting the vaccine. They even confirmed that all the information on the website is safe and secure and nothing to worry about as the system is not hacked. 

Final verdict

This website is all about transparency and awareness. County officials provide all the necessary information which needs to be informed to the people of Santa Clara, which is in the United States, related to the Corona vaccine.

Sccfreevax com tends to send a message to the people who are eligible for the vaccine. This is one of the crucial and most essential steps to avoid Chaos among people.People are prioritized because of the scarcity of the vaccine. But soon all people will get the dose.

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