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Qaviza Store Reviews (Oct 2020) Is this a Trusted Source?

Qaviza Store Reviews

Qaviza Store Reviews (Oct 2020) Is this a Trusted Source? >> In this article, you explored a website that deals with boots for every passion!

Do you have a passion for boots? Whether it is winter or summer, a party, a sporting event, or a horse ride, what you need the most is the boots. Many people stroll around the internet to check for a trendy and attractive boot. Various websites are selling boots offering their customers with big discount. Sometimes passion for boots makes them land on the scam websites.

Qaviza, the United States-based website, has introduced a custom collection of boots. The products available are attractive and seem of good quality. However, the Qaviza Store Reviewswill help you know if the products are as good as the look. This article will help you find all the details of this online boot store.

What is Qaviza Store?

Qaviza Store deals with a custom collection of every hobby and profession of its customers. The boots available are related to sports, fitness, or any passion that you can think of. The company’s core vision is to serve every passion available on the planet and the interests to serve what people exactly adore. The boots available on the website are for different events and occasions. The types of boots include the following:

  • Women’s winter
  • Ankle
  • Anti-slip
  • Water-resistant
  • Ankle
  • Snow
  • Winter-Arch
  • Cow-boy
  • Pascal
  • Mid-calf
  • Leather
  • Zipper
  • Buckle
  • Bow

The boots available are waterproof, non-slippery, with many styles and colors that fit into the passion you always adored. However, all this can be justified only after checking Qaviza Store Reviews.

Specifications of Qaviza Store:

  • Website:
  • Website Type: Online Boot Store
  • Address: Not Available
  • Location: United StatesContact Number: Not Available
  • E-mail:
  • Shipping: Within 7-15 days
  • Shipping Carriers: UPS, DHL, China Post, 4PX, FedEx
  • Returns: Within 14 days with conditions

Pros of Qaviza Store:

  • Variety of boots available on the website
  • Free shipping on orders above $39.99
  • Worldwide Shipping
  • Anti-slip and waterproof boots

Cons of Qaviza Store:

  • Low in quality
  • Delayed delivery
  • No reviews

Is Qaviza Store Legit?

Qaviza deals with boots in many styles and colors. The website claim to provide the best quality products for all the passion and hobbies you can ever think. It also gives enormous discounts and offers on shopping. Free shipping is available if you shop for over $39.99. The designs and colors of the products are beautiful.

Often people get trapped by the fascinating images of the products available on the websites. Whereas the products delivered are not as good as shown in the images. While checking all the information about this boot store and the Qaviza Store Reviews, we concluded the website.

Many of the customers want to know that if the Qaviza website is legit or not? After reviewing the details, we can now answer that it is not a legit site, and we advise you to stay away from this online boot store.

Qaviza Store Reviews:

We could not find Qaviza Store Reviewson the internet. Many viewers couldn’t trust the company without knowing the customer’s experience who bought products through this website. Besides, there is no information about the store’s address and contact number. Believing a website without knowing the store’s details, one cannot order the products. People cannot believe any online store only with the information of their e-mail address.

The non-availability of reviews and less contact information made us conclude that it is not a legit website. Hence we recommend not trusting a website without check all the details on the internet.

Final Verdict:

Qaviza has introduced fascinating and beautifully designed boots. It can fulfill all your needs for buying a boot. Whether you want for a party, sports, event, or anything else, Qaviza has it all to provide you boots for every passion and interest. The boots available on the website are of many types, including the leather, ankle-length, mid-calf length, bow, buckle, or zipper boots. Besides, the boots are water-resistant and non-slippery.

The website also offers a 50% sale and free delivery on orders of more than $39.99. The boots fit comfortably. Besides, the color and material quality of the products is right, as claimed by the company.

However, checking Qaviza Store Reviewswould be a wise decision. We are not satisfied with the less information and missing address, and contact details. Hence, we cannot recommend buying products through this website. Please share the information with your family and friends to help them stay away from this online boot store.

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  1. I am highly upset I have bought Fitbit Versa 2 watch I ordered it September 22 it is now October 12 Still haven’t got my packet I am highly upset I tried contacting them several times over the Internet no response I will never recommend this site to anyone…Today I will be getting a legal advice about my situation

  2. I ordered a set of wireless earbuds and when they arrived, one ear bud was missing. How do I get satisfaction?

  3. I ordered a panda steel drum in red on October 13th 2020. I am still waiting for it and it’s now 29th January 2021.

    I have emailed them at them at least twice maybe more, to NO avail! I suggest you be very careful ordering from here!

    If you see this, please contact me ASAP

  4. My previous message was wrong it was a steel drum. My mistake. I was looking at another email while writing this review. I do really really really apologise for this.

    But the message below i won’t apologise for!

    I ordered a pair of Bluetooth earphones WF-1000 costing me US $19.99 P&P US $7.99, so in total it cost me US $27.98.

    Now that’s a lot of money for someone only receiving disability benefits, and I had ordered th as I was going into hospital
    I ended up paying out more money to get another pair, spending more money i didn’t have!

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