Qtqtqt Store Reviews (Sep 2020) Is This A Reliable Site?

Qtqtqt Store Reviews (Sep 2020) Is This A Reliable Site?

Qtqtqt Store Reviews (Sep 2020) Is This A Reliable Site? >> This article warned you about a fraud website, launched with the motive to con people.

Growth in the digital world has also increased scams simultaneously. Many websites are launched only with the sole motive to con people and earn money illegally. After this pandemic, when we all are restricted to our homes and have no option left other than online shopping, more fraud is taking place.

Scammers are very smart. They organize the website very well to become challenging for a visitor to determine whether the same is a scam or a legit store.

This is why it is always advised to go through the reviews well before purchasing anything from these new websites. In this article below, we will be introducing you to one such website, which seems to be a scam. This article about Qtqtqt Store Reviews will give you all the details about the same, which will help you gain more clarity.

Qtqtqt, the name itself is enough to know about the authenticity of the website. The website has its registered address in the United States and the Philippines.

Please scroll down to know more about this website and explore its legitimacy.

What is Qtqtqt Store?

Qtqtqt Store is an online shopping website dealing with kids’ apparel and clothing. It offers baby socks, baby girl clothes, baby hats, and many other options.

The website has mentioned that it was found in 2020 and wants to supply these kids’ parents with the best stuff at the most affordable and reasonable prices.

They have a newsletter feature that you can subscribe to know more about their product launch and other details. Also, the site provides flexibility allowing its visitor’s various payment options for more convenience.

But one must be assured of the legitimacy of the website before purchasing anything from it.  Qtqtqt Store Reviews will thus give you all the details about this website.

Specifications of Qtqtqt Store:

  • Website: Deals with cute baby stuff.
  • About Us Details: Not mentioned on the webpage.
  • Contact Us Details: info@qtqt.ca
  • Shipping Details: Not mentioned.
  • Returns/Refund: No information is written.
  • Mode of Payment: PayPal, Debit, and Credit Card.

What are the pros of the Qtqtqt Store?

  • The website offers cute baby stuff at reasonable prices.
  • The product can be selected amongst the various options on the website.

What are the drawbacks of the Qtqtqt Store?

  • The website has not mentioned about its policies.
  • The website is not transparent about its Contact Details.
  • The website has not written anything about its shipment and returns.
  • The site is newly launched in 2020.
  • Qtqtqt Store Reviews are not mentioned on the webpage.

Is Qtqtqt Store Legit?

The answer to it can be found by only having a look at the website. The website is not managed and has only a few products. They have given no information about their policies. The website is not transparent with its visitors, as it has not shared any contact us details on their webpage.

Also, the site was found and launched a few months ago. There is no information available about it online. Not many people are aware of the same, and some who have placed the orders are also not satisfied. 

The website cannot be found on any other social media platform as well. It is using a third-party mail server, which is a negative sign of its legitimacy.

Thus, we can say that the website is a scam, and suggest you stay away from the same.

What are customers saying about Qtqtqt Store?

We have already mentioned that Qtqtqt Store Reviews are not available on the webpage. Also, there is not much information about the same on the internet, thus proving the website’s authenticity.

We have found some reviews about its deliveries, and customers are not satisfied with the same. They have written that the site is a fraud, and added that they haven’t got their products yet, and there is no source to contact the website.

Some have added that the site has the worst returns and refund policies, and the same cannot be trusted for any future purchases. 

Final Verdict:

We have reviewed the website thoroughly and concluded that this website is a scam. Its only motive is to con people and earn money illegally.

There is no information available about the website, and it’s hard to trace them in case of any misunderstandings or fraud.

We suggest you stay away from the same and go for the other better alternates available online.

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  1. I believe you are right placed a order on 09/19/20 have not received order or any updates and no way to contact them…

  2. I ordered two Brahmin handbags. Order arrived at my post office today 11/22/20 only the post office refused to give me my paid package because qtqqt put in a request to have my paid bags returned. Now I probably won’t get my money back. Order number 200924224732130. Ms Connie Sanders Raleigh NC. So upset ?

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