Clotheusa com Reviews {Oct 2020} Is It A Scam Or Not?

Clotheusa com Reviews {Oct 2020} Is It A Scam Or Not?

Clotheusa com Reviews {Oct 2020} Is It A Scam Or Not? >> The article, as here, is for a website that sells women’s clothes collection. Read review here.

Seasons change, and so do trend. There is an increasing pressure to match up with the current trends on everyone that results in people buying more clothes now and then. It is why new companies are emerging online and offline. 

Today, we are going to review a United Statesbased website. The name of the website is Clothesusa com. 

We hope that you find this information in Clotheusa com Reviews relevant.

In this article, we have tried to explore various aspects of the website to bring a clear picture to the readers. 

What is Clotheusa com?

Clotheusa com is a website based in the United States. The website sells women’s clothing at an affordable price. When we opened the website, we found some of the most beautiful designs. There are various categories for apparel on the website such as tops, bottoms, accessories etc. Also, there are different categories for collections such as Gothic collection, faith lover etc. 

However, when we tried to dig in for more information to write for Clotheusa com Reviews, we were disappointed. There is no ‘about us’ section on the website. A website must have an area in which there is some information about the owner. 

Clothesusa has a great collection, and the designs are unique from one another. There are also various colors found. But when we tried to find the contact details for the website, there is no email address, phone number etc. mentioned. All of this makes a user get suspicious of website instantly. 

The website is not old. Clotheusa com Reviews consist of a lot of other sections such as privacy policy, shipping, returns, Terms and conditions etc.


  • URL:
  • Products: The website sells women’s clothing.
  • Address: Not mentioned
  •  Email address: Not mentioned
  • Phone number:  Not mentioned
  • Mode of payment: Amex, JCB, MasterCard, Maestro, PayPal, Visa etc.

Pros of Clotheusa com:

  • The website is one year old.
  • The website is available on social media platforms.
  • The website ships globally.

Cons of Clotheusa com:

  • The website contains plagiarized content.
  • The website doesn’t have any information about the owner.

Is Clotheusa com legit?

To answer the question about the legitimacy of the website in Clotheusa com Reviews, we would like to say that when we tried to find authentic customer reviews for the website, we found that the site has a few products that have customer reviews written for them. 

However, there is nothing at all written about the website and its products on other platforms on the internet. The website has no section about us. There is no trace of any information about the owner available on the website.

When we tried to find the contact details on the website, again we had to face the same disappointment as there is absolutely nothing in the name of contact details on the website. All of this made our suspicion get darker.

Though a positive point for Clotheusa com Reviews, we would like to say that the website is not much old but has various modes of payment available. Though the website has a lot of content plagiarized, and many products are still awaiting descriptions. Thus, there is not enough evidence to prove the legitimacy of the website.

Customer Reviews:

When we tried to find authentic customer reviews for the website, we found that the site has a few products that have customer reviews written for them. However, there is nothing at all written about the website and its products on other platforms on the internet. It seems like another red flag during Clotheusa com Reviews.

Final Verdict

Thus in our final verdict, we would like to say that there is not enough information to prove the website as legit. We think that either the website is poorly made or is made for the aim of scamming people. 

The presence of any of these factors cut off a website’s name from the list of ideal sites to buy from. 

Thus, for Clotheusa com Reviews, we would not recommend our readers to purchase from this website. If you wish to make a purchase, then we would advise you to be sure of the website’s legitimacy before making a purchase.

If you have ever shopped from the website before, feel free to write your experience to us in the comments section below.

23 thoughts on “Clotheusa com Reviews {Oct 2020} Is It A Scam Or Not?

  1. I ordered two items & received a confirmation of order complete with order # & tracking link for “Logistics”, which did not give any specifics as to when it would arrive. Never received how it was being shipped or actual delivery date. Sent 2 emails to their email support address without any replies.

    1. I had the same experience as you did and I filed a complaint with PayPal. Interesting that I did receive my order within a week or so after. Quality of the shirt was poor- misspelling of a word printed on the shirt and dress was not the same as pictured. Once I received my order I can no longer access the website.

  2. Yes, this site is a big fraud! I even looked up peoples names who liked the site and they are people who have passed away!!! what really gets me is they are selling Christian clothing and they are a scam! Such a shame! Wish someone would close them down!! My bank graciously gave back my money!

  3. I placed an order on September 19th, received the email that order was received and that’s it! Nothing since. My card was charged but I will be disputing and revoking the charges since there has been nothing shipped or mentioned.

  4. I ordered 2 tops. They arrived 1 month later and I was not happy with the quality of them. The print design was what I ordered but the sweatshirt and long sleeve tshirt are very cheap quality. Sweatshirt is thin and 100% polyester. Not what was pictured !

  5. I also placed an order 9/22 and received a confirmation and order number. I have sent emails and attempted to track the order but nothing.
    I used PayPal and am filing a dispute to get my money back.

