Reactrun Reviews [Aug 2021] Is This Fake Scam Or Legit?

Reactrun Reviews [Aug 2021] Is This Fake Scam Or Legit?

Reactrun Reviews [Aug 2021] Is This Fake Scam Or Legit? >> The article is related to the site that proffers a collection of sports shoes and figures out how legit the site is.

Reactrun Reviews: Are you looking for a pair of sports shoes? Do you want them at a discounted offer? Then, you are in the right place as here, and we are going to introduce a website that provides a range of sports shoes. All your desires to buy such a unique and long-lasting pair of shoes get fulfilled through this online platform. We need to know more about it. It is available Worldwide.  

People like to be a part of sports activities for maintaining health, and it is good for all, irrespective of their age and gender. Thus, they need to wear good quality and comfortable shoes to do their daily exercises such as running, walking, jogging, etc. That is the reason because of which the website exits and meets all the needs of people with their collection of products.

But before buying, it is essential to know whether the site is legit and if it is a scam, then find out the same. 

Get dive into this review to know more about this site.

What do you need to know about 

Put merely, it is a web-based platform that is available to fulfill all the desires of wearing a different range of shoes for all people. The site claims to proffer a range of products such as Black Varsity Red Shoes, Royal University Red Black, Mid black Pink White, etc. All are of top-notch quality and available at discounted offers.

Let us get into the website through Reactrun Reviews.

Details about

Here are some of the details about the website that we have enlisted below.

  • You can access the shopping site through the link:
  • The sites’ working hours start from Monday to Thursday (8 am to 6 pm) and Friday (9 am to 3 pm).
  • The physical address of the website is 112 52nd Street Suite 2B Brooklyn, NY 11220.
  • Email support for customers are available on the site at
  • Online payment options are available on the site.
  • The site is protected through HTTPS Protocol and SSL Integration to safeguard the information of their customers.
  • Free Shipping is available along with 10% OFF for two pairs and more.
  • An email update option is available to get regular updates about offers and discounts.

What are the positive aspects of purchasing from

Here are some plus points of buying sports shoes from, which we will jot down below. Let us take a peek at these below.

  • All the available items are of premium quality.
  • Worldwide delivery is available, and it is easy for people to order by sitting at any corner.
  • Any age and gender of a person can buy from this website as it has all shoe types available.
  • Customer support is available through email.
  • All price ranges and colors are available on the site.
  • These shoes are suitable for all activities such as soccer, football, running, training, gym, golf, and basketball.
  • Free Shipping is available.   

What are the negative aspects related to

Here, we have enlisted some negative aspects of Reactrun Reviews that we are going to mention below.

  • No social media presence.
  • The contact number is missing on the site.
  • No customer reviews available.
  • The site has created one month back. 

What are the customer’s reviews about

While exploring all ins and outs of the sports shoe website, we found no Reactrun Reviews about the website’s products and services, and it is hard to say anything about this platform. Also, no online presence makes it too cumbersome for finding any good or bad reviews about the site. Thus, we can’t say anything about this website as no reviews found.

Bottom Line

After exploring the website, we know that the online website is one month old, but there are more than 2500 shoe pairs available on it. Moreover, there are many negative aspects, including no customer reviews, no online presence, and the contact number is also missing. These are some loopholes that may prevent the buyer from buying products about this site. Therefore, this online website is scam yet.

It has suggested that all buyers discover the site clearly and never lure with the products as available on the site.

If there are any questions and queries related to Reactrun Reviews, then mention everything in the comment area below and help you deal with any issues.

We are happy to assist you!!

22 thoughts on “Reactrun Reviews [Aug 2021] Is This Fake Scam Or Legit?

      1. Don’t! A lot a people are claiming that the shoes are fake or they don’t arrive! A friend of mine bought the air Jordan 1 j.balvin and they haven’t arrived!

  1. Tbh, I think that the shoes are fake because it all sounds too good to be true. Like a pair of Dior x Nike Jordan 1 high which costs about 7,000 go for only 235 on there!!!

  2. I have bought a pair of nike air 270 from Reactrun and paid £76, the package came from Saudi Arabia, but i thought they were in the US? . I had to pay VAT which i expected but they invoiced the package at £37 so i dint have to pay much, DHL charge a fee to pay the vat on your behalf around £11, i was not aware of this so will not be purchasing from outside the UK any more learnt my lesson.

  3. Its a legit website. I bought 2 pairs of air max shoes from there and I couldn’t be anymore happy with them. I have saved money than buying it from the retail stores here in Australia. Even though it took like 2-3 weeks to come, it’s still worth the wait. Also, reactrun has a review page and most people seems happy with the product and service.

    1. Hey could u confirm the reviews? Where are they? The website has only option to leave a review but not to read any from customers..did u leave a review on the websit? Thanks please let me know

  4. I just order some pair of trainers from Reactrun. Now I’m finding they may not be legit. I sent their customer service an email and had to send another a few days ago but they got back to me. I have just gotten confirmation emails of my order – one from Reactrun and another from Xborder eCommerce, which in the Xborder email they say that the Merchant, esportbang*Dartford will be the name that will appear on my bank statement. I guess it’s now a waiting game, I am kind of worried now….

      1. It was touch and go. After waiting six weeks I thought my daughter’s Christmas present had gone up in smoke but they have literally just arrived. So relieved as there was no number to ring and little evidence of recourse… Big relief!

  5. I ordered off the site and have not received my order , They will not answer emails and the phone # is not there # . This was a scam , do not order .

  6. Ho ordinato delle Jordan per mio figlio più di 10 giorni fa ,non sono ancora arrivate, allora scrivo alla DHL ,loro mi rispondono che le scarpe non risultano nemmeno partire dal luogo di origine , penso di essere stata truffata

  7. We ordered last Dec 05, 2020, and received the item in good condition on January 11, 2021. Not bad. And for the quality, I can say it is authentic. I also thought it was a scam at first, but after receiving the item, I may want to order again.

  8. I order a pair of Nike Air 720 OBJ Young King shoes for a Christmas present, the shoes arrived after Christmas . They are clearly fakes, the insoles do not even fit in the shoes. I contacted customer service by email and was told to just push the insoles down!!. I know the shoes are discounted but even if I paid $151 I still expect them to be authentic. I have been emailing back in forth with them they keep offering different discounts, but I just want to return the shoes for a full credit. As I wanted authentic shoes and thought that was what I would get. I have been dealing with this since the first of January 2021. As of today I haven’t received a response to my last email requesting to return the shoes for a full refund.

  9. so, nike create limited pair of shoes, like 1000 pairs and a pair costs 200$, resells sell for double maybe, and the people buy for 150$ and think thats true. so, the biggest resell people buy from this site and win like 3x more, easy right? let’s get rich, jk obviously. if you like some pairing shoes like jordan’s and you consider that’s a lot expensive? maybe you can buy here and have a pair but don’t think that is true, and for the price you pay here have a lot of different sites that sell more cheap. and finally, the dumb thing is sell nike air force 1xdior or sacayxdiorx nike when it doesn’t even exist!

  10. React Run – SCAM – to avoid! I ordered some sneakers for my daughter the 19th of August 2020. At the time React Run operated as BioEurope/Sepjog. $120 was taken from credit card, the orders confirmed but I never received any sneakers. After numerous emails to different emails addresses such as DWS Sport, Reactrun etc etc NO ONE ever replied to my emails. Last email send in February 2021. I have still not been refunded my $120… Audrey

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