Hp Solution Center Flash Error (Jan) Know the Reason!

Hp Solution Center Flash Error (Jan) Know the Reason!

Hp Solution Center Flash Error (Jan) Know the Reason! >> In this article, we talk about why HP solution Centre stopped working.

Do you have an HP Solution Centre printer at home that does not open? Do not worry; you are not the only one. This error is affecting millions of users across the world.

Many people in the United States face this problem as their HP Solution Center has become entirely unresponsive starting Jan 12, 2021.

It is no doubt annoying for users. 

But what is this Hp Solution Center Flash Error

Let us seek an answer to this through the following article.

What is the Hp Solution Center and Flash Player?

Hp Solution Center is a Windows software for HP printers that came with many printers manufactured before 2011. 

Hp Solution Center does not work if Flash software is inactive on your system.

Flash Player is a highly expressive cross-platform by Adobe that works consistently across browsers. Because the industry no longer supports Flash, HP Solution Center is also showing an error.

But why did Adobe decide to discontinue Flash player? Let us find out in this article below about Hp Solution Center Flash Error.

Why did Adobe end the support for Flash?

Adobe decided to end Flash support due to two reasons. First, due to the reduced use of technology. Secondly, there are better and more secure options available such as WebAssembly, WebGL, and HTML5.

Adobe made it clear that it will no longer support Flash Player after Dec 31, 2020. Adobe also recommended all users to uninstall the Flash Player immediately to help protect their systems.

Customer reviews on Hp Solution Center Flash Error:

Despite Adobe’s forewarning, the sudden inability for customers to use their HP printer and scanner is causing a lot of frustration.

They want to reinstall the Flash Player so that they can use their printer again. 

While some customers blame Microsoft and want to know why Microsoft did not seek permission before disabling the libraries.  

But a few customers say that it is not Microsoft’s fault because the Flash Player’s out of support date has been long and widely publicized by Microsoft. They blame that HP did nothing to allow its old installed base to continue. They feel that this negligence on the part of HP caused the Hp Solution Center Flash Error.

Final verdict:

HP had a two-year notice from Adobe that the flash support will be ending in December 2020. Still, this sudden error has caught the users of Hp Solution Center unawares. 

One must contact HP Support on the link below. They might offer another version of the software that does not rely on Adobe Flash functionality.


HP is also offering to use your printer to print and scan using the print with the Windows built-in print driver and Scanning App.

Visit the HP Support for comprehensive details on how to use the workarounds mentioned above.

Feel free to add to the article Hp Solution Center Flash Error if you have any information regarding this.

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