Rewards Feed Scam [Sept 2020] – Are You Losing Money Here?

Rewards Feed Scam [Sept 2020] – Are You Losing Money Here?

Rewards Feed Scam [Sept 2020] – Are You Losing Money Here? -> If you want to make easy money, then you must read this article. 

Do you wish to make some extra money from the confines of your home? Then you must have heard of Rewards Feed. 

More and more people are looking to make a quick buck on the side. The processes and jobs that usually help you earn a quick buck are just too taxing. So, are there apps that could help people? Yes, there are. However, they are also notorious for being a total scam. 

In this Rewards Feed Review, we will find out if Rewards Feed Scam is true or not. The panel is currently in reach of the people residing in the United States. We aim at digging deep about this panel, so you know if it is worth your time and energy. 

What is Rewards Feed?

Rewards Feed runs a market research panel and bonuses or gifts to its most valued members. The members are required to take multiple surveys in order to become a valued member. 

The company in its about us section talks about their goal being to altogether remove the inconsistencies the bigger tech giants have regarding its user information. Rewards Feed instead provides you with the value personally and physically

They talk about providing more massive pay-outs and better tasks as their algorithms improve. This all sounds a little confusing. Don’t you think? 

What is unique about Rewards Feed?

What makes Rewards Feed most notable is the fact that it provides people with an opportunity to earn some extra cash. When using such websites, it is essential to ensure you are protected. An excellent read of their privacy policy will tell you that the client’s system is of utmost importance to them. 

They continue to mention that personal information will only be asked by them when it is required. The client will be notified regarding any information they will need. These principles, followed by Rewards Feed, make it unique. 

Specifications of Rewards Feed

  • Products- Surveys in return for gift vouchers/rewards
  • Website-
  • Email- contact@RewardsFeed
  • Phone number- +1 (831) 246-6735
  • Payment- not required 
  • The company offers people with rewards in exchange for surveys 
  • You are required to sign up to take the surveys 
  • They provide with direct and tangible information unlike other tech companies 
  • The company saves data of each user 

Pros of signing up on Rewards Feed

  • The company provides a platform for people who are trying to make easy money 
  • To earn your reward, take surveys .
  • They have a rigorous privacy policy 
  • They have a three-star rating on trust pilot 
  • Contact details are provided by the company 

Cons of signing up on Rewards Feed

  • There is no clear information regarding the type of surveys they conduct 
  • Although they offer social media pages, you will not be able to find them 
  • The official website provides very little information 
  • The site was recently established 
  • Positive reviews on website but negative comments on trust pilot 

Is Rewards Feed legit? 

The internet promotes ‘quick money-making propositions that promise instant cash. While there are numerous legit monetizable apps, there are also those that will try to gain access to some of your data. How they oversell is a clear indication of the website/app/panel being a total scam. 

If you are still reading this Rewards Feed Review, then we must tell you that it has a 3-star rating on the trust pilot. Also, you do not have to make any payments on the site and also provides contact information. You can use that to reach out to them to gain a better understanding of what they offer. 

Customer reviews of Rewards Feed

The company mentions having reviews of celebrities that are all very positive. However, we do not know if the is true. You will also spot reviews of other people on the website that talks about making up to $600 by completing tasks on their phones and receiving their payments. 

The reviews on trust pilot speak otherwise and talk about this scheme being a total waste of time. They further mention that you may not be able to withdraw, even after making five referrals or five tasks. 

Final Verdict- 

The reviews are a mix of positives as well as negatives. The company provides proper contact information as well as an idea of what they wish to achieve in its about us section. 

However, their social media pages seem to be amiss. You can sign up on the site, but we do not recommend it. 

0 thoughts on “Rewards Feed Scam [Sept 2020] – Are You Losing Money Here?

  1. After 30 days: SURPRISE! They postpone me to the next month. They’ve CHANGED the “invoice date” somehow. And I can’t get anyone or anything to answer me Why.

  2. Waited the 30 days for the money completed tasks had 83 clicks and 30+ signups. I had cashed out for 500 2 payments of $250 due on 8/9 (today) I have screenshots. The dates changed to pending payment on9/9. So no I do t think you ever get the money.
    I would like to meet Holly Anders
    Or skype face to face so I

    Can share my disgust with her and the site. I have pics I can email or message. For proof

  3. I just found the rewards feed site so I thought I would test it out to see if it was a scam. So they give you a list of games and surveys to fill out, so I have been doing the games,so you are supposed to download them play for a few minutes and then they verify you’ve played and then add the money to your account, the problem is most of the time you follow the instructions but the games never get verified and I have spent so much time in chat explaining these problems.
    Then in order to get your money you have to do 4 task and have two people join using your special code and they have to play at least one game or survey to be a verified user so as not to piss off friend I got my daughter and sister to sign up so I could test to see if I would get my money well they added $15.00 for each of them joining to my account but as of right now they say my daughter hasn’t verified her account so as soon as she plays and becomes verified I will try to get my money and let everyone know the outcome.

    1. Well, in that case if there are any improvements or updates… Please let us know, its either someone banned this site to stop wasting our time or they get on with what they promised or advertised without any hidden terms on how to really cash out earnings. Thank you for sharing. Baby Boy from philippines.

      I havent done any tasks yet, will wait until someone really makes a successful cash out before I continue.

  4. Scam, Everytime my pay out day comes up , it gets pushed out another 30 days and now I have a message that says I need to add 8 more rerrals in order to cashout.

  5. Do you seriously have to wait 30 days??! Im struggling and was hoping to get it by now. Since I’ve cashed out I havent been able to reach anyone with questions I have. How long is the longest someone had to wait for a payout?

  6. This site is a scam, not happy at all waisted my time and my friends as well. They didn’t say I had to wait 30 days but they changed my verified sign ups from 2 to 5 and said that I was trying to scam them. What the hell?

  7. Rewardsfeed is totally Scam! Fuck Holly Andres.

    I have worked here since last 2 months. I earned 1100$+ . I have referred about 40 people and submitted 30 tasks. Now my due date has been changed and now Holly is asking me for more referrals. Rewardsfeed don’t pay a single penny. They have used photoshoped images as payment proof. Fake testimonials.

  8. Rewardsfeed is a scam. Don’t waste your time on that app. I waited 60days which is two months but never got paid. I had 17tasks done, 53referrals and 491 clicks.
    The video I uploaded to promote rewardsfeed is still on the app if you check proofs and testimonials. They are not real.

  9. If you are genuenly not interested in changing your life, we will be deleting your account shortly! ?

    Visit and sign in to your account to confirm you are interested in working with us.

    Looking forward to helping you!

    Your Dedicated Affiliate Manager

    AND I DONT CARE ABOUT THAT! Please deleted my account.

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