Safe Davao Qr Davao City Com Registration (Nov) Details!

Safe Davao Qr Davao City Com Registration (Nov) Details!

Safe Davao Qr Davao City Com Registration (Nov) Details! >> The article includes information related to the required DQR registration for and the crashed site of Davao city.

When it comes to public safety, an essential step that each government takes is restrictions, and it is necessary also to safeguard them from any emergencies. In this article, we will talk about Safe Davao Qr Davao City Com Registration.

The scenario took place in Davao, Philippines when sudden traffic was driven to one website and due to which the website went down. This happens when more than the required number of traffic routed in one direction at a time, due to which the server gets confused to rectify and thus results in site crash.

What is Safe Davao Qr code?

Those who are unaware of the Safe Davao Qr code, then let us tell you that the Davao city government decided to keep track of each person who enters or exits the city. To maintain a system is created where each resident or non-resident has to the Safe Davao Qr code provided for that you have to fill up Safe Davao Qr Davao City Com Registration form.

Due to the current pandemic situation that outbreaks, each government is trying its best to control it, for that several systems have been made so that strict rules can be followed. 

How to get the Safe Davao Qr code?

For taking all safety measurements, the officials issued a concern regarding Davao, Philippinesfor the movement of each individual of the city. The form fill-up started on October 31, and the deadline date is November 7.

As the deadline to submit the registration criteria came suddenly, all residents and non-residents of Davao started visiting the site when the website malfunctioned due to heavy traffic and went crashing.

Another major issue with the public is that those lucky ones who submitted and completed the Safe Davao Qr Davao City Com Registration form ended up in registration failure. The system failed to accept the form due to server failure. As the matter came into existence, the officials took the acknowledgment and are now on the way to solve the server issue so that the process can be restarted as soon as possible.

What are the necessary documents that need to be submitted at the time of the registration?

  • Each person needs to submit a clear photo of themselves in which their face should be seen clearly.
  • You have to submit a valid ID or birth certificate mentioning your name and address
  • You must submit a valid phone number with a valid email id by which a contact can be made in case of emergency or for communication.
  • The government has made it mandatory to submit the Safe Davao Qr Davao City Com Registration form.


As per the information, Davao city officials have taken a concerned step to keep track of each person’s movement to identify the measurements.

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