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Purenjoys Reviews [Sep] Is This Authentic Or A Scam?

Purenjoys Reviews 2020

Purenjoys Reviews [Sep] Is This Authentic Or A Scam? >> Get all your answers related to the women-oriented shopping store in this review and understand whether it is legit or not.

Are you searching for the accurate Purenjoys Reviews? Now, set your mind free, as you have clicked on the right link. This post has all your answers related to the online shopping website

Dealing in all kinds of women wear such as T-shirts, jeans, footwear, party outfits along with trendy accessories, the store is already getting good response in the United States.  

But, we can’t trust everything that is selling on the internet. That’s the reason we have done excellent research to find the authenticity of this store. Our study covers services and products as well that this online site offers.

We suggest you to not to miss any section of this review if you are serious about buying the product from Purenjoys.  

What is Purenjoys?

Purenjoys mainly deals with women’s apparel and accessories. You can get fashionable t-shirts, tops, dresses, sweatshirts, hoodies, shoes and elegant accessories. 

Every item is selling at attractive discount rates. You can enjoy high discounts and group discount offers.

Suppose, if you buy two products then get 3rd on 25 percent off. If you order three items then ready to avail 4th one on 35 percent off. And, when you place an order of 4th items, then the company will give 5th product on 50 per cent off. That’s amazing? Isn’t it?

As per our Purenjoys Reviews, we have also noticed the few specifications. It would be best if you read it because the services of the company matter the most along with products. Please check it out: 


  • Visit the to check the website. 
  • The website is mainly for women or girls only. 
  • Product categories: Shirts, dresses, pants, accessories, footwear, Halloween specific attire, and many more 
  • Shipping processing time: Three to seven days.
  • Shipping time can be extended upto two weeks in case of a high volume of orders. 
  • International shipping time: Two to six weeks. 
  • No shipping charges if you place an order above $79.99.
  • Company is ready to provide you with a replacement of the product if the product is defective. 
  • Purenjoys Reviews states that refund is also available if you wish to return the product. It offers 30-day hassle-free refund policy.
  • The company accepts cancellation or exchange, but you need to inform before the product is shipping or packed.
  • Once the product is processed for shipping, you won’t get any refund. 
  • When you return the product, then you have to bear the shipping cost. 
  • Refund time: Two to three business days. 
  • Contact details:
  • Payment mode: Online.

Pros of buying from Purenjoys

Purenjoys gives the following benefits to its customers:  

  • Whether you need a fantastic collection of dresses or looking for stylish footwear’s, this store fulfils every shopping need of women. 
  • Purenjoys Reviews found that outfits are available in every size. So, you can enjoy shopping without bothering about the right size from the comfort of your home.
  • Currently, the items are selling at exciting discount offers. Group discount offers are also available. 
  • Also, you can take the benefit of free shipping if you purchase $79.
  • The company assures refunds if you are unhappy with the service or product. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your valuable money. 
  • The website address is SSL encrypted. It means the transactions are secure. 

Cons of buying from Purenjoys

Every story has two sides. Therefore, Purenjoys has some negative points, as well. Please check it below: 

  • Lack of proper contact details (24*7 helpline number) can be the biggest hindrance for shoppers. 
  • There is no company history, background, founder detail in the ‘About Us’ section. Sometimes, the customer wants to connect with the owner if they stuck in big issue. So, it is the negative sign of this online store. 
  • Again, this shopping website is designed only for those who deal in the online payment transaction.
  • We have checked the domain age. It is only a few months (4 months) old. New online shopping store always doubtful in terms of investing money. 

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is an essential element when it comes to online shopping. Sadly, there is no single review we have found on the website. 

Neither the search engine has any records of the site, nor is it connected to any social media platforms. In this digital era, people mostly explore social media sites to check client ratings. The site lacks in it as well. 

We were not able to find reviews from the United States natives as well.                            

Final Verdict

Although, the website claims to provide the best products and services, but still, there are a lot of things which they should maintain to gain the trust of the people. It includes social media presence, product reviews, correct contact details, company history, etc. 

At the end of Purenjoys Reviews, we would like to conclude that as it is a new store, so we might think that it may take some time to improve the structure until we don’t want to recommend you to do shopping from Purenjoys, as it seems suspicious to us and possibly a scam. 

If you’ve already made any purchase, then we would like to read your shopping experience. Please share it with us in the comment section below.


  1. By doing a reverse image search on google found dozens of websites with the exact same shopify template very similar ‘About us” pages and same products…
    Definitely dropshipping SCAM.

  2. CONFIRMED SCAM: A quick reverse-image search of one of their products led me to find a picture of the exact same product, but only in shape, on another website. This fake clothing store has photoshopped a nice looking print onto an image of a plain pair of sweat pants from a completely different store. Definitely fake, or at least you’d have to ask yourself; if it’s not fake, why don’t they have real pictures of their products.

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