Samolike Toothbrush Reviews 2020 – Is It Worth My Money?

Samolike Toothbrush Reviews 2020 – Is It Worth My Money?

Samolike Toothbrush Reviews 2020 – Is It Worth My Money? >> Taking care of your teeth is taxing, but should it be time-consuming? The article will tell you if the Samolike toothbrush is worth buying!

When you wake up and drag yourself to the loo each morning, brushing is one of the first things you do. On average, a human spends a total of 2 minutes every day to brush their teeth clean. It is part of our daily routine and is just as important as getting some sleep or eating a healthy meal. All are necessary for the proper functioning of your body. 

A bright yellow sheet of plaque covers your teeth if you keep resisting to brush daily. It may be made up of hard enamel, but! That does not mean they are susceptible to damage once the enamel erodes, which acts as an outer cover for the tooth if you are Leaving your teeth exposed to all external factors that aggravate tooth decay and damage. There can be a variety of external factors that hasten this process of decay and damage. Such as dietary acids, the yummy sugary doughnut you ate last night, aerated beverages, hard bristles brush, and even your constant poking and prodding to get out that tiny piece of spinach. 

There is a simple fix to this problem “BRUSHING”! it is vital to spend those 2 minutes of your time to brush your teeth every day. Two minutes to ensure you get all the sticky residue out of your teeth and stop plaque from giving them the yellow tint.

 But didn’t you say “Hard bristles accelerate the tooth decay and damage”? YES! which is why you must carefully pick your toothbrush to suit better to your enamel needs. Let’s find out what sets this toothbrush apart from the others and if it’s the best toothbrush for teeth 2020!

What is Samolike Toothbrush? 

Samolike is the name of the online website that sells the toothbrush whose original name is Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush. It is a fully automatic U-shaped toothbrush that comes with an advanced photocatalytic toothpaste. Just like other brushes, the main job of the Samolike toothbrush is to clean out all the gunk from your teeth with a kick!  

The new enhanced version cleans with a 5000-150000 hertz per minute. WOW! It also has four different cleaning modes that will help you remove more plaque than an average toothbrush. But the question arises, is it better than its contemporaries such as Oral B pro-1000 or the Philips Sonicare? Brands that have already proven their money’s worth in the market. 

Well, it provides a 360-degree cleanse! It looks a lot like a retainer and needs to be placed on your teeth. 

Who Is This Samolike Toothbrush Perfect For?

Mornings are usually rushed, and often we are not able to provide our teeth gentle cleaning they deserve. The plaque, along with the other food remnants that stick in the hard to reach corners are challenging to get off! This toothbrush will provide you the flexibility to do other chores while doing some effective cleaning at the same time. 

The multiple bristles inside the denture are responsible for cleaning your teeth thoroughly without your hands doing any work. However, I do not know how safe it is to place it in your mouth as the brand does not mention the material of the product

How to Use It? How Does It Work

The instructions are rather simple to follow and can be even performed by a child! All you have to do is 

  • Apply four dots of the toothpaste provided with the product or your own onto the top and bottom of the brush heads. They do not mention that materials that make up their TB toothpaste but suggest it is best to use this toothpaste instead of your regular one.
  • But you can also choose to use your personal toothpaste!
  • Continue to place it in your mouth, switch it on by clicking on the big button you see on the holder. Now click on a vibration setting that suits you best. 
  • The toothbrush has a handle with the on and off button. You will need to tug it back and forth for deeper cleaning.
  • After a couple of seconds, you will be done and can spit out the paste to rinse. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?
  • Apart from that, the vibrations promise a gentle massage while you brush your teeth.
  • The brush will require charging that happens wirelessly. To fully charge the toothbrush will take up to 3 hours and can only be used for 1.5 hours. Before, it needs to be charged again! 

Samolike Toothbrush Reviews 

The website shows it as one of its best sellers. But does it provide the cleaning it boasts? Especially in comparison to other name brand Electric brushes available in the market? 

One user commented, “My wife has been using Samolike for about eight months on daily basis for her oral hygiene. Well, she is not one dental professional, but her dentist and her both love to recommend this product.” 

But some others were not so happy with the purchase and comment “works well for whitening but not for cleaning.” On Amazon.

Where Can I Get This Product? 

The Samolike toothbrush can be purchased off the brand’s website or Amazon. The company is currently shipping to the United States, United States, US, Canada, UK, and Australia

Is the Samolike toothbrush the toothbrush for teeth 2020? 

If i am sincere, investing money in its contemporaries such as Oral-B or Philips that are known for the magic cleaning their toothbrushes, provide sounds better.


A fast-paced lifestyle calls for products that can match up to our pace, and the product may do that. The perks of purchasing the product have to be the fact that apart from brushing, it will provide the gums with a gentle, relaxing massage. Thus, improving your oral health.  

It may or may not provide you with the thorough cleaning you are looking for! Something you will have to figure out on your own.

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  1. Don’t do it… especially not with the toothpaste it came with… felt like straight drinking chemicals… cant get the taste out of my mouth.. feel like I might have chemical burns….

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