Pretty Scale .com [July] Check If It is a Scam or Not?

Pretty Scale .com [July] Check If It is a Scam or Not?

Pretty Scale .com [July] Check If It is a Scam or Not? -> In this article, we’ll be reviewing a website that will give you a detailed body and face analysis.

Do you want to know your body type? We recently discovered this app, which is made to tell people about their bodies and appearance. In these competitive times, people want to be at the top and appear their best. Usually, now people do not like the fat hanging or the bulging edges.

Pretty Scale .com may tell people about their body type and appearance, but we think it cannot judge how a person should appear or be. It analyses based on face and beauty.

The website is based out in the United States, where it started all it’s initiated and operations and working. 

Let’s find out more on this website and inform our readers on this.

What is Pretty Scale .com?

Pretty Scale .com is a website and an application too that can be downloaded on the device for customers to use them.

The application analyses the body of a person by capturing the image through a webcam or phone camera.

The application provides two types of analyses: face analysis and body analysis. 

We think it cannot be any website or application that should show people if they are pretty or ugly or skinny or fat. Pretty Scale .com is ethically wrong and is no basis for the judgment of its audience.

Everyone has the right to be the way they are, or they want to be. So, in this scenario, this type of application can be misleading and depressing in some cases.

Still, we’ll give a full account of this application/ website and explain why it is beneficial or essential.

Specifications of Pretty Scale .com 

  • This application lets a person know about its physical appearance, i.e., if he is pretty or not.
  • The app also enables a person to know if his body type is attractive or out of shape.
  • This application is entirely free of cost and is for the customers.
  • It is available online as a website or an application from the play store.

Disadvantages of Pretty Scale .com 

  • This application is directly hurting the sentiments and emotions of people and affecting their self-esteem as well.
  • The app passes on negative comments on the people trying to use it by displaying “How can someone be so ugly” and other related observations that are disheartening for the people.
  • This type of application should not be in the process.

Steps to download this application

  • Open Google play on your mobile or computer system.
  • Search Pretty Scale in the search box.
  • You’ll receive the desired app option.
  • Click on install, and your app will start downloading.
  • After downloading, you’ll receive two options open and uninstall.
  • Click on open, and your application is ready.

What are the customer reviews for the application?

Pretty Scale .com is a website and an application that can be downloaded from the internet on the customer device. This application is letting its users know about the customer’s body type and face. It gives a complete analysis of the user regarding its body and face.

To know the authenticity and importance of this application, we researched customer reviews from the actual users of this application. The people who have used this application suggest that the app is useless and does not show any results.

Some people were disappointed as this app uses very mean comments on some people quoting – “you can’t be this ugly.”

Some people say that it is very disheartening and is hitting their self-esteem as well.

This application has only 2.6 ratings in the Google play app, which is even below the average.

We also believe that this kind of an application or program should not be in action as there is no basis and right to judge people on their appearance and body type and on top of it to comment on them with nasty sentences.

Final verdict for Pretty Scale .com

We have researched well about Pretty Scale .com and have collected some valuable information for our customers to believe what we add in this article. This application takes pictures of the user and then calculates and comments on their appearance and body. 

We do understand that all this was introduced as a fun prospect. But, we gathered the reviews for Pretty Scale .com, and it suggests that this app is hurting the sentiments of many people and is directly commenting on them. Its introductory page itself says, “Find out how attractive your body is, and are you fat? Are you out of shape?”

We fail to understand the purpose of this app and how it is helping people out there?

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