Beautiwig.Shop Reviews [Updated 2020] – Is It a Scam?

Beautiwig.Shop Reviews [Updated 2020] – Is It a Scam?

Beautiwig.Shop Reviews [Updated 2020] – Is It a Scam? >> Our hair is our accessory, a shield of lustrous strands that can change your look in seconds. The article will talk about whether you should or shouldn’t invest in hair wigs from

Whenever I think of wigs, I am immediately reminded of movies such as the Duchess a Marie Antionette. The videos caught the extravagant lifestyle the nobility and royalty lived in beautiful light! The wigs being a significant focus of the movies!

The use of wigs can be dated back to the time of the Egyptian Pharos who wore them mostly to protect themselves. The 16th and 17th centuries famously saw Queen Elizabeth 1 of England adorning wigs that matched her every attire! They have used as elaborate accessories just like they are used today! Extravagance never runs out of fashion and the 18th century was the era where Marie Antoinette would popularize the use of fake hair.

Wigs were, however, not just limited to women! Men in the nobility were seen wearing wigs as white as a blank sheet of paper. Wigs were used to set a statement.

Apart from being the extravagant style statement, they have helped a lot of people in finding the confidence they need.

Loss of hair and premature balding are a common phenomenon amongst women and men. If they are diagnosed with cancer and are undergoing chemotherapy or have a family history of premature balding, the loss of your hair, so subsequent that you have no hair left on your head to style them can ruin a person’s confidence! Wigs in such cases can help build it up.

Today I see a lot of celebrities experimenting with hair. Hair has become just as much as a part of your outfit as the shoes. It needs to match, and it needs to stand out.

There are a variety of stores that you can purchase wigs from online and in person. One such wig purchasing website is Beautiwig.

What Is Beautiwig?

Beautiwig is an online website dedicated to offering a large variety of stylized synthetic wigs as well as human hair wigs for women. Unlike other sites that sell wigs at prices that you just cannot afford beautiwig seems to be more affordable! The website’s user-interface is simple, and you will find it easy to navigate around it. The black bar on top displays Home, All Products, Sales top 10, Hot wig and most popular short hair. Beautiwig gives you the option to change the length and even the density as per your desire once you have selected the wig you want. Bobs, curled, straight, you find them all on beautiwig.

  • The website claims that the hair they sell are 100 per cent virgin hair and can be dyed and stylized using heating tools to suit your needs.
  • When you move on to purchase the product, you will see images of an FDA certification, European Certification, as well as an American AQA quality certification.

The company is currently shipping to the following countries- United States, Canada, Australia, and United Kingdom.

  • Right below the purchasing details, you will see in big, bold letters a disclaimer of sorts that says, “All our wigs are fitted with an elastic band, combs and adjustable straps to ensure security and confidence while wearing.”
  • The main banner on the website claims that each wig is fitted with a 360-lace front wig.
  • Human hair wigs do not come cheap and leave a massive dent on your pocket. It costs somewhere between $700 to $2000! The most expensive wig on beautywig costs $20, making me wonder if the website is pulling a scam.
  • It is also essential to notice that the website shows slashed prices, by almost 83 per cent! A $98 wig can be purchased for $18.88! That sounds just as unbelievable as the existence of unicorns to an adult.  

Human hair is lush and beautiful; the texture is incomparable! Which is probably why more and more people look to buy human hair wigs. The prices offered by Beautiwigs are enticing! But the website has no customer care page, and the about page sound shoddily put together! Is beautiwigs scamming us?

Let’s start with the Beauty Wig shop reviews.

Beautiwig Review 

Your hair is just as much a style statement as your clothes and shoes. A minor change to your appearances, such as bang instead of your usual flicks and bright golden colour to match your personality! All of this could make you look and feel like a whole new person! Don’t you agree?

A close relative who suffers from balding lost all his hair at the age of 30! Now getting hair implants is a rather painful and lengthy procedure, so he went ahead and got himself a wig. It was placed on so beautifully that you can’t tell it apart!

I was bowled over with the wide variety of wigs available on Beautiwigs. They have experimented with not just the hairstyle but also colours, one wavy golden-haired wig has caught my eye.

This allows you to experiment with your hair without causing any real damage to your real hair. All you must do is clip on your wig on to your head. The cons of getting a wig must be the fact that it requires a tedious amount of effort and time to put it on.

An inexperienced person will not be able to place it right and may end up looking silly.

A lot of online websites such as dod buzz and This cruel war talk in favour of Beautiwig and claim that it is quite popular! They can thank their popularity to their cheap prices.

But some users on Cyber bunkers commented “I ordered from here and the $ was already taken off my card but not shipped out yet. Please be careful and do not order from here.”

Final verdict- 

If you scour around the website, you will see that there is no customer care number and no return address either. So, we have no way of knowing where the company is based out of; it could be China for all we know! In such cases, the delivery charges/shipping costs are higher than the price of the product!

The images of the wigs look like something they could’ve easily gotten off Pinterest or a social media influencers profile as a lot of them are just selfies.

Here you may end up facing a bad experience or may just end up buying a low budget wig and call it a steal! You will have to check that out for yourself before finally settling down to buy.

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  1. I made an order for two wigs 2 months ago and I have not received them I paid 64 dollars and I do not know where to contact for my money

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