Is Taukem Legit (July 2020) Is This A Legitimate Website?

Is Taukem Legit (July 2020) Is This A Legitimate Website?

Is Taukem Legit (July 2020) Is This A Legitimate Website? This article will discover about Taukem, an online store selling kayaks at mega discounts. 

If you are an explorer or an adrenalin junkie who wishes to explore nearby rivers, lakes, or creeks on a kayak? Then you will surely like what Taukem has to offer. 

There have been numerous accusations made against this online and offline store. One of the most commonly asked Is Taukem Legit?’ This store is located in the United States and sells away its inventory to make for the losses suffered.

The company is currently offering its sale of products online only as the physical store was severely affected. The worldwide epidemic brought with it significant losses that led to the subsequent shutting down of businesses. This Inventory is being sold at a loss of their company’s maintenance. 

Taukem Reviews will be chronicling around if the site is making the best of a bad situation or if it is taking advantage and trying to scam people. 

Is Taukem Legit?

To decipher ‘Is Taukem Legit?‘ we first must understand the essential requirement that makes an online shopping site legitimate. First and foremost, there must be crisp and clear contact details, customer feedback, and check if Google approves of its browsing via its online tool.

So, the Taukem site has is approved for google and shows no unsafe content and also possesses an SSL certificate. The certificate ensures customers can safely make payments online. 

However, the contact details provided are not complete, and the email id present uses an outlook domain name. The name of the company is different from its URL, which strikes as something odd. This information increases the chances of it being a scam! 

What is Taukem? 

Taukem is an online shopping site that offers a modest collection of Kayaks to all the adrenalin junkies that love kayaking. There are various kayaks to choose from that have adjustable seats, rod holders, moulded-in supply boxes, and more. These kayaks are available at a discount of 60% at the moment. 

The site mentions having a physical store as well but provides no address or phone number that can support this claim. You will also notice that only online payments can be made using PayPal and raises red flags. 

This Taukem Reviews will tell you that the site could mean that the site is merely taking advantage of the current situation.

Specifications of Taukem

  • Products- kayaks 
  • Website-
  • Email-
  • Phone number- not mentioned on the site 
  • Shipping/processing time- 5-9 business days 
  • Delivery time-3-10 business days 
  • Shipping fee- Free on all purchases 
  • Return- should be made within 14 days after the receipt 
  • Exchange- not provided 
  • Refunds- possible after the returns have been inspected 
  • Online Payment- can only be made via PayPal 

Pros of purchasing from Taukem

  • The website currently offers a 60% discount on all kayaks 
  • They ensure free delivery of these kayaks within the United States 
  • The product details are complete with dimensions of the kayak 
  • The website provides a modest selection of Kayaks 
  • The site possesses an HTTPS connection 
  • Secure payments can be made online

Cons of purchasing from Taukem

  • There is no address provided for the physical store. 
  • Customers can only make online payments for purchase 
  • They only deliver within the United States 
  • Returns should be made within 14 days 
  • No exchange details provided on the site 
  • There are no customer reviews available 

What are people’s thoughts of Taukem? 

The site’s layout is designed to ensure customers can easily navigate the website and make swift purchases. Each product comes attached with detailed explanations of its size, structure, style, capacity, the material it is made up of, and more. 

However, it has a June 2020 creation date, which is relatively recent, so there are no customer reviews present on the site. A lack of customer reviews could be because of the website generating very low traffic. 

It is absent from social media, but the online review sites mention that Taukem could be safe. They support this claim by stating the site has a valid HTTPS connection, which safeguards customers from their misused information. 


While scouring google and gathering information regarding the Taukem online store, we concluded that it is very young. However, the store provides a secure platform to make online payments. 

It is hard to ignore its recent creation date, a staple with scam sites, and this site, too, could have been created with malicious intent. Hence, we believe that it may not be legit. 

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