Burn Your Mask Day September 15 (Sep 2020) Reviews

Burn Your Mask Day September 15 (Sep 2020) Reviews

Burn Your Mask Day September 15 (Sep 2020) Reviews. >> In the above article, you read about an unusual movement of protest started by some people.

Corona Virus outbreak has put a halt on all sorts of activities across the globe. All the countries are coming together to develop ways to curb and finish the spread of this virus so that people’s life can come back to normal. An essential tool used to control the spread is the use of face masks by all of us.

But, some people seem to think in the reverse direction. They say that face masks are of no use in dealing with this pandemic. Instead, they might be spreading diseases. This mentality of people has led to the rise of Burn Your Mask Day, September 15.

Do read the following article to know more about Burn Your Mask Day September 15 and the thought process of people behind it.  

What is Burn Your Mask Day, September 15?

The slogan is supporting this movement, “It stops when we say so.”

The whole idea behind this movement started in the United States is to protest against the compulsory use of face masks to control the Corona Virus spread.

No location is fixed for this protest, neither time and date. The protestors are just requested to stop using face masks.

Why is it being initiated?

Burn Your Mask Day September 15 is being initiated by some people who believe that this virus is being spread intentionally to kill the older people, while some say it is done to remove President Donald Trump from his post. 

In all, they believe that those who are to die will die anyway. Wearing a face mask or taking similar precautions are not helpful in any case.

People’s Outlook towards Burn Your Mask Day September 15 

Most of the people are terrified by this movement started by some stupid people. They have raised their concerns saying that wearing masks has no negative impact on the user’s life. The need of the hour to wear masks to control and stop the spread of this Corona Virus pandemic.

Some people have tried to explain the importance of wearing masks by comparing the Corona Virus spread to the one in the ’80s of HIV AIDS. As condoms were necessary to stop the spread of AIDS, face masks are necessary to control the Corona Virus Pandemic spread. 


It is seen that even in this era when most of us are educated enough to understand our good or bad, some people are still out there who neither believe in norms set by the government nor understand their safety. Thus, it becomes essential for us to understand what’s right for our well-being, and not get carried away by Burn Your Mask Day, September 15.

If you have any other information or concerns regarding the movement “Burn Your Mask Day September 15“, let us know in the comments section below.

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