Pomiw Reviews [2020] Read, Understand, Decide!

Pomiw Reviews [2020] Read, Understand, Decide!

Pomiw Reviews [2020] Read, Understand, Decide! -> The website is selling women clothes and accessories. The site has received many negative reviews as they do not have any legal ownership.

How many websites do you compare before buying clothes and accessories? The answer can be many. However, the most important thing is to purchasing anything. Now, if you consider visiting Pomiw.com, it’s better to read the Pomiw Reviews to understand the trustworthiness of the website. Like many online websites, this website also sells online clothes and accessories for women. 

It is a new website and popular among the people of the United State. Many women visit this website and choose the product from it. Like another website, this web site also offers discounts and many attractive options for the customers. But still, Pomiw Reviews are not much convincing. So it is advised to buy the product at your own risk. 

Pomiw.com is a united state based website that sells women clothes with different assortments and all necessary accessories. Women are more excited to shop on a new website. So let us discuss more regarding the legit of this website. 

What is Pomiw? 

Pomiw.com designs an online website, which sells women’s clothes and accessories. This website offers discounts and sales on each product, which attracts more of the customer towards their website. They offer discounts, free shipping options, coma, and other such schemes to look at an official website. 

But still, many questions arise about Pomiw.com legit. Though people are purchasing the products from this website then also there are more red flags which the negativity of the website. Many other online sites are working only for self-interest, not for customers. They scam the customer sometimes by not delivering the product as per the expectation or money forgery as well. 

Is pomiw legit? 

If you read some Pomiw Reviews, then you may not convince yourself to buy the product from this website. This website does not have any trusted contact number or website address. It is vital to have the proper contact details because online scams are increasing day by day. 

When compared to another website, it is offering clothes and accessories at cheap rates. Sometimes cheap offers also have trust issues. The name of the owner or firm is not mentioned anywhere. This shows that website is not legitimate and cannot be trusted. 

Specifications of Pomiw :

  • Website type- women clothing and accessories
  • Shipping time- 1-2 business days
  • Delivery time- Not mentioned. 
  • Exchange- applicable
  • Return- not mentioned on the website
  • Shipping charge- Free
  • Cancellation of order- removal can be done before the order gets shipped.
  • Company contact number-, no information is available.
  • Company address- no information available about the company 
  • Email address-  petrov-iurka740@mail.ru
  • Mode of payment- Pay Pal, debit card, credit card

Pros of Pomiw 

  1. The hyperlink of the website is genuine and helps you to take to the route of the website. 
  2. This website is offering a considerable amount of discounts on women clothes and accessories 
  3. If you are a citizen of the United State then you can avail free shipping on a purchase of any product. 

Cons of Pomiw 

  1. This website does not have any contact information about the company and its owner. 
  2. Prices are too low to make trust on this website. Most of the scam website offer low prices to attract customers.
  3. The Reviews received from the customers are the majority of negative. So it is difficult for the customer to build trust for this website.


The Pomiw Reviews are not much convincing, and it is advised not to buy from this website. This is not a very old website and cannot be trusted. This website has a proper hyperlink, and all the categories of products are correctly mentioned. But when someone offers the product at such a less price, the trust factor disappears. 

When we talk about legit, this website cannot be stated as legit. The reason behind this is that the site does not have an owner, and no company address is mention on the site. No customer care or support contact number is mention on the site. 

So it is not advised to buy the product from this website. But if you are eager to buy cheap products, buy at your own risk. This website has received many red flags which show it has negative reviews. 

 Hopefully, you may have enjoyed reading the reviews. Keep reading for more such reviews. 

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