Mobiclaim Reviews [June] Is A Good site Or Not

Mobiclaim Reviews [June] Is A Good site Or Not

Mobiclaim Reviews [June] Is A Good site Or Not -> If you are one of those struggling to get the claim from telecom providers for unwanted subscription, Mobiclaim is a hand you need.

Are you troubled because of unwanted subscription from your mobile operator? Worry Not! Now you have Mobiclaim. Resolving all the issues and get your money back. Get the service by filling a simple form and submitting the required documents.

After so many problems, the company is reaching helping thousands of people across the Netherlands. Once you opt for subscription and later try to withdraw from it, it becomes difficult for individuals and operator to keep on deducting the amount or adding it to the bill. As a result, many of us face several financial issues because it is your hard-earned money, which needs to spend on the things you want.

There are several Mobiclaim reviews available online, but to give you complete assurance we are here to discuss everything about this company.

How does it work?

There are three steps involved when the company raises a claim for you, which are below:

Step 1: Search your subscription: The first step is to search what all subscription you are paying, or you have paid unintentionally. You can find all the subscription details in your email as every company emails you about it. If you are unable to do that, do tell the company about the same and they claim to help you find it.

Step 2: Submit the Application: Once you can find the subscription, the next step is to submit your application to the company. You can do it by providing all the details on the website, which is a natural process and can be done within 2 minutes. Once you do it, the company will take care of the rest of the things.

Step 3: Company takes the required actions: When complete both the above steps and then initiate the conversation with the operator on your behalf through their legal team.

Eligibility Criteria:

Anyone who has closed or renewed subscription between 2012 and 2017 can submit a claim through website towards his telecom operator. If your contract does not mention what you have paid for, then a subscription contract is invalid. In such cases, the Supreme Court of the Netherlands has made strict norms for those companies.

In case you have a valid claim, you can get the full refund up to € 750 per appliance. If you are not sure whether you qualify for it or not, you can write to the company.

Specifications of Mobiclaim:

  • Name of the company: Mobiclaim
  • Website Link:
  • Email Address:
  • Get the refund up to € 750 per appliance
  • Company Owners: Pieter Brouwer and Jochem van Dalfsen
  • Registration: Registered with Chamber of Commerce – KVK 72605014

About the Owners:

It was founded by two entrepreneur friends Pieter Brouwer and Jochem van Dalfsen, who have set up several other businesses together. One of their companies,, which is an innovative learning platform, won as the Best Education of Website of 2019.

About the Legal Partner

Due to their efforts and experience, the company claims to have over 26000 registered users with them. When it comes to the legal side, they work closely with Wijn and Steal, a reputed law firm in the Netherlands. It has extensive experience against the financial institutions and regulators.

No-Cure No-Pay Policy

With its no-cure-no-pay strategy, the company keeps on delivering solid performances every year. It means, consumers do not have to pay anything in advance, and they only have to pay when the claim settles.

What are customers saying about Mobiclaim?

So far, the company has successfully helped over 26000 people get the claims. The subscribers are delighted and happy with their working style. On Google, it has 4.5 stars ratings out of 5. 

  • Vincent De Buy: He states that the team Mobiclaim works professionally and this review  responds to questions quickly without any fake commitment. He was delighted to submit his claim with them.
  • Elsemic the Young: He said that it’s courageous that providers do not follow the rules and he is glad that Mobiclaim does it for them.

Final Verdict:

Due to an increase in such activities, it was needed that someone takes this responsibility and help people to get their money back. If we go about the Mobiclaim Reviews, most of the people are satisfied by way of getting a quick response and helping hand to claim their money.

You can check the website for more information. In case of any concerns, do write to us.

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