Anker Eufy 25c WI-FI Robovac Reviews (Nov) Check Post!

Anker Eufy 25c WI-FI Robovac Reviews (Nov) Check Post!

Anker Eufy 25c WI-FI Robovac Reviews (Nov) Check Post! >> This article will help you in understanding the specifications of auto operated robotics vacuum cleaner through its reviews.

Anker Eufy 25c WI-FI Robovac Reviews: Cleanliness is essential in our lives, so we need to make sure that our house and surroundings are clean from dust and debris. In the bygone era, people do the cleaning of the home by hand. 

But, the invention of vacuum cleaners makes house cleaning much easier. There is a disadvantage of them because they require long electricity wires to clean large hallways and room. Now this problem is solved and this article will introduce a battery-operated vacuum cleaner.

In countries like the United States, people do not get enough time from their working schedules to clean their homes with manually operated home cleaner. So, now they are looking for the option like auto-operated Vacuum cleaners.

This problem is solved, and vacuum cleaners can do work without an operator. To know more about this robotic vacuum cleaner, let us expand it through its reviews.

What is Anker Eufy 25c WI-FI Robovac Vacuum Cleaner?

It is a robotics vacuum cleaner for auto cleaning of your house and has been gaining massive popularity in the United States.

Further, this vacuum cleaner operated via a WI-FI connection from the touch of your phone. Also, it has numerous features, so to know about them and its specifications, let us expand it through Anker Eufy 25c WI-FI Robovac Reviews.

 Specifications of the Anker Eufy 25c WI-FI Robovac 

  • Color available: It has two color options of Blue and Black.
  • Suction power: The suction power of this robotics vacuum cleaner is 1500Pa. It is enough to collect dust and debris in a dust collector.
  • Rechargeable Battery: It has an inbuilt 2600mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The capacity of the battery is high and able to do the cleaning for upto 100 minutes.
  • Auto Boost: This cleaners system is based on 2nd gen BoostIQ technology. That’s why it operated through Wi-Fi, remote control, and through the mobile app.
  • Dust Collector: The dust collector has a capacity of 600ml or 20.50 Oz. the dust collector is washable.
  • Vacuum Inlet: It has a motorized brush roll to collect to suck dust and debris with two side brushes. These side brushes increase its cleaning efficiency. Let know more about its maintenance and cleaning through Anker Eufy 25c WI-FI Robovac Reviews.
  • Filter: It has a triple layer of high-performance filters, and they are cleanable.
  • Scheduled Cleaning: You can schedule its cleaning weekly on its app. Weekly cleaning increases its durability. 
  • Speed: It has a movement speed of 26.7 cm per second.
  • Accessories: it comes with the remote control, replacement side brushes set, cleaning tool, replacement filter set, cable ties, and charging set.

Pros of Anker Eufy 25c WI-FI Robovac cleaner

  • It is Wi-Fi and touch-controlled enabled. You can switch on-off it through Wi-Fi.
  • Also, it operated through its remote control.
  • It has a cleaning thrush hold of 16mm so that it can clean hard floors or carpets.
  • Replacement accessories are in the box.
  • You can do its maintenance at home by reading its guide instructions.
  • Most importantly, it does not need any wires to operate. It works on a li-ion battery and charges it for 5-6 hours.

Cons of Anker Eufy 25c WI-FI Robovac cleaner

  • It takes too much time to recharge.
  • It is not able to clean wet surfaces and don’t pick heavy objects like broken glass pieces.
  • Its lowest working height is 2.87 inches.
  • It can work efficiently on reflective and dark color floors as its sensor does not work on them.
  • Negative reviews are available on the internet.

What did customers think about it?

After exploring Anker Eufy 25c WI-FI Robovac Reviews, we found reviews on the internet and its website. Most customers loved this product, and they say it works quietly, and after cleaning, it goes for rest at the charging base. 

But some people are not satisfied, and they have a terrible experience with it like fast battery drainage and jamming of side roller. Apart from this, it can work on height higher than 16mm and very dark floors. 

Final Verdict

We found mixed reviews from customers during analysis, but the majority of customers are satisfied with it. Further, it has few drawbacks like height limitations and doesn’t work on dark floors. So, after analyzing through Anker Eufy 25c WI-FI Robovac Reviews, we recommend customers to do more search for this product before purchasing it.

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