Ovira Reviews {Oct} Read For Ovira Benefits & Is Legit!

Ovira Reviews {Oct} Read For Ovira Benefits & Is Legit!

Ovira Reviews {Oct} Read For Ovira Benefits & Is Legit! >> Drug-Free pain on periods! Get to know more about in review shares details for liable product.

Every month, every woman has to face a phenomenon, with cramps, pain, and maybe a bloating stomach could be from any country like the United States. Are those warm bottles and pills not working anymore on your period days? Are you looking for another alternative that may relieve you of that horrendous cringe-worthy moaning? 

Ovira, headquarters in Australia, is a drug-free and instant pain relief device for all the women during their menstrual cycle. 

Started in 2019, the founder of Ovira – Alice, a woman who was also the victim of endometriosis, created this product approved by the FDA (The United States Food and Drug Administration) and CE ensure no-pain days within the confines of safety measures. 

Read Ovira Reviews further to get to know this heavenly product to enjoy working and doing whatever during periods. 

What is Ovira? 

An astounding solution for every month’s endurance, Ovira is a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) device that sends small electrical vibrations to the pulse to cease the pain signals to reach one’s brain. They started their journey in 2019, headquarters in Australia, free shipping in the United States, and delivered worldwide.

Apart from that, it is easy to use this device when you are working, cooking, or just watching TV. With the guidebook, cables to charge, and tool-kit, it’s not rocket science to get used to Ovira. 

The twist in their story is that one can refund even after 100 days of delivery. If it doesn’t suit your comfort level after three cycles, return it and get your money hassle-free.  


  • The product comes in a peach colour box of a fairly average size. 
  • Ovira device contains two Love Handles (sticky patches) and a regulator, all in small pocket size. 
  • There are three buttons on the regulator which controls the intensity of vibrations. 
  • It comes with a charging cable that helps to retain its power. You can insert that cable anywhere like a laptop, computer.
  • They also provide a handbook that answers all the concerns.
  • Ovira has also given a cute small pouch, in which one can store everything safely. 
  • They also provide Love Handle Sticky Gel Refills to replace the old ones. The pack contains three pairs (6 pieces) of replacement gels. 
  • Ovira device costs $119 whereas Love Handle Refills costs $35, which is pretty expensive.  

Pros of Ovira 

  • A device without any harmful pills to be taken during periods.
  • An easy-to-carry device with a small pouch to put into. 
  • After charging, it’s long-lasting and doesn’t need charging now and then. 
  • The help-guide provides all the information on how-to-use and do’s and don’ts.
  • A medical product that is clinically tested by the FDA. 
  • 100-day money-back guarantees if the product is not up to the mark. 
  • Ovira has regulators to control the intensity of vibrations. 
  • Ovira Reviews has many positive recommendations from its customers. 

Cons of Ovira 

  • It is an out of budget product when it comes to investment. Very expensive to afford for a longer period.
  • There is no sale or offers given by Ovira to its customers. 
  • Love Handles i.e.; the patches need replacement frequently when they don’t stick anymore.

Is Ovira Legit or a Scam website?

If going with all the information available and social media presence, Ovira gets thumbs up for every woman in pain. Though it is a fresh and new venture, began in 2019, this Australia based product has gained customer loyalty and recommendations quickly. 

The prices are way too high without any sale or offer, which may become unaffordable for many. Ovira has been transparent about its details with the address that seems legit and no suspicious discounts to lure women. 

Many women you tubers have given their Ovira Reviews and did unboxing that show its popularity among women.

Customer’s Reviews on Ovira

Knight in Shining Armor for women in pain during periods, Ovira has rescued many stabbing pain and people living with endometriosis. Women have highly recommended this product either on social media or on trusted review websites. 

Looking at their Instagram page, there are loads of Ovira Reviews that persuades every woman out there to feel this heavenly feeling of relief. Though few have pointed out some complaints which Ovira people have clarified well, that shows wonderful customer care response. 


After a deep analysis of the product as well as the website, it seems legit and transparent. Though researching before investing a large sum of money on a highly expensive product like Ovira is not a bad idea. 

Many women have given positive Ovira Reviews

Please share your experience and any information on this product in the comment section below! 

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