  6. I made a purchase on 9/18/2020 and received and email confirmation. Yesterday and today I sent an email asking about my order. No response and the website doesn’t work….. scam. Out $52! Thank goodness I don’t use any but a gift for online purchases!

  7. I ordered and received a long sleeve t-shirt. It was much shorter than my other t-shirts. Also I was very disappointed to see that it is made in China!!! Given the name, I expected a made in USA product. Will not order again from this site.

  8. I just tried ordering from them and received my “declined” on my credit cards. I know better than that!! Be ware!! I will be watching my acct now ever closer.

  9. I ordered a top and when it arrived it was not hemmed and now they say they might not be able to sell it again. Don’t buy it says it has a refund policy but now they keep stalling and blocked me.

  10. Oreded $107 worth of clothes 42 days ago…they sent a confirmation email and haven’t heard from them since. I have sent multiple emails to get no response

  11. Well I was hoping I didnt get dupped I order back in September haven’t receive the order yet, I emailed today about the order so I pray they do whats right and return money to those who trusted them or fill the orders

  12. Ordered several items like the previous review. Received same tracking information without dates. Tried to locate shipper with tracking number but unable to find the shipper. Tried several times to contact with no response. Filed a complaint with PayPal Requesting a full refund. At this point, I believe this company is a scam! Buyer beware!!!

  13. This company has a web base in Inglewood ,CA but the product comes from Shenzhen which is in China. I thought I was ordering from a USA based company – fooled by the USA in the website name – spent $88.18 and bought four different sweatshirts that ran so small I can not use them. Inquired on return and got everything from “we are currently out of the office” to “maybe you could give them as gifts to your friends” to “ International postage is very expensive and they would give me a $3.00 voucher toward another purchase if I would just keep them” . I questioned why I would have to pay international postage when the return label said Inglewood, CA – at no time was I given an actual return address to return the product to. Seems like these companies are sending products ordered to web based warehouses in the US then they come to you – we need an actual fool proof way to know where we are ordering from – it should be required, up front information included in the web page.??

  14. DO NOT ORDER! This has been a nightmare! I did receive the $75 in items I ordered AFTER 32 days, but the quality is TERRIBLE. Sweatshirts are long sleeved thin polyester. Sizes are not true. I sent emails almost daily. They refuse to send me a return address, saying items came from China. I guess China does not have shipping addresses. ??They told me to keep the items and they will send me a $3.00 gift card! Lol. I had a fleeting moment where I did not check out the company prior to ordering….BIG MISTAKE!

  15. Don’t buy from this company- you can only contact them by email. I ordered 4 shirts in Sept didn’t receive until the mid of october. The shirts are sized wrong . I contacted them and said i want a refund and will be returning. They asked for me to send pictures of the items and the package. I sent them pictures and never heard from them for several days. I sent them a confirmation with tracking number that i returned the items to the address on the package. I was told after the fact that this is a shipping center if i sent it to them i will not receive a refund. I am still disputing with paypal. This is a corrupt -horrible company . their product is cheap-jersey material. They state on ad that the clothes usa is their company- but apparently there is nothing usa about this company

  16. I received 2 tops that are to small. They won’t let me send them back because “it would cost me to much to return them to China”. I paid $51 total for the 2 shirts and they want to send me a $8 gift card! Like another customer I had to send them pictures of the size on the shirt. Terrible company!!

  17. I bought a graphic 3/4 t-shirt from them. It took about 6 weeks to get here, and it is very poorly made. It is not hemmed at the bottom, causing the bottom to roll up. and the material is not as advertised. I have e-mailed them twice but have had no response to date. I will not buy from them again.

  18. Well I guess I was Scammed also. I bought 7 shirts. read size chart ordered up on all some of them ordered up 2 sizes. Bought in Nov. They finally came. Quality was terrible. My daughter who wears a medium tried on the large and Xlarge. Both way to small. Emailed them. They said I could give them someone else. I told them I had no one else to give them to and I need a shipping address. Then told I was going to pay for shipping. I said fine. They never responded. So I used the Shipping Dept.
    on the pkg. they came in. Wrote notes and taped them on the inside of pkg. the shirts were in and put in another sack. They got my Pkg. Some Steve got it. No one answers any of phone numbers given or emails. Bad thing is we got a prepaid card to use for Christmas so we wouldn’t overspend. $109.00 down the drain. I’m sick and feel stupid.. and yes I thought Christian shirts they will be good.

  19. I ordered twice from this website. Both were received without any problem, both were exactly as portrayed, I had no problem with billing, ( never use PayPal as you never get a refund directly from them always a hassle) I just tried to place another order with them but evidently the website is gone. I guess I was among the few satisfied customers

  20. For 22.00 each, the 3 long sleeve tops I ordered and received last fall are cheaply made and all are slightly different sizes. On the good side it sounds like I was pretty lucky to get something

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