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Kapada Market Review (Oct 2020) Is this a Reliable Site?

Kapada Market Review (Oct 2020) Is this a Reliable Site

Kapada Market Review (Oct 2020) Is this a Reliable Site?   >> This article talks about a website that sells various apparel in addition to other things.

As fashion is on the rise, still the people are choosing to go online for their shopping. They get the sense of relaxation and peace for their shopping. We will, in this Kapada Market Review, understand how a particular website from India is trying its best to grow and compete in this age of huge competition among the online shopping platforms.

The comprehensive article will also talk about how people should choose their shopping platforms. We will even understand this particular website’s authenticity because many times, people shop, but they forget to know whether the site they are shopping from is legit or not. 

What is Kapada Market?

As far as the website is concerned, it has many things such as kurti, jewelry, saree, nightdress, t-shirt, and various other products. As the website offers varieties of things, many people would like to shop from such kind of websites so let’s understand what the other things that the website has to offer for the customers are.

The website shows that it is offering a 50% discount for the customers in the saree collection. Lehenga is also available, so the people who want to shop from here may get many things for many occasions. All the products that the website is showing have got the discount on something or the other. Kapada Market Review found that the value differs percentage-wise, so it depends on the customers’ requirements, and they will get the discount accordingly. The people who are interested in online shopping have got the choice of choosing their products department wise. 

For example, there is a different department for saree, and there’s another department for kurti, and there is a separate department for lehenga. 

Specifications of Kapada Market:

  • Website Product: saree, lehenga, kurta, trousers, etc
  • Discount: Differs according to the product.
  • Email: Contact number: It is not present anywhere on the site.
  • Return: the website has got the return policy of 30 days under which our customer has to return the given item.
  • Refund: it will be issued once it is approved that the return was done according to the website’s terms and conditions.
  • Shipping: it takes approximately five days for the shipping to occur in any order that the customer has given to the site.
  • Payment: it is there through the online mode.

Pros of Kapada Market:

  • In terms of clothing, many different types of apparel are available on the site.
  • There is an availability of discounts on almost all the products of the site.

Cons of Kapada Market:

  • The site doesn’t provide any contact number by which a customer can directly call all the customer service for any queries related to any product.
  • The site also doesn’t have any existence whatsoever on any platform on the internet.
  • The site also does not provide any reviews by the customers.
  • No ratings are available anywhere on the internet as well.

Is Kapada Market Legit?

As far as the site’s authenticity is concerned, we can say that the site looks very suspicious. That’s why we will categorize it as a fake website. Kapada Market Review found that the site also does not provide any customer reviews and not giving the contact number. The site wants to attract the people and deceive them of their money by tantalizing them with various discounts and offers. 

The site’s mention does not appear anywhere on the internet after anybody tries to find the website by writing its name on any browser. These reasons lead us to believe that the particular website will only take away the people’s money without actually giving them any service.

Customers’ Reviews on Kapada Market:

Researching through Kapada Market Review, we did not find any reviews or ratings anywhere on the site. Nobody on the social media networks as well talks about this site and gives any view. All in all, the site has not been talked about by the people on the internet. Though many things are available on the site for the customers to buy, it is quite striking that nobody talks about it. 

Final Verdict:

This is going to be our last conclusion that this site is not at all in any way, an authentic site. We will request the people not to visit this particular site because they will get no benefits. They should understand that many people are involved in doing the wrong things and con people. So we should be aware of all these things.

